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With inbound marketing, you scale your business, increase revenue and take the lead in the field among your competitors.

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Inbound marketing is a strategic approach that focuses on attracting and engaging potential customers by delivering valuable content and creating meaningful interactions. This can be done by offering relevant and useful information through various channels such as blogs, social media, email campaigns, and search engine optimization (SEO). The goal of inbound marketing is to attract a targeted audience that already shows interest in your products or services.


Why is inbound marketing crucial? Today, consumers have easy access to information and a wide range of products and services thanks to the internet and social media. This means that traditional forms of advertising and marketing are no longer sufficient to capture the attention of the target audience.


Instead, inbound marketing provides a unique opportunity to offer value and relevant content to potential customers when they are actively seeking solutions to their problems or needs. By creating a meaningful connection through content that addresses the specific challenges of the target audience, you can establish yourself as a credible expert and build trust with the audience. And that's why inbound marketing is a great idea.


At MCB, you will find specialists in inbound marketing who advise clients every day on implementing inbound strategies that attract, engage, and delight the recipient. We draw on extensive experience, and you will always find qualified consultants who can assist you, whether you want to embark on a new journey with inbound marketing or need advice for your existing one.


With several years of experience in inbound marketing, we have earned the title of HubSpot Premium Partner. This means that you will have consultants who are certified in HubSpot and are always up to date with the latest updates in inbound marketing and HubSpot's many capabilities.


As your inbound marketing agency, we work to identify your target audience, persona, and business goals as the foundation for creating a strategy and plan that qualify and convert unknown leads into known leads. Therefore, you are guaranteed tailored solutions and plans that fit you and your company, so you can succeed with inbound marketing.



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That's what our partners say

Creative Force
MCB has been a very flexible and competent partner. We have a fairly mature marketing department with many skills in-house, and therefore it has been a pleasure that we have been able to collaborate directly with the developers at MCB to build the right solution.

Lars Krogh Jensen

Online Marketing Director at Creative Force
HubSpot changes your view and focus on your customers.

One goes from communication to the custemers with the face facing the wall (and just hoping that the customer listens and that he actually gets the knowledge he needs) to communicate with them and look them in the eye.

This means that HubSpot allows us to interact with and meet our customers' needs by being proactive and responding to their behavior. That's why they get the service they need - completely without us spending more resources on it!

Annette Svendsen

Marketing Manager at Flexofold
We love Animation
MCB has created all the text on the website, and I get a lot of praise for that today. It has been a very important part of the process. Although we work on a daily basis to help our customers communicate accurately and clearly, it is unusually difficult to communicate what we do ourselves. We are simply too deeply involved to be able to see ourselves from the outside. It is completely for us as it is for our customers. Therefore MCB has been an invaluable help.

The website is fantastic. There are all the Unique Selling Points one needs to know. And it is simply so clear what it is we are doing. So MCB has made sure that there is a solid foundation in HubSpot to build on. And that was what I asked for. And it has succeeded.

Søren Fleng

Director at We Love Animation
November First
Many web agencies focus on content. Everyone wants to make videos, pictures, and nice colors. But the craftsman - the technique of getting Google Analytics to run, making the HTML part work, messing around with links and landing pages, not many people are interested in the today. And that was one of the reasons why I chose MCB, namely because MCA could do both - both the craftsman and the graphic designer.

Erik Norup

CTO at November First
We had followed that Performance Max was the new thing. I was actually very skeptical before but I have. to admit that it went beyond all expectations. We have sold significantly more. There has been a 125 % increase in revenue in August compared to last year on paid advertising with Performance Max.


Nicolai from MCB has been good at helping us with how to optimize the ads, and he has had a very good handle on all the numbers. And for it is just as much about working together with someone who has the passion. And I feel 100 % that he has the passion. It has meant a lot that we have felt that MCB is also passionate about it.

Simon Haubjerg Jørgensen

Get Dressed
I have greatly appreciated the collaboration I have had with Louise from MCB's marketing department. She has given me an intro to Klaviyo so that I have become familiar with the program, and at the same time she has set up the flows that can now continue to give results long into the future.

