Umbraco is for you who need control with your own platform. And who either has the competence to maintain it or the resource to outsource that part.

Umbraco Certified Partner with 20 years .NET experience

We are an agency that believes that updating your website should be the least of your worries when you want to run a successful business. And that is why we recommend using Umbraco CMS.

It is not without reason that MCB is a Certified Umbraco Partner.


As a developer house, MCB has 20 years of experience with websites and .Net development. We have provided websites, complex integrations, e-commerce solutions, self-service solutions, multisite solutions, international solutions with language versions and many other solutions that are based on .Net technology.


For our many clients, this means that we are an agency where our web developers are certified and recognized for having a proven track record in the design and development of bespoke Umbraco websites.


As a Certified Umbraco Partner, our team is also committed to passing official Umbraco certificates to maintain knowledge and understanding of the powerful open source CMS.


If you have taken a look at the Umbraco Community, you will definitely have met our developers, as everyone is active with help. That is why we are also proud to have an Umbraco MVP employed.


You own your Umbraco solution, and therefore you are free to choose both the operating solution and the development house. If you choose us, you can be among customers such as Censuum and Advokathuset Funch Nielsen, for which we have built the backend motors.


Therefore, no challenge is too great for us.



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Our Services



Together with our certified consultants, we can lift your business on everything from business analytics to Wireframes. With us you will meet the same contact person who is always ready with a helping hand.


UX + UI Design

Our design and UX team work together to create exciting and effective solutions to a wide range of challenges. All this is combined with unique and user-friendly functionalities that ensure your conversions.



Our team of developers ranges widely in competencies. They help with everything from Backend and Frontend to E-commerce development in .NET. Your Umbraco website will be an online experience with the latest functionalities.



We ensure the integration between your website and your checkout system (POS), inventory management system (WMS), financial system (ERP), CRM, PIM and / or other APPs to optimize your inventory management and shipping process.



We know that your website is the core of your business. Therefore, we ensure that your website performs 110% through testing with everything from UI and UX and stress tests to functional testing and testing of web accessibility.


Hosting + Support

At MCB, your hosting is in safe hands, and therefore you do not have to worry about anything other than your content. We provide you with 24/7 support, SLAs, encryption and more. That is why we are the ideal Umbraco partner.

5 reasons to choose Umbraco

There are many good reasons to choose Umbraco CMS. Here you get the 5 most important:

1. With Umbraco you get an Open Source System

This means that it is also a license-free solution. For many other web solutions, you have to pay for the ongoing development as well as a license to the provider. That expense is saved away at Umbraco CMS.

It also makes the whole task of maintenance much simpler.


2. With Umbraco you get an easy integration with other systems

Umbraco is a flexible platform. Therefore, you can build exactly what you and your customers need when they act with your website. However, there is often a need to make use of other systems to provide the best experience and to get the most out of both features and functions. Therefore, Umbraco CMS can be integrated with a number of other systems that ensure digitization of work processes.


3. Umbraco handles multiple language versions

We live in a globalized world. Therefore, with big visions and goals, there is often a need for expansions that go beyond the country's borders and thus also take place in other language layers. And with just a few clicks, you can copy the entire basic structure to other language layers, saving you a lot of work. You only have to focus on the actual translation of the textual content, while the design and layout remain part of the basic structure. With Umbraco CMS, you therefore get a strong visual identity across national borders.


4. Umbraco handles multiple websites on the same solution

In larger and more complex companies in particular, it is often a challenge to get the many business areas to play together effectively. However, it is easy to solve with Umbraco, as you have the opportunity to handle several websites on the same solution. You therefore just create your sub-sites with different rights setups.


5. Support

With Umbraco CMS you get a support set-up with qualified sparring. And that is an important element when dreaming of online success. This means that you get direct access to help when you need it, e.g. through the online support tool that makes it quick and easy for you to create support cases. In addition, there is transparency with the system, so you can always keep track of, for example, status and operation, which is why you are also one of the first to find out if there are new updates or any problems.

Umbraco CMS

Knowing that time-to-market and readiness for change are paramount, Umbraco can be the ideal digital platform for your business when you want an efficient digital content management system.

Umbraco is a Danish-developed Open Source Content Management System (CMS), built on Microsoft's .NET Framework, and it is also a free system to download. It has been developed in the programming language C# and therefore contains both frameworks and applications that are executed via the platform, Microsoft Windows.

Umbraco 9

The next major release from Umbraco is focused on switching Umbraco from the .NET Framework to the .NET Core, in order to ensure that a technology is built that is not only relevant now, but also future-proof. .NET Core has several advantages, including ensures a better performance in relation to speed on a site.

Benefits of Umbraco 9:

– The framework has been updated from .NET Framework 4.7.2 to .NET 5
– The web framework has been updated from ASP.NET 4 to ASP.NET Core 5
– Authentication of users and website members has been updated to ASP.NET Core Identity
– 3rd party agreements have either been completely replaced or updated
– Statistical events have been replaced by new notifications options
– The installation process has been updated

Meet our MVP

At MCB, we have an Umbraco MVP employee who is ready to take on your task.

MVP stands for ‘Most Valued People’. Today, the group consists of only 61 unique people who manage to take Umbraco a step further and contribute to an embrace of the open source system. That is why you are guaranteed the best service at MCB.

It is your security for a functional solution that can solve even the most complex needs.

That is why companies choose Umbraco

There are especially 10 reasons why companies in different industries and of different sizes choose to work with Umbraco CMS.

