HubSpot Integrations

Hubspot offers integration to a number of different systems such as Microsoft business Central and Shopify. However, several systems are not ready for a large, American platform - so we have built the solution.

Connect HubSpot with your favorite tools

Our custom integrations have helped many businesses synchronize data and automate repetitive tasks between HubSpot and their preferred systems. You can also benefit from our integrations and thus have more time to focus on increasing your revenue and building stronger relationships with your customers.




HubSpot + Visma.Net

Achieve a more efficient business operation with the integration between HubSpot and Visma.NET. Centralize your customer and financial data to increase productivity and improve collaboration across teams. Click now to learn more about how this integration can improve your business results.

HubSpot + Visma economic

Save time and improve efficiency with the integration between HubSpot and Visma e-conomic. Synchronize your customer and financial data and create invoices directly from HubSpot without switching between systems. Click now to learn more about how this integration can improve your company's financial results and create value.

HubSpot Quote + MobilePay

Get faster payments through HubSpot Quotes with MobilePay as a payment option. Offer easy payment on your quotes through MobilePay and achieve a more seamless sales process. Click now to learn more about how this integration can increase your company's efficiency.

HubSpot Quotes + Apple Pay

Improve your sales process and increase the likelihood of converting customers by accepting payments via Apple Pay on your quotes. Click now to learn more about how this integration can boost your company's sales efficiency.

HubSpot Quotes + Quickpay

Increase your conversion rate and receive payments faster with the integration between HubSpot Quotes and QuickPay. Accept a wide range of payment cards and providers such as MobilePay, Mastercard, Dankort, Visa, Apple Pay and more. Click now to learn more about how this integration can improve your company's sales efficiency and create value

HubSpot + Dynamics AX

Improve your business operations and create more value with the integration between HubSpot and Dynamics AX. Get a comprehensive overview of your sales and financial data and free up resources to focus on growth. Click now to learn more about how this integration can optimize your business.

HubSpot + Dynamics C5

Free up time and resources to focus on growth by integrating HubSpot and Dynamics C5. Centralize your sales and financial data and get a comprehensive overview of your business operations. Click now to learn more about how this integration can improve your company's efficiency and financial results.

HubSpot + Salesforce

Increase your sales effectiveness and achieve better results with the integration between HubSpot and Salesforce. Centralize your customer and sales data and gain a 360-degree overview of your business operations. Click now to learn more about how this integration can improve your company's sales efficiency and create value.

HubSpot + CVR

Optimize your sales process and ensure correct data with the integration between HubSpot and the Danish CVR register. Gain access to always up-to-date customer information from the tax authorities and save time on manual input and validation. Click now to learn more about how this integration can improve your company's sales efficiency and create value.

HubSpot + Microsoft Business Central

Free up time and resources to focus on growth by integrating HubSpot and Microsoft Business Central. Get a comprehensive overview of your sales and financial data and optimize your business operations. Click now to learn more about how this integration can improve your company's financial results and create value.

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Get the most out of your software with HubSpot integrations and migrations

When you need to move data from one system to another, it can be a time-consuming task - especially if there isn't an integrated solution that can streamline manual workflows and ensure automation. Performing the process manually can lead to a drop in your value for money, as you lose both valuable time and money, and important data can also be lost from each system you move between.


And that is precisely a challenge for many businesses. Several have a lot of important data that needs to be managed. And when it happens in different systems, it can quickly lead to confusion and lost knowledge - which may not be recoverable. Additionally, human errors can occur when processes are not streamlined. Therefore, it is essential to have a single source of truth in your data, so you can avoid these challenges and achieve a more efficient process.


That is the purpose of the many different HubSpot integrations available. With them, you can avoid several of the current challenges and instead get the most out of your software. HubSpot offers a wide selection of integrations that can help you increase efficiency and avoid waste. And it is not necessarily the case that you need to replace your favorite system - often it can be integrated with HubSpot.


If that is not immediately the case, we at MCB can help you handle both HubSpot integration and migration in a simple way, so you can get the most out of your HubSpot CRM. We help you integrate your software solutions and ensure that your data is in line with your business needs, so you can free up time and resources for other important tasks.