Nette Blach

Light Partner
MCB has helped us in many areas within SEO including sparring, creating, new content, and cleaning up redundant content.

As a result we see good progress in both traffic and turnover and look forward to expanding the collaboration with MCB in the future.

Stig Meyer Jensen


MCB was involved from the beginning when we had to build our digital marketing. We started by conducting a competitor analysis and keyword analysis. And there was no doubt that we should get in touch with Flemming, as he has broad experience from both the B2B and B2C worlds.

Together with MCB, we are very data-driven. Every month, we receive an analysis that tells us how we are progressing towards the goals we have set up. It is a good basis for making the right decisions and working on what makes sense for the business.

We have achieved great results! It should be highlighted that we now rank number 1 on Google for several different keywords within our industry - we were previously not to be found.

We do not feel like just a customer among many at MCB. It has always been and still is a collaboration where we collectively strive for the good results that can be measured on the bottom line.

Diana Erlandsen


Inbound Marketing vs. Outbound Marketing

Inbound marketing involves a 3-step journey where it first focuses on attracting, then converting, and finally engaging relevant leads for your business. Inbound marketing is a strategy that utilizes multiple channels, ranging from strategic content to advertisements and social media posts. It's about being helpful and relevant to your potential customers and guiding them safely through the journey from being unknown to becoming a lead ready to speak with a salesperson at your company.


Outbound marketing significantly differs from inbound marketing with its more direct approach and messages that are aggressively pushed out to a defined target audience. In contrast to inbound marketing, outbound marketing uses traditional paid marketing channels such as banners or ads on platforms like Google or social media sites like Facebook or Instagram. Inbound marketing focuses on visibility, while outbound marketing focuses on creating contact.


Due to its cost, aggressiveness, and obvious advertising factor, outbound marketing is experiencing a drastic decline in its effectiveness today.


Your potential customers have simply become immune to the overexposure they encounter every day - everywhere. That is why outbound marketing is not enough. Instead, it is crucial for you to understand how to attract them based on the parameters that are relevant and interesting to them. And that is exactly what you can achieve with an inbound marketing strategy.


When a potential customer is researching options to purchase a product, service, or whatever you offer in your business, they are already far along in their customer journey. The customer has decided to make a purchase; they just need to figure out where. And why shouldn't it be with you?


This is where inbound marketing comes into play. Inbound marketing is about being helpful and, most importantly, relevant to your potential customers, guiding them safely through the journey from being unknown to becoming a lead ready to speak with one of your sales representatives.



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Our Services


Persona Analysis

We conduct in-depth analyses of your buyers and the challenges they face, ensuring you have a targeted inbound strategy that attracts and converts potential customers.



Ongoing maintenance so that you don't fall behind. We keep you updated on inbound marketing when news arises or when content needs adjustment.


Specialized Knowledge

MCB is a HubSpot Premium Partner, and therefore, we have certified advisors in inbound marketing. You will find specialists who are well-versed in the strategy and up to date with the latest opportunities.


Marketing Automation

We ensure that no leads fall through the cracks by setting up automated workflows based on information gathered from visitors and leads.


Content Marketing

Development of valuable content that targets potential leads and adapts to the different stages of the buying process. This includes content for your website and email marketing.


Goal-focused Marketing Strategy

We immerse ourselves in your goals and create an inbound marketing strategy that guides you towards achieving your dreams and ambitions.

Do you know Growth Driven-Design?

Succeed with Growth Driven Design

Growth Driven Design (GDD) is a part of the inbound marketing strategy developed by HubSpot. GDD is a technique that makes it easy, fast, and efficient to build and maintain your website. Instead of updating your website once a year or less frequently, which can often be expensive and time-consuming, you can utilize Growth Driven Design.

With this approach, your website is not necessarily 100% complete on the day of its launch, but instead, you adjust and improve it along the way. You continuously test your website to see what actually works and update it accordingly

What is outbound marketing?

