Is Shopify the right match for you?
The Shopify platform is just one of the many effective e-commerce solutions you can use in your business - whether you are B2B or B2C.

This is a professional webshop solution that is used with great success in both Denmark and the rest of the world - and there are several good reasons for this. Shopify is in many cases the cheapest, fastest and best solution, and that is precisely why it is used today by over 1,000,000 webshops.

Shopify also offers a user-friendly interface that lets you start dreaming of a webshop, whatever you know about coding or not. Regardless of your experience and technical ingenuity, you can thus experience the journey from a product being added to your webshop to the first sale being completed.



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Shopify Store

Do you dream of starting a webshop at no great cost for a start, and would you rather open it up tomorrow instead of in 4 weeks?
Then shopify and their platform is definitely something you should take a closer look at!

Shopify provides an incredibly user-friendly backend, and it is therefore incredibly easy to reach from the first product in the shop to the first important sale.

Shopify also makes all the systems behind your first order available, so you do not have to build a tailor-made payment form, order form or receipt email. Payment is also made easy, as several of the major payment redeemers such as. Quickpay, epay mm. already integrated with Shopify.

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Shopify Pricing

The prices to start on Shopify depend on your ambitions, the requirements you have for your new webshop and the systems it has to talk to.

Prices start from $29 with a "Basic Shopify" and go up to $299 every month, where you end up on "Advanced Shopify" (There is actually one more, but we will tell you about it below).
The difference in these pricing models can be seen further down, but the big difference is POS (checkout system), reporting and connection to external freight suppliers.

And then I must not forget ... The percentage of commission that Shopify must have on your orders.

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Shopify Themes

Today, the Shopify platform makes more than 100 different themes available, which is why it has never been easier to get started - as these are installed with just a single click. Many of these are built with modern features, but none of these fit the look that your store should have, there are another 1000 themes you can purchase.

The big plus of this is that you get your store up and running quickly and stylishly - but since Shopify has 400,000 other customers on their platform, the chances of your competitor using the same layout are great.

Fortunately, you also have the opportunity to have your very own theme designed, and MCB, as a certified Shopify Partner and Shopify Experts, would like to help you with this.

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Shopify App Store

Are you looking for a feature that can help you with additional sales on the product side, increased conversion rate or just an integration to your accounting program such as Dinero or Microsoft Navision?

Then you can find that app on Shopify's App Store with 98% certainty. Here, companies from all over the world daily build apps directly into shopify, and the development of these goes at lightning speed! Therefore, you can find apps for all branches of your business.

However, you should be aware that every time you add an app, you also add something to your source code - which can have an effect on other parts of your website. If you have questions about which apps have been thoroughly tested and work - we are always ready to guide you.

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Shopify Payments

Shopify Payments has finally arrived in Denmark, and we are looking forward to it! For you, it provides an incredibly streamlined payment flow and best of all, you can view all your transactions directly in Shopify.

As another plus, you will also have to pay a lower commission on your orders by using Shopify Payments.

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Shopify support

As a customer of MCB, you can sleep peacefully at night, as our common goal is "success online". It is not achieved only by helping customers with upcoming tasks. NO, it also means that we provide support if problems arise for you on your Shopify platform.

And should the problem be so profound that we can not solve it on the spot, we have dedicated partner contact to Shopify 24/7. Therefore, we can solve the problem and you can move forward with the most important thing… Selling your products.

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Shopify Partner

MCB is a Shopify Partner, certified on the platform and we have over 20 years of experience in e-commerce.

This means in concrete terms that we know what we are working on! We are constantly up-to-date with the latest news and help many companies daily in their journey on Shopify. So whether it's help with the latest app, feature or just for advertising via Google or Facebook - then we'm ready.

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Guide: The 10 best apps for Shopify

However, it can also seem confusing to find the right ones for your webshop, so we will always advise you to reach out for a Shopify Expert.

Whether it is us or someone completely different is equally valid - just that you bring a professional expert on board from the start.

That's why you'll find our bid for the 10 best apps below - and at the bottom there are also some bonus tips

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Guide: The 10 Best Shopify Themes

So you need to choose a theme or customize a theme that defines the basic look and functionality you want for your webshop.

And we can help you with that!

To make it more manageable, you will find below our bid on the 10 best Shopify Themes.

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Can I use affiliate marketing on shopify?

In the App Marketplace, there are many different apps for this purpose.
So yes, you can do affiliate marketing on Shopify!

How do I get the choice of parcel shops added to checkout?

To be able to access parcel shops, you must have the Shopify CarrierService API enabled.
You can get this in the following ways:

If you have an Advanced Shopify plan or higher, the CarrierService API is included in your Shopify and you do not need to do more.

If you pay for your subscription (Basic or Standard Shopify) on an annual basis, you can access the API for free.

If you pay for your subscription (Basic or Standard Shopify) per month, you can purchase access to the CarrierService API for $ 20 per month. month.

How much does Shopify Plus cost?

The price for Shopify Plus is based on a fixed price ($ 2000 per month) and commission per. order.

However, you can pay a maximum of $ 40,000 per. month for Shopify Plus.

What is Shopify App Store?

The Shopify App Store is packed with free and paid apps that expand and integrate various features into your online store.

But pay attention!
Each time you install an app, you also add new code to your Shopify platform. Most often, this is deleted when you remove the app - but you can not be sure.

So be selective in your choices.

You can read a lot more about the Shopify App Store right here.

Should I tell you more about Shopify?

Rasmus Høegh Refstrup

18. June 2021

Apple’s iOS 15 vil ændre din e-mail markedsføring

Så skete det! Mail Privacy protection kommer! 

Apple har meldt ud, at der med den kommende iOS 15 opdatering vil ske ændringer i den måde, vi sporer den enkelte forbrugers adfærd i e-mails på.

Men hvad betyder det for dig? Skal e-mail droppes? Eller er der en løsning?

18. June 2021

Shopify login - alt du bør vide

Der er mange privilegier ved at eje en webshop, og med Shopify kan du nyde godt af flere af dem. 

Du kan fx via dit Shopify login styre din Shopify Webshop uanset, hvor du befinder dig. Du kan se produkter, kontrollere lagerbeholdning, administrere kundeservice og endda ændre butiksindstillinger og betalingsmetoder.

16. June 2021

Umbraco Codegarden 2021

Hvert år afholder Umbraco Codegarden, som er den største og eneste officielle Umbraco-konference i verden, som strækker sig over hele 3 dage. Vi har samlet de 4 vigtigste key take aways fra årets event, som i år foregik virtuelt og med over 2000 deltagere.

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