And who knows, perhaps there is data you didn't even know you had access to, but which in the future can become a source of an even stronger business strategy.

Why use Hubspot integrations?

Integrations between HubSpot and other systems can help you address and simplify your needs for accessing new software as your business grows or evolves. This means that you can keep your current HubSpot CMS by simply adding various third-party integrations when you suddenly experience scaling. This way, you can easily improve your functionality to match your current needs.


By leveraging integrations across your systems, you can strengthen your business and achieve a wider range of automated and smart task solutions. And this is especially useful since you will undoubtedly experience that your needs often change as your business evolves. This means that the features you use now may not be sufficient in the future, so it is important to use a system that offers integration to other systems.


With HubSpot and the many integrations, you get a technical setup that can grow and scale with you, ensuring that you can stay in the same platform where you maintain and optimize all your data.


There are a large number of systems that can already be integrated with HubSpot. However, we have also experienced an increasing demand for integrations that have not previously been available. Therefore, we have built integrations from HubSpot to, among others:


  • Microsoft Business Central
  • Microsoft Dynamics Navision
  • E-conomic
  • Dinero
  • Shopify


Are you missing an important integration from HubSpot? Please feel free to contact us with your suggestion

Do I need a HubSpot integration?

For almost all large and medium-sized businesses, integrations are a useful tool that ensures an automated and efficient everyday life with streamlined workflows.


Let's say you have about 1,000 contacts/leads that you need to keep track of. In addition to HubSpot, you use two different systems. This means that every day you have to deal with three different systems, create dynamics between them, and derive results based on data that you retrieve from different places. It can be confusing and sometimes misleading.


So imagine being able to streamline this workflow if you get everything integrated in HubSpot.


In most cases, it can easily be done.


You can find all of HubSpot's integration options in the HubSpot App Marketplace.


All integrations have in common that they are built on APIs.


This means that no matter what system you use, even if it is Danish and lesser-known, we can build a link between that system and HubSpot.


HubSpot's API and CMS documentation also make it possible for you to create a custom integration if the one you need does not yet exist. Therefore, you can get a unique solution specifically for your company.


You have 3 options:

  • App
  • Custom integration
  • Website


With an app, you can build and list your solution in HubSpot's App Marketplace, where over 100,000 customers find the apps that help them run their business.


Therefore, you can help solve business problems for others with your app and also benefit from the community, support, and distribution relationships at HubSpot.


If you experience a hindrance, there are certainly others who will benefit from the solution you come up with with an app.


With a custom integration, you can build a tailored solution specifically for your company, and it will therefore only be available to you. With your HubSpot API key, you can add advanced functionality to your account, import and export data, and synchronize your account with other tools.


And by building a custom integration for your website, you get a powerful website using HubSpot CMS. This means that you can develop locally and within your own framework, so you get the extended functionalities that meet your requirements and needs



We have built our own integration between HubSpot and several of the Danish authorities in a CVR APP. All you have to do is fill in the CVR and the relevant data will be automatically downloaded and added to your HubSpot CRM.

And it only costs DKK 250.00 / month.

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Visma Economic Integration to HubSpot

Visma Economic Integration to HubSpot

Do you need a way to automate and streamline your accounts?

For the first time it is now possible to make an integration between Visma Economic and HubSpot. The integration frees up time, shortens the distance between your sales team and finance team, and reduces the silo effect.

Visma Economic integration to HubSpot organizes and streamlines the processes for you.

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Looking for a hubspot integration?

Looking for a hubspot integration?

Integrations are a regular part of our everyday life at MCB.

Therefore, our programmers are ready to help you via custom API to find the solution you need.

That your integration is missing is therefore not a problem - we just create it!

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HubSpot integration with Microsoft Business Central

Dynamics 365 Business Central and HubSpot each have different, important features in your business. Therefore, the two systems are impressive in themselves, but when combined, you get an unstoppable setup to grow your business and service.

Microsoft Business Central acts as a management solution for companies that want to automate and streamline business processes. Therefore, the system is adaptable and rich in functions within e.g. financing, sales, project management and more.

You therefore have a wealth of options that are clarified and streamlined with an integration to HubSpot.

