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What Is HubSpot?

In 2004, MIT graduate students Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah noticed a shifting trend in the way consumers purchase goods and services.

They were no longer condoning brands that used interruptive strategies to capture their attention. To some companies’ dismay, customers started ignoring disruptive ads.


One year later, the innovative students created HubSpot to address this shift. They designed the company’s mission and vision on an inbound notion that consumers preferred helpful services to bothersome marketers.


Today, the company operates on a mindset that businesses can grow using inbound solutions instead of ruthless techniques. They created a system that unifies software, education, and community to address ever-changing market needs. HubSpot founders Brian and Dharmesh have inspired a movement that reminds organizations to stop interrupting, start helping, and create programs that focus on their customers. 


HubSpot offers an all-around customer relationship management (CRM) platform ideal for virtually any business size and industry. It contains all the essential tools and integrations organizations need for their marketing and sales activities, from inbound strategies to content creation and customer service.


The developers guarantee that each of their products is helpful individually, but companies can transform the way they do business when they use the tools and integrations together.


Marketing Hub

Companies use this software to boost traffic and conversion rates by running campaigns at scale. It offers lead generation, automation, and analytics features.


Sales Hub

This software enables decision-makers to gain deeper insights on consumers, helping organizations automate tasks and close deals faster. Some of its most popular features include advanced CRM, meeting scheduling, and quotation creation.


Service Hub

HubSpot’s service software enables companies to elevate the customer experience and turn avid fans into loyal customers who promote businesses. This software offers tickets, feedback, and a knowledge base.



Marketers will find this software helpful in developing personalized experiences for customers. Some of its popular features include SEO recommendations, website themes, and a drag-and-drop editor.


Operations Hub

This software syncs data and automates business processes to enable teams to work better together. Companies laud this software’s data quality automation feature.

HubSpot as an Inbound Marketing Tool

Using HubSpot provides marketers with an extensive range of benefits for many business processes, including inbound marketing.


Read on to learn how we can help you use HubSpot to transform curious site visitors into actual customers.

Integrated Solution

HubSpot provides you with all your inbound marketing needs integrated into one site. You can use this software for all your inbound efforts, from creating landing pages to sending emails and analyzing data. The best part is, teams won’t have to hop between channels because they can view real-time updates on the software.



Boost Sales

HubSpot helps companies increase lead generation and conversion rates, therefore boosting sales. With this software on your side, you have all the latest inbound tools right at your fingertips. You can gain valuable insight on how visitors find your site, which search engines they use, and how useful they find your content. Afterward, you can adjust your strategies accordingly to achieve your targets.



Simplify the SEO Process

Even experienced marketers sometimes find search engine optimization (SEO) tasks daunting. After all, it deals with large amounts of data and complex analytics. However, HubSpot offers a diverse range of tools to help you track keywords and boost your ranking.



Enhance Content Creation

In today’s modern world, content is king in the inbound industry. HubSpot can help you create valuable content and schedule it in advance on your calendar. Additionally, you can integrate the software’s content creation component with your social media posts. With this feature, you can save many hours a day scheduling your content on various sites.



Enable Data-Driven Strategies

By using HubSpot, you take out all the guesswork in your inbound marketing strategies. The software can help you collect all the data you need to guide your teams into making sound business decisions. You can also generate reports on success metrics to improve future campaigns.

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