Magento or Adobe Commerce is for you who want a professional and strong e-commerce platform that can grow your business. MCB helps you along the way.

Magento Certified Developers with +10 years experience

We are an agency that believes that updating your webshop whether it is B2B or B2C should be the least of your worries when you want to run a successful business. And that's why our Magento developers are available. 


At MCB you will find certified Magento developers who help customers grow their business with Magento CMS every day. 


As a development house MCB has over 10 years of experience with Magento (Adobe Commerce). We have provided various solutions to both B2B and B2C companies - large and small. All of which have in common that they have great ambitions for their webshop. In close collaboration with the customer we help on the road to success so that ambitions and expectations are met thanks to the strong platform Magento.


Our role as certified Magento developers means that our team is required to complete official Magento certificates. In this way we always have the best conditions for developing solutions with high professionalism and knowledge of the latest updates and changes. Therefore, you are always guaranteed a developer with the right set of skills to lead your Magento webshop towards the top. In order for it to succeed you get direct contact with one of our developers who works on your task and without intermediaries as project managers.


You own your Magento solution, and therefore you are free to choose both the operating solution and the development house. If you choose us, you can be among customers such as House of Kids and Gymnastik og Ridesport, for which we have built Magento webshops (Adobe Commerce).



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Meet your Magento team


Nicolai Kibsgaard

Magento Team Lead
Phung Hoang Linh

Phung Hoang Linh

Magento Tech Lead

Dat Hoang Quoc

Magento Back-end Developer

Tuan Le Ke

Magento Front-end Developer

Our Magento Services



Together with our certified consultants, we can lift your business on everything from business analytics to Wireframes. With us you will meet the same contact person who is always ready with a helping hand.


UX + UI Design

Our design and UX team work together to create exciting and effective solutions to a wide range of challenges. All this is combined with unique and user-friendly functionalities that ensure your conversions.



Our team of developers ranges widely in competencies. They help with everything from Backend and Frontend to E-commerce development in .NET. Your Magento webshop will be an online experience with the latest functionalities.



We ensure the integration between your website and your checkout system (POS), inventory management system (WMS), financial system (ERP), CRM, PIM and / or other APPs to optimize your inventory management and shipping process.



We know that your webshop is the core of your business. Therefore, we ensure that your website performs 110% through testing with everything from UI and UX and stress tests to functional testing and testing of web accessibility.


Hosting + Support

At MCB, your hosting is in safe hands, and therefore you do not have to worry about anything other than your content. We provide you with 24/7 support, SLAs, encryption and more. That is why we are the ideal Magento partner.

6 Benefits of Choosing Magento (Adobe Commerce)

There are many benefits when choosing Magento (Adobe Commerce).

Here you get the 6 most important:


1. Flexibility

Magento is a flexible platform that can be adapted to exactly the needs and desires you have. The system can be easily customized to match your business and workflows.


2. Scalable

You do not grow out of a Magento - it scales with you into the future. Magento is 100 % scalable so do not be afraid to grow out of the platform. This means no matter how significant a growth you experience Magento will always be able to accommodate you and your needs. And that applies regardless of whether you have 1,000 or + 500,000 products in your webshop.


3. Extensions

The many thousands of developers around the world are helping to create different modules that make it easy to find just the right solution that matches your needs. The possibilities for customizing function modules are endless, and so is the design. And if the module you are looking for does not exist, we can develop it for you. 


4. Open source

Magento is an easy place for you to work as a webshop owner. The open source system allows you to have full access to the source code which allows sharing and development across users. All the while you have full control over all functions in the system - both frontend and backend.


5. Integrations

Magento can be integrated with for example PostNord, Navision, GLS, and many more. Magento offers and API which is an interface that allows different software to interact with each other. The interface is built into Magento, and that is how the ERP software has the ability to read and load data from and to Magento.


6. Magento Enterprise

With the upgrade to Magento Enterprise you get extended support and help directly from Magento Inc., so you always have easily accessible instructions at your fingertips.



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That's what our partners say
I like to do things myself, but as our business has grown we have needed more and more help. And we have had the pleasure of Morten from MCB especially because he has followed us from the start. He has always had a good knowledge of our company and has been good at familiarizing himself with our industry. In general, he is good at keeping a cool head in stressful situations. And then it is nice to have an advisor who knows you and who can guide you in the right direction when new updates and functions are added.

Søren Storm

We have worked with Morten from MCB for many years, and every time we experience a good collaboration, where we are taken all the way through the process.


Our everyday life is characterized by busyness, and therefore it is important for us to have a partner who knows how to define tasks, budgets, and deadlines, and who at the same time maintains the full technical overview so that always provides optimal among other things in terms of speed and ease of use.