Inbound Marketing and Leadgenerering

Inbound marketing and lead generation are closely connected, as inbound marketing helps attract potential customers, and lead generation helps collect information about these customers.

By combining inbound marketing and lead generation, you can build an effective sales funnel that attracts and converts qualified leads into paying customers. It is important to have a clear strategy and audience analysis in place to ensure that the content and lead generation techniques are targeted and effective

Grow your Business with HubSpot

The mindset behind inbound marketing originates from HubSpot, which is a globally recognized CRM platform. HubSpot started with a Marketing Hub, and the platform has since evolved into a full suite solution that now consists of five Hubs, all focusing on inbound marketing: Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Operations Hub, CMS Hub, and Service Hub. Each Hub has unique features, and together they provide the optimal framework for streamlining and scaling your business. With the different Hubs, you can:


Marketing Hub helps increase your traffic, convert visitors into leads, and deliver a positive ROI. With a marketing hub, you can build and improve your website on your own and develop the content you need for inbound marketing.


Sales Hub is a powerful sales tool that makes it easier for your sales team to close deals, maintain relationships, and manage the pipeline more effectively.


Operations Hub is the newest addition. It is not used alone but is utilized as a critical supplement to optimize the other Hubs. It provides enhanced integrations, data synchronization, and programmable automations.


CMS Hub provides the framework for building a solid and successful website. Compared to other CMS platforms, HubSpot CMS is popular for its security, speed, and scalability.


Service Hub includes all the tools you need to offer your customers fast, pleasant, and seamless service. With this Hub, you have all customer data consolidated in one place.


Today, HubSpot is a complete platform that includes everything you need to grow your business in one place. Moreover, it encompasses all the tools necessary to drive an effective and successful inbound marketing strategy.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Inbound Marketing

What is Inbound marketing?

Inbound Marketing consists of a 3-step journey for the potential customer. It's about attraction, engagement, and, last but not least, providing the customer with a great experience. The concept of delivering a good experience and the way it is approached is no different than it has been in the last 10-15 years. However, it requires resources to achieve the desired outcome.

What is Outbound marketing?

Outbound marketing refers to the traditional channels of marketing, which you pay for. It can include banners or advertisements on platforms like Google Ads or Facebook. It is a technique that, unlike inbound marketing, aggressively pushes a message out to a defined target audience.

What is the difference between inbound and outbound marketing?

The difference between inbound and outbound marketing primarily lies in the approach and communication methods. Inbound marketing focuses on attracting customers by creating valuable content and building relationships over time. Outbound marketing involves more traditional methods such as advertisements and cold calls, where the message is sent out to a broader audience without direct invitation.

What are the benefits of inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing is a strategy that focuses on attracting and engaging potential customers by delivering valuable content and creating meaningful interactions. It is a marketing strategy that brings many advantages, such as: Increased visibility and traffic, Generation of qualified leads, Strengthening of customer relationships, Lower costs, Measurable and adaptable, and Long-term value.

What are some examples of inbound marketing strategies?

Some examples of inbound marketing strategies include content marketing (creating and distributing relevant content), search engine optimization (improving visibility in search engines), social media marketing (engaging the audience on social media platforms), email marketing (delivering relevant content through emails), and lead nurturing (building and nurturing relationships with potential customers).

How do you measure the success of inbound marketing?

Success in inbound marketing can be measured in various ways. Some common measurements include the number of visitors to your website, the number of leads generated, conversion rates (such as the number of visitors becoming paying customers), engagement on social media, and return on investment (ROI). By monitoring and analyzing these metrics, you can assess the effectiveness of your inbound marketing activities.

How long does it take to see results with inbound marketing?

The results of inbound marketing can vary depending on various factors, including the industry, level of competition, and target audience. It typically takes time to build a solid presence and establish relationships.

What is Growth Driven Design?

Growth-Driven Design (GDD) is a process developed by the American software platform HubSpot and is a part of an inbound marketing strategy. Growth-Driven Design is a strategy for quickly, easily, and effectively building and maintaining your website. The strategy can be used whether you are building an entirely new website or looking to maintain your current one.

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