PaperConsult A/S - A new foundation for the digital journey

Thinking new in an industry that is characterized by habitual thinking and 'we-do-as-we-do' can be a challenging task but nonetheless PaperConsult has succeeded.

PaperConsult are specialist in packaging tape and labels - both with and without printing. Negotiations are exclusively for B2B with a desire to optimize the use of labels and packing tape in an industry where it can be difficult to stand out and be the preferred retailer.


But PaperConsult has also succeeded because even though it is an easily accessible product not everyone has the heart in the business. The development and dissemination of solutions is created at PaperConsult on the basis of dialogue and understanding of the customers' business, and therefore the current thinking is replaced with understanding, immersion, renewal, and simplification. And it is precisely in this that PaperConsult's DNA lies - in the personality!

We have not for second regretted working with MCB! 

MCB has fully lived up to everything the promised. The team is dedicated and super good at using each other's skills. There is always a pleasant tone. Both before, during, and in the process itself, communication has been inclusive and intuitive.


If we have been in doubt about something, we have always been met with understanding and a quick response. And therefore we have felt safe throughout the collaboration with MCB.

Anja Bach Petersen, CFO, PaperConsult A/S

An streamlining of the human engine room

PaperConsult recognized that there was a need for a new B2B platform and thus a more efficient foundation for the digital journey - both internally in the company, but also in the relationship with their customers.


It is no longer possible to see oneself free from the online universe, and in order to provide good customer service and at the same time optimize resources better internally at PaperConsult the goal was to offer both new and existing customers an online shop from which they in an easy and easily accessible way to be able to order and reorder items, see previous orders as well as log in and shop at their own customer-specific prices.


The key word here is 'convenience' for the customer as well as the desire to automate and streamline both administrative and manual tasks. Previously, PaperConsult received orders via email to customer service, which could then initiate an order. This is not appropriate for the customer or PaperConsult.


Therefore, MCB was contacted who shortly after launched a solution on .Cloud. And after just 3.5 months, PaperConsult was live with a new B2B shop.


In just a few months MCB in close collaboration with PaperConsult had succeeded in planning, implementing, testing, and launching the foundation that will in future constitute the digital journey for PaperConsult.


PaperConsult already had a clear vision for the goal among other things in the form of a thorough design manual, which is why MCB had a good foundation to work from. In addition, the close work and the almost daily dialogue were also a powerful engine for the successful result. 


Later, the dream is that the digital journey will be expanded to also include marketing so that new leads can be attracted which can thus contribute to an increased conversion

What does the future hold?

The foundation has been created and the shop now reflects who PaperConsult is and what they specialize in. Therefore, the future looks bright.


Right now, investments have been made in a new B2B shop - but the work is not over at all. PaperConsult has a time ahead of them where they need to create the personality and unique feel that should strike when visiting the site. It must be done simply and personally. Therefore, the heart must be involved in the process and the authenticity must not be to shoot through.


Because even though the products may seem uninteresting to many it is necessary consumer goods that are important for the operation of many companies. 


So PaperConsult is in an ongoing process - and maybe it will never end? For when do you really finish getting to know yourself and your customers?

Rasmus Høegh Refstrup
Customer Manager

Søvn & Comfort

Georg Jensen Damask


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