Morten Lind

Gymnastik og ridesport
For us it is important to have a collaboration with someone who knows what they are doing, and Morten does. Often I do not even get to explain what the problem is until he has solved it. We are really happy about the collaboration and can only give out warmest recommendations. There has never been anything to put a finger on. Morten complies with the agreements and solves our problems very quickly. I can give nothing but my warmest recommendations.

Gymnastik og Ridesport
House of kids

When we had to find a partner it was important for us to find someone who we felt could also be someone sitting in the house, and we found that in Morten. Morten have a high level of professionalism which ensures that the tasks are solved and at the same time they manage to see and understand out needs.


When we experience common challenges in a given task it is handled in a way where things are 100 % transparent about what has been done and that means incredible deal to us. 


Morten has a high level of professionalism which makes sure that the tasks are solved. He is an external partner but feels like an internal one. 

House of Kids
Magento CMS

Magento CMS

Magento (Adobe Commerce) is an open source e-commerce platform and Content Management System (CMS) written in PHP.

Magento has a user-friendly interface while being flexible and endlessly expandable and scalable. All the while you are in full control of all parts of the platform. You get an e-commerce platform with unimaginable possibilities and solutions. That is why Magento is one of the world's most professional and used webshop platform for e-commerce.

Does Magento (Adobe Commerce) sound like something for you? Contact MCB today and we will help you get started.

Migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2

Migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2

It makes a difference whether you work with Magento 1 or Magento 2.

Benefits of Magento 2:

– Better administration panel which makes the design more intuitive
– The code architecture is streamlined
– Easier handling of imports for many products 
– Increased scalability
– Improved speed
– Better and more standard themes

If you work in Magento 1, you may at some point be forced to update to version 2. The updates in Magento 2 make the difference on the scale when you need to reduce the risk of hacker attacks, work with integrations and extensions in the system. 

Your Magento 2 Certified Partner

With over 20 years of experience, we understand your business - and that goes beyond just the digital aspect and the ability to build the custom integrations you need to meet your requirements. With specialists in marketing, design, and development, we can help you achieve success with your entire business.



Magento 2 Certified Partner


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Why Companies Choose Magento (Adobe Commerce)

More than 250,000 stores worldwide place their trust in Magento. And for good reason. Magento provides tools to attract more customers, sell more products, and increase revenue.


Many companies choose Magento (Adobe Commerce), and we understand why. Magento is known for being a CMS that grows with you and your needs. Magento is owned by Adobe, and that in itself says a lot about the quality and seriousness of the system. Today Magento is one of the most widely used and professional CMS in e-commerce platforms. And there are several reasons for that. 


Magento has modern drag-and-drop tools that make it possible to create compelling content and great shopping experiences. In Magento you can easily create content due to the platform's user-friendly interface. You can personalize content for specific customer segments, and you can easily and quickly update your pages.

Magento Page Builder

Magento has modern drag and drop tools that make it possible to create compelling content and great shopping experiences. 

Start a Successful Collaboration with MCB

Whether you need to build a new webshop with Magento (Adobe Commerce) or already have an existing Magento webshop, we will help you when you need it.


Give us a call

Call your Magento contact at MCB and get direct advice and help with your case.



You always talk to your Magento contact and get rid of annoying middlemen.



In our internal system we keep track of your tasks, support cases, and inquiries.



Before we start a task you must approve our estimate of the scope of the task.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Magento (Adobe Commerce)

How much does a Magento license cost?
Magento Open Source is a free version that does not require a subscription, and with the right set of skills it is therefore in reality free to use. If on the other hand you have no experience with web development you should seek the help of professional web developers. Here the price of a Magento webshop will depend on the size of the business. And many options and plugins also make the cost vary.
Is it possible to have several languages/domains in the same Magento solution?

Yes. Magento can handle multiple languages and domains in the same solution.

Can Magento handle product variants?

With Magento you are able to create all the variants whether it is different sixes or colours you need.

Can I choose the design for my Magento webshop?

Yes. Magento offers a number of standard themes to choose from which can be an advantage as it is therefore made easy and fast for you. If on the other hand you want a completely unique theme you can have your web developer develop it for you so your webshop differs from the competitors.

What is the difference between Magento Community and Magento Enterprise?
Magento Community (Magento Open Source) is the free version while Magento Enterprise is a paid version. With Magento Enterprise you get more opportunities in the development of your webshop and at the same time increased help and guidance.
Why should I migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2?
Magento 2 is in many ways similar to Magento 1 but has a lot of optimizations and improvements. Magento 2 gives you a better experience while still feeling at home in the new update. In addition to the obvious benefits of Magento 2 you will at some point need to update from version 1 to 2.
Does Magento support B2B reseller pricing?
In Magento by default you can create customer group prices down to the product level.

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