This first integration between Visma E-conomics and HubSpot, which organizes and brings together the finance & sales department.

Install from HubSpot Marketplace

From the HubSpot App marketplace, you install our Visma e-conomic app and you will shortly be asked which of your possible platforms it should be installed on.

Install_visma_1Once you have selected this account, you will automatically be sent to a window where we must have established a secure connection to your economic platform.






Access to MCB.Cloud integration platform


After the first step, you will be presented with a window from our own integration platform, where you fill in information about your company. This is intended so that we can start setting up your new integration, but also so that we can adapt the integration to your unique HubSpot.

So even though our integration is based on best practice, there is still a great opportunity for us to adapt it to your preferences.








Access to Visma E-conomic


The last step is now just to give our app access to your Visma E-conomic account, so we can start the process of setting up your integration.







The installation is complete

Once you have completed the three steps, you will be presented with this message and we will contact you as soon as possible to start your personal setup of Visma E-conomic for the HubSpot integration.





Want to know more about your options?

Martin Mensbo Christiansen
Head of HubSpot