You can eg:

Drag lists directly into HubSpot from Dynamics 365 Business Central without having to worry about maintenance. Let your salespeople work directly from HubSpot with offers, products or services and subsequently send the process of invoicing directly to Business Central.
Let the two systems update each other with the most correct data and thus provide employees with usable data where they work best. Whether it's in HubSpot or for economics in Business Central.

When you and your team are equipped with this knowledge and opportunities, it will no doubt be able to be used for inbound marketing. For now, your CRM is equipped with a deeper marketing insight, as you can automate and customize your efforts so you maximize your sales and provide better customer care.

Which integration suits you best is not to say - because it's about how it works.

Some fit into a standard integration where others need to have made it more tailored.
Either way, we have experience with both and are happy to help estimate your specific task.

HubSpot integration with ActiveCampaign

Marketing Automation, including e-mail marketing, is an area that is developing rapidly. This is especially true when it comes to personalization, segmentation and not least enrichment of leads. And here, ActiveCampaign is a frontrunner.

So if you already use HubSpots SalesHub and would like to automate your email processes but are not ready to throw yourself over HubSpots MarketingHub, ActiveCampaign is a great choice.

MCB is also one of the country's leading certified partners for ActiveCampaign, and therefore we also provide Danish support here.

Via PieSync, customer data is maintained equally in both systems.

PieSync moves information between HubSpot and ActiveCampaign automatically, quickly and easily. And with just a few clicks, you can share data without the need for coding by automating your workflows and reducing your manual efforts.

In a few minutes you can therefore also send information between the systems. And that means you can keep your customer information in sync and process data in real time. It makes it possible for you i.a. to deliver better content that provides the conversion you dream of.

And there are no exceptions. All information regarding. interaction and action will therefore appear in both systems - if you wish, and give you an idea of ​​how to create the most powerful strategy for converting leads.

Therefore, you can always make sure i.a. updated lists, segments, automatic flows and points (if you use lead scoring) with the integration.

HubSpot integration til Shopify

If you have a Shopify Shop, you can integrate with HubSpot with an app. It allows you to analyze your data in HubSpot and automate your orders for more efficient workflows. That's why with a Shopify integration, you get an in-depth marketing mix that can generate more traffic, build your brand and increase revenue from your customer base.

Specifically, with the integration you can, among other things:

Automatically synchronizes products, contacts and orders
Segment contacts based on products
Automate campaigns / emails based on data

This means that your customers from Shopify will appear as contacts in HubSpot, while your orders will become deals. Therefore, you get a simple set-up that reflects important data in both systems.

The integration allows, for example, title, image, vendor and price in relation to products, name, e-mail, country and marketing acceptance in relation to contacts and customer ID, order number and abandoned checkout URL in relation to order. And that's just a little bit of the information that will be part of the sync.

With the integration, you also get extra functions in the form of eg e-commerce settings such as Manage Stores, Manage Data and Manage Automation. But that's not all!

You will also benefit from e-commerce features such as Pipeline, which gives you a good overview of where your customers are, among other things. in a buying process as well as Properties that especially make it easy for you to segment and personalize.

You also get access to email templates, so it's easy and fast for you to set up automated flows based on customer data. It can be, for example, a welcome flow, a lost basket flow or perhaps an up-sell flow.

And then we must also remember your personal dashboard, which i.a. contains all your reports, so that you can get an overview of the success of your efforts via analysis tools.

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Frequently Asked Questions about HubSpot Integrations

Which systems can Hubspot be integrated into?
HubSpot can be integrated directly into over 1,000 apps. If you use Zapier, you expand with integration options with over 3,000 apps. And then of course you can also create a custom integration to your company's specific needs.
How do I integrate with HubSpot?
Finding and connecting to HubSpot is both easy and fast. Through the HubSpots App Partner Program, you can search through thousands of apps and thus find the integration or integrations that can run your business effectively. You just need to follow a few steps and soon there will be an integration between your systems.
Can MCB help with my integration?
Yes, MCB is happy to help with the integratones that are relevant to you. We have extensive experience from several companies, and therefore we are always a good match. If you need custom integration, our developers and programmers are also ready to help you.

Shall we look at your integration?

Please fill out the form, and I will contact you as soon as possible.

Rasmus Høegh Refstrup
Customer Manager