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Get automatically updated and important data for your sales team, so they can focus on what they do best... Selling!

CVR App integration to HubSpot

HubSpot AI is designed to quickly provide you with insights about a company.

However, as we all know, Denmark is a small country on the world map.


To avoid missing out on this important information for your sales CRM, we have built integrations between HubSpot and several Danish authorities with our CVR APP, which fortunately is easy to get started with. Find the guide here.


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Benefits of CVR integration with HubSpot


Your time is valuable

Sales should not waste time selling to a company with negative capital or storing a lead where the company is closed. This data is automatically pulled in so you can automate processes around it.


Automatic updating

Your companies are important, and your sales team relies on their data being correct. That's why our app reviews your companies weekly to look for changes, and if there are any, they will be corrected automatically.


Quick setup

Creating and getting insights about a company should be easy! That's why we fetch real-time data on a company where the CVR or P-Number is known.


Automatic creation

When you install our CVR-APP, you don't have to spend time adding all the different properties. Our app does it automatically for you.



When filling out the CVR, we automatically retrieve relevant data from various Danish authorities, and within a few seconds, this information is added to your company


How much does the CVR-APP for HubSpot cost?

249 DKK per month.


We don't believe that it should cost thousands of kroner to make your sales team even sharper. So we've set a low price, but also a 'fair use' policy.


The fair use policy is set to a maximum of 200,000 companies, but if you want more, we'd be happy to provide a customized offer for you.

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