They include:

1. A popular platform

There's one reason in particular why Umbraco CMS is so popular - and that's social proof. Once a large number of companies have said goodbye to the platform, then there will soon be others who follow suit.


2. User-friendly

With Umbraco CMS, Content Management has never been easier.


You can therefore easily write your content such as blog posts, set it up nicely and even plan the release so that it happens when it suits you best. And you can actually set other users to approve your content before it is published.


Umbraco always saves all previous versions of your work, and therefore you should not fear terrible mistakes - you can always come back. The same applies if, for example, you delete a page.


And then you also get a media library, in which you can store all your photos and documents and easily find them when you need them. And if you update, for example, one image in one place, the change will take effect in all the places where the image is used.


Therefore, it is often possible for anyone in a company to build new landing pages and create and edit content - there is therefore no need for an experienced developer.


3. A strong community

When you choose an Umbraco platform, you instantly become part of a larger community made up of both users and developers. In knowledge parts about the system, and therefore you can quickly get help if you experience challenges.


4. Rapid development

With Umbraco, everything happens quickly and easily, and therefore you can have your website up and running in a short time. That is why many hours have been saved compared to so many other solutions.


5. Logical structure

In Umbraco, everything is organized clearly, and therefore you can easily find the right content elements. Everything therefore figures very intuitively - regardless of your experience with CMS systems.


6. Flexible CMS

You are not limited in Umbraco and therefore you will not encounter any locked frames and templates as is often the case in other CMS systems. And that is precisely why the system is suitable for both large and small projects - everything is scalable.


7. Mobile friendly CMS

All pages and types of content can appear responsive. Therefore, everything will also look nice on the mobile view.


8. It's free

Umbraco uses an Open Source MIT License, which means you can download the system for free and use it in that mode. However, it also means that you will be given an empty shell that you will have to fill with your own content.

However, you can also choose to use either Umbraco Cloud or Umbraco Uno.


9. Countless extensions

If you are interested in extensions, you can buy a license. You can therefore do exactly what you want with the free MIT license, but you can also make use of additional products such as Umbraco Forms that require payment.


10. Search engine optimized and Google friendly

We all know how important it is to have control of SEO both for your own sake in relation to your desired online success, but also so that your website is better for your users. Here, the visual identity also comes into play, as you technically also have to get the most out of your marketing efforts.



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Frequently asked questions to Umbraco

Har Umbraco en preview-funktion?

Ja, alle brugere af Umbraco CMS har mulighed for at få et preview af deres indhold, før det publiceres - også på de forskellige devices. Det betyder, at du altid kan sikre, at dine brugere bliver mødt af et professionelt udtryk og en god oplevelse uanset, om de tilgår din hjemmeside via mobil, tablet eller desktop.

Har Umbraco en schedule-funktion?

Ja, Umbraco tilbyder en let og intuitivt schedule-funktion. Det er smart, hvis fx redaktøren ikke har mulighed for at lancere nyt indhold nu og her eller det rent markedsføringsmæssigt passer bedre at lancerer på et andet tidspunkt. 

Du kan derfor let lancerer nyt indhold hen over weekenden, i ferien eller langt ud i fremtiden, hvorfor du kan planlægge dine indsatser i god tid. Det giver dig et godt overblik over alle dine kampagner og en mulighed for altid at være på forkant.

Kan Umbraco håndtere flere sprog?

Ja, Umbraco kan håndtere flere sprog og har endda også mange internationale virksomheder som kunder. 

Umbraco er udstyret med en sprog-versioneringsfunktion, der gør det nemt for dig som redaktør, udvikler eller designer at operere med flere sprog på én gang. Du derfor skabe så mange forskellige sprogversioner, som det er nødvendigt for dig og give dine kunder den bedste oplevelse på dit website.

Hvorfor bør jeg migrere til Umbraco 9?

Arbejder du i Umbraco 7? Så anbefaler vi, at du først migrerer til Umbraco 8, før du skifter til Umbraco 9.


I øjeblikket bliver der stadig bygget nye funktioner og features til Umbraco 8. Og da Umbraco 9 bliver en komplet udgave af Umbraco 8, kommer alle gældende funktioner i Umbraco 8 også til at fremgå i Umbraco 9. Det er en stor opgave, da nogle funktikoenr skal re-designes for at passe til den nye arkitektur og andre helt skal omskrives for at kunne bruges i det nye framework. 

Hvad er forskellen på Umbraco 8 og 9?

- Frameworket er opdateret fra .NET Framework 4.7.2 til .NET 5

- Web-frameworket er opdateret fra ASP.NET 4 til ASP.NET Core 5

- Authentication af users og website members er blevet opdateret til ASP.NET Core Identity

- 3. parts aftaler er enten blevet helt udskiftet eller opdateret

- Statistiske events er blevet erstattet af nye muligheder for notifikationer

- Installationsprocessen er blevet opdateret


Det betyder bl.a., at nogle API’er er blevet ændret. De fleste API’er, som kommer med .NET Framework 4.7.2, er dog en del af .NET Standard, og dem kan du blive ved med at bruge som hidtil.


Et krav for .NET 5 er desuden en kørsel på ASP.NET Core. Og det web framework er blevet total omskrevet. Så selvom mange af de primære MVC mønstre er meget sammenlignelige med dem fra ASP.NET, er der sket mange ændringer under overfladen.


Her kan fx nævnes de to typer af authentication (users og website members), som begge er blevet opdateret fra ASP.NET Identity til ASP.NET Core Identity. Og det betyder, at det i fremtiden bliver meget lettere at gennemføre vedligehold lige såvel, som en del kode kan blive genbrugt mellem de to typer af brugere.

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