VUC introduces online registration and payment

MCB has in close collaboration with VUC developed a platform with the main purpose of enabling new course participants to sign up - and pay for their VUC course online.

The project combines several of MCB's core competences and VUC's far-sighted approach to their field. At MCB, we have extensive knowledge of educations, shop optimization and the ability to deliver an end product within the agreed framework. When you combine these compentences with VUC's goal of developing a platform that is optimized for both the target group and the employees - then the result is a new unique solution!

What have we done?

The solution takes data from the VUC's study administration system Ludus Suite, and automatically pulls all information over in MCB's CMS, Masterpiece. Here, VUC's study advisors subsequently have the opportunity to refine and adapt data from Ludus Suite as they wish. This makes it much easier for VUC's employees to maintain their many course offerings and thus free up important time for other tasks in the organization.


I can definitely recommend MCB as a supplier - especially if you have very specialized or complicated wishes for your system. This is where MCB's ability to think creatively and solution-oriented really comes into its own.

Sisse Jacobsen, Development consultant

En enkel og brugervenlig frontend leder ansøgere igennem søgefasen samt tilmeldings- og betalingsflowet. Selve tilmeldingen til et givent hold håndteres i et modul i CMS’en. Et modul som er specialudviklet til at imødekomme studierådgivernes behov, og som kan håndtere hele godkendelsesflowet. Når kursistens tilmelding er godkendt trækkes betaling automatisk og kursisten oprettes i Ludus Suite.


Do you want to see the solution in action?

Then we would recommend you to slip past one of VUC's online solutions. Here, 17 of 31 Adult Education Centers have already implemented the new shop. For example, you can watch it live here:

What does VUC say about their new solution?

Development Consultant Sisse Jacobsen about the collaboration: 

"Meeting a requirements specification that contains the wishes and needs of 17 different schools requires a supplier who sees solutions where others see challenges. MCB's greatest strength is their commitment and ability to think in creative solutions - this I have benefited greatly from in my work as project manager for the VUC sector's development of the shop.


The VUC sector is a complicated size with our many different fields of education, and it is a big task for a supplier to familiarize himself with all our rules, terms, and abbreviations. I was therefore very positively surprised that MCB's project management could quickly speak 'our language', and this has meant that the sector has quickly gained confidence in MCB as a supplier.


The shop has become as we had described! And since then, we as customers have received many ideas for improvement, which have required a lot of adjustment in the system. Often with the possibility that all the different VUCs themselves must be able to set everything from texts and filters to the entire basic form on the shop's front end. MCB has always managed to solve this, and I experience that we have a well-functioning collaboration that find the best solutions in a shop where both the applicant, caseworker, and interaction with a study administration system must be taken into account.


Development and adjustment have been carried out on time and at the price, and the collaboration has throughout the process been characterized by communication, which I have experienced as both efficient, fast, and honest. They do not sweep anything under the rug or decorate anything. This has led to our cooperation between customer and supplier being very well-functioning. At all levels, from support to project management, it is experienced that you as a customer are taken seriously, and stil with room for humor in everyday life."

Bo Hedegaard
Director, Partner

Søvn & Comfort

Georg Jensen Damask


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