About MCB

There have been many launches and successes since MCB was founded in 1999. Every single day, we strive for our customers to GET SUCCESS ONLINE.

A dedicated goal

Today, Christmas presents are distributed to approx. 45 colleagues in our offices in Holstebro and Hanoi and every single day forever, we strive for our customers to GET SUCCESS ONLINE.

We do this, among other things, by providing the market's best, cloud-based e-commerce and web solutions to our customers. But we are much more than just a supplier - we see ourselves as a close partner for our customers, where we naturally challenge the strategy and help realize the potential based on our many years of hands-on experience from the industry.

Hand on heart. And on the hob!


Earnings on our solutions depend

on the success of our customers. We even go so far as to run several e-commerce solutions in close collaboration with our customers on a commission basis.


Several of our employees

run online and omnichannel companies themselves. Their experience combined with our insight into the operation of the commission solutions and competencies within e-commerce in general, we use every day to contribute to our customers' success online.


We are an owner-managed company

at both board, executive and middle management level. In practice, this means that there is not far from words to action in a highly changing online world.


All employees are rewarded

directly in the payroll bag when our customers are successful with their solution and are satisfied with the collaboration. In other words, we all have HANDS ON THE STOVE - we believe in cultivating a natural drive to - in everything we do - strive for our customers to HAVE SUCCESS ONLINE.

23. June 2022

Sådan får du styr på din marketingstrategi, når der er uro i markedet

Post-corona. Mid-inflation. Pre-black friday. Modvind på Facebook og Google Ads. Lyder det bekendt? Det er udfordringer for mange i øjeblikket. Læs med her hvor vi forsøger at hjælpe dig igennem.

16. June 2022

3 grunde til at Shopify er en stærk ecommerce platform

Shopify er et canadisk webshopsystem, som inkluderer hosting, CMS, ordresystem og CRM system. Shopify er en optimal platform til nystartede virksomheder, men er samtidig også brugt, når store virksomheder skal skalere.

08. June 2022

4 fordele ved HubSpot

HubSpot er en verden for sig - og den verden er fuld af muligheder. Her er der nemlig ikke bare tale om en platform, der er fænomenal til e-mail marketing, eller som gør det overskueligt at holde overblik over kunder. HubSpot er så meget mere end det!

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