Umbraco is for those who need 100 percent control with their own platform. Who either has the competence to maintain or the resource to outsource that part.

Umbraco CMS

With Umbraco you get a CMS that is known for its user-friendly backend. You own the solution yourself, and therefore you are free to choose both the operating solution and the development house.
Umbraco is open source, and with a development forum of over 200,000 members, the solution speaks for itself.

Umbraco is by far the most flexible and fastest growing .NET CMS in the world.
Umbraco can be adapted to any business model, and with the help of our development team, your website will be tailored to match your customers' needs.

Only your imagination sets the limit.
We have done everything from the backend engine at Censuum to Advokathuset Funch Nielsen and no challenge is too great for us.

Umbraco partner with 20 years of .NET experience

We are an agency that believes that updating your website should be the least of your worries. That is why we use Umbraco CMS.

It is not without reason that MCB is Umbraco Partner.
For our many clients, this means that we are an agency where our web developers are certified and recognized for having a proven track record in the design and development of bespoke Umbraco websites.

As an Umbraco partner, our team is also committed to passing official Umbraco certificates to maintain knowledge and understanding of this powerful open source CMS.

If you have taken a look at the Umbraco Community, you will definitely have met our developers, as everyone is active with help which also resulted in some of them being the Umbraco MVP.

Our Services


With a wide range of talented Umbraco experts, we act as a one-stop provider of solutions for all your development needs.


Together with one of our senior consultants, we can lift your company on the Discovery Phase, Business Analysis, Wireframes etc.


UX & Design

Our UX designers help from Conceptual design, UX & UI to all sizes and compare them with the UI Kit.



Our team of developers is wide-ranging and therefore helps with everything from Backend, Frontend and Ecommerce development in .NET



Our integration team can integrate everything from ERP, CRM, POS to Shipping and Logistics



We ensure that the website performs 110% with everything from UI and UX testing, Stress testing, Functional testing and web accessibility.


Hosting & Support

With MCB, your hosting is in safe hands and you do not have to think about anything other than your content. We provide you with support 24/7, SLAs, Encryption and much more.

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Umbraco + the editor = love

Umbraco is a perfect content management system, which provides a good opportunity to adapt the system directly to the individual's needs. Therefore, it is particularly relevant for both larger and more complex solutions, as it provides great flexibility to run campaigns and applications.

With Umbraco CMS, Content Management has therefore never been easier.

Therefore, it is often possible for anyone in a company to build new landing pages and create and edit content - there is therefore no need for an experienced developer.

As an editor, you can easily write your content such as blog posts, set it up nicely and even plan the publication so that it happens when it suits you best. And you can actually set other users to approve your content before it is published. Therefore, it is always ensured that it all plays to u.g.

Umbraco CMS is therefore incredibly user-friendly, which is why you get an intuitive and logical user interface. It is easy to find your way around, as it is based on a number of content components that you can use to make the user experience on each page completely unique. You can therefore custom design each page as it suits you and thus preserve your identity throughout the palette.

Umbraco always saves all previous versions of your work, and therefore you should not fear terrible mistakes - you can always come back. The same applies if you delete a page, for example.

And then you also get a media library, in which you can store all your photos and documents and easily find them when you need them. And if you update one image in one place, for example, the change will take effect in all the places where the image is used - it's schism smart!

Umbraco CMS also easily handles multiple language versions. With just a few clicks, you can copy the entire basic structure to other language layers, saving you a lot of work. You only have to focus on the actual translation of the textual content, while the design and layout remain part of the basic structure.

With Umbraco CMS, you therefore get a strong visual identity across national borders.

Umbraco vs WordPress: Which CMS is Best for You?

Are you looking to build a website for your business?

If so, one of the hardest questions to answer is which content management system is best for your website. We've taken the time to compare two systems—WordPress and Umbraco—so that you can make better choices for your business. Read on to find out the result of the CMS battle: Umbraco vs. WordPress.

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