Inbound Marketing

With inbound marketing, you scale your business, increase revenue and take the lead in the field among your competitors.

Why should I use Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing is all about attracting and converting relevant leads as well as engaging leads for your business. The time to collect leads via cold canvas and spam emails has expired! You are not relevant and become a potential lead to customer, the lifetime value is very low.

That's why inbound marketing is sales that come to you.

When a potential customer is exploring the possibilities of buying a product, a service, or whatever you offer in your business, she is already well into her customer journey. She has decided she needs to shop, she just needs to find out where. And why should it not be with you?

What convinces her can be some of your strategic content, an ad, a post on social media or ...

Therefore, inbound marketing is a strategy that puts more of your channels into play.

At MCB, we work in depth to identify your target group and persona and use this entire process to qualify and convert unknown leads - into known leads.

But Inbound Marketing is more than just creating SEO, content and / or social content. It's about being helpful and not least relevant to your potential customers and guiding them safely through the journey from unknown to a lead ready to talk to a salesperson.



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Our Services


Analysis of Persona

Understanding your buyers and the challenges they face and creating a targeted marketing strategy that attracts and converts potential customers.


Goal-Focused Marketing Strategy

Understanding revenue targets and breaking them down to create a monthly plan to achieve the required number of visitors and conversions.


SEO strategy & optimization

Identifying the right keywords used by your leads and optimizing / creating web content to rank higher on the search engines.


Content Marketing

Development of valuable content targeted at potential leads in the various stages of the buying process.


Advertising on SoMe

We are growing your presence on social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest.


Advertising on Google

We help you ensure visibility when potential customers search on Google for your goals.



We boost the buying journey by creating targeted and relevant campaigns via emails and regular newsletters to improve your company's position among other companies.


Marketing Automation

We ensure that no lead falls through the cracks with the construction of automated workflows based on information collected from visitors and leads. So they get the right content at the right time.



We set up reports so that your marketing department can have correct real-time KPIs to adjust in the new everyday life and add more funds to campaigns that grow the bottom line.

How do I get started with inbound marketing?

Like so much else, a great deal of preparation is needed before you will experience results from your inbound marketing. You should therefore be in control of the marketing channels that make sense to you, make sure to take full advantage of them and constantly optimize and maintain them so that you are well on your way.

But it can also be a tough process in itself.
Take a deep breath ...

We can help you all the way around and answer questions such as:

Which marketing channels should I focus on?

  • How do I get started with a new channel?
  • How do I optimize on the channels I already use?
  • How do I lay out a good strategy that ensures I get the most out of my marketing efforts?
  • How do I succeed in inbound marketing?

And then we have also created a HubSpot Knowledgebase for all MCB customers who use HubSpot.



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Do you know Growth Driven-Design?

Part of your inbound strategy can be based on Growth Driven-Design.

This is a process that is very different from the method web designers usually use when building a website. It is about designing and publishing a website much faster than we are used to - and there can be mistakes! Afterwards, it is continuously developed on the basis of e.g. tests such as split tests and other data.

What is outbound marketing?

Outbound marketing is the traditional channels for marketing and therefore they are also the ones you pay for. These can be banners or advertisements, for example. And that’s why the techniques you use when you want to aggressively push a message out to your target audience.

And it is both because of the price, the aggressiveness and the obvious advertising factor that outbound marketing today is experiencing a drastic decline in its impact.

Your potential customers have become quite immune to the overexposure they wade through every day, and therefore it is more important that you know how to attract them on the parameters that interest them.

Grow your business with HubSpot

Once your inbound marketing strategy is laid out, we start working together to reach potential customers with your brand and your business.

Marketing Hub is born for this and the possibilities for what it can do are almost endless.

With the deep integration to your website, you are ensured that relevant e-mails can be sent, and that you can reach the target group on social media and thus be more relevant with all your content.

However, it stops there, as HubSpot MarketingHub often replaces several of our customers' tools. So it is a well-tested marketing automation program that also offers management of your social media, advertising, pop-ups, email marketing, landing pages and forms.

Is your company ready to get more customers through your order book and keep track of new leads?

Then we as a certified HubSpot partner can help you.

Ready to get started with inbound marketing?

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