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MCB is a workplace with opportunities for flexibility and remote work. We value freedom with responsibility, and we love what we do. We are looking for someone like you who wants to be part of our team.

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We have no vacancies at the moment, but you are always welcome to send an unsolicited application.

What do our employees say about MCB?


Anne Bank Lindberg

“I have been employed as a graphic designer at MCB since the dawn of time in 1999. I can guarantee that there has never been a dull day in all these years. MCB is an incredibly versatile workplace. Both in terms of colleagues and work tasks. The customer tasks range incredibly widely - mainly designs of webshops and websites for various platforms. But there is also opportunity to design logos, printed matter, internal marketing, and etc.


The professional level is really high and we love to help each other in order to constantly become the best and develop ourselves continuously.


The unity is generally invaluable across all work groups - and the social unity is in a special class. We love to have fun, parties, and lots of social events.”


Anne Bank Lindberg

Designer and partner


Flemming C. Lund

“The marketing team at MCB is a strong team consisting of talents within the various marketing disciplines. We service a wide range of different companies which makes everyday life challenging but very varied and exciting. The unity and helpfulness in the department is top notch, and there is room for both seriousness and fun. There are plenty of opportunities to develop and improve further so we ensure that we are always sharp in our respective disciplines and deliver what the customers expect from us.


I have previously been employed by MCB and chose to come back again - for the simple reason that MCB is a fantastic place to work. The unity in the company in general is something completely unique. There are many social events so there are many opportunities to be well integrated not only in one's own department but also across the entire company."


Flemming C. Lund

Head of B2B Marketing & Lead Generation


Daniel Esbersen

“I had my final internship at MCB and 10 years later I am still here. I have been incredibly happy for the trust that was already shown when I was given the opportunity to continue at MCB after graduation, and it is a trust that I still feel in everyday life.


I have been allowed to expand my work areas where I started with our website customers and gradually worked my way into our webshop solutions. MCB has given me the opportunity to work with some professional areas that I find incredibly exciting.”


Daniel Esbersen

Frontend Developer 


Mathias Givskov Hansen

"I think that MCB is a good workplace because you have the opportunity to develop in the areas that you find exciting. I started as a computer scientist back in May 2017 and was thrown directly into technologies such as .NET, MCB, WebForms, Angular, Vue, React, and most recently Blazor wich is both challenging and educational.


In addition to this, I was also given responsibility for some of the management of our CI/DG/Devops setup when I showed interest in it. And then I have also been allowed to develop myself on the security front since I had is as a hobby on the side - now that hobby is part of my work.


Mathias Givskov Hansen

Tech Lead

Much more than a workplace


IT Budget

Each of us has an IT budget that we can use to optimize our workplace, such as purchasing a specific screen or other items - we have influence over purchases.


Health Insurance

Our employees need to function both physically and mentally. Therefore, you have access to health insurance through PFA, which helps with physiotherapy and chiropractic care, among other things.


Paid Internet

Submit your bill for internet expenses in your home office (up to a certain amount), and MCB will pay according to the existing legislation in the area.


Staff Arrangements

Experience everything from summer parties with the whole family to classic Christmas parties. We love activities such as paddle tennis, girl time, indoor golf, and escape rooms.


Adventure Trip

The annual trip! Every year, we prioritize taking a trip abroad and doing many exciting activities. It benefits collaboration when we return to our familiar environment.


Lunch Arrangement

Avoid boring packed lunches and join our lunch program for an affordable price. It consists of bread, cold cuts, salads, and a hot dish - always something for everyone's taste.


Golden Hours

Do you want to spend more time on a challenge? And can the output benefit MCB? Then use the "free" development hours that you have available every month.


Borrow our Canteen

Do you need to host a confirmation, christening, birthday party, or...? Then you are welcome to use the canteen (free of charge). Just make sure to treat the place properly.

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  • Umbraco
  • HubSpot
  • Shopify
  • Magento
  • Shopware
  • UI/UX
  • .NET code
  • Integration
  • Customer service and/or project management
  • Or something completely different...

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Annemette Rosenkilde Lucas
Marketing Manager