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With 20 years of .NET experience, our Umbraco developers are certified and recognized for having a proven track record in the design and development of bespoke Umbraco websites.

Why Choose to Work with an Umbraco Certified Developer

Umbraco is a simple and powerful content management system that is used to create a variety of applications. It is flexible and extendable. More than 100,000 websites are currently based on Umbraco, and that number will keep on growing.


Umbraco offers multiple benefits. It presents a fully-featured environment with simple but effective content management and editing tools. It supports multiple languages and gives you complete design control. It offers its hosting service known as Umbraco Cloud.


The key to benefiting from the different features of Umbraco is to choose the best Umbraco Certified Developer.





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Our services



With MCB, your hosting is in safe hands and you do not have to think about anything other than your content. We are available 24/7 to provide support, SLAs, Encryption and more.



Our integration team can integrate third party tools ranging from ERP, CRM, POS to shipping and logistics to your Umbraco platform.


Design and UX

Our UX desingers help with everything from conceptual design, UX, and UI to all sizes and compare them with the UI Kit.



Our team of developers is wide-ranging and therefore helps with everything from backend, frontend, and ecommerce development in .NET.



We ensure that the website performs 110 % with everything from UI and UX testning, stress testing, functional testing, quick testing, SEO check and web accessibility.


Upgrading Umbraco versions

Are you using an older version of Umbraco? The our Umbraco experts are ready to help you upgrade your website to the latest version.

Meet your Umbraco team


Morten Overgaard Mønsted

Project Manager & Frontend Developer

Mathias Givskov Hansen

Tech Lead
Bjarne Fyrstenborg

Bjarne Fyrstenborg

Developer, Umbraco MVP
Jesper Ransborg

Jesper Ransborg

Front-end Developer

Leif Pedersen

.Net Developer

That's what our partners say

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We are very informal ourselves, and that was also what we where looking for in a bureau. It may well be too large and formal for many agencies. So we were looking for something informal and where we are at eye level with those we are talking to. And we have experienced that at MCB.

We have been very happy with the collaboration with Tine who has always been easy to get in touch with, and she has listened to us and challenged us.

MCB has been very responsive and has taken our ideas and brought them to life for us. And they have done it in a way that does not feel like sales at all costs. Bo has been very honest several times when solutions and ideas have not been financially viable for us. And we are happy about that honesty.

Tania Fogh Sørensen


We have created an awesome solution with!


The portal includes many complex and heavy integrations that work well and they are optimized to the point that everything can run on Umbraco Cloud.

Morten Overgaard Mønsted


Why should you choose an Umbraco developer from MCB?

For over 20 years, MCB has been advising clients in the digital development of websites. That is why you will find developers with a passion for and specialization in Umbraco.


A certified Umbraco developer from MCB can help you create a new website, e-commerce store or take over an existing platform. And there are several major reasons to choose MCB as your certified Umbraco developer:


MCB makes you ready for the future

As a certified Umbraco developer, we are well educated in the Umbraco universe. To maintain our status, we keep up to date on technical upgrades and new features in the system. At MCB, we are committed to managing your current needs and are ready to equip your business for the future. We provide what we call the "Umbraco Guarantee", which means that your site is built on the best practices.


Your one-stop supplier of Umbraco solutions

Our Umbraco experts can guide you through every step of creating and hosting websites without compromising on quality and expertise. Our consultants start with the business analysis phase and help with the design, development and integration phases. We perform SEO checks, speed checks, security checks and also check the web availability on your Umbraco Platform. Through MCB, you can access Azure hosting in the Umbraco cloud.


In-depth knowledge of products and publications

As a certified Umbraco partner, we have access to knowledge about all new products and releases from Umbraco, with which our experts quickly gain practical experience. We put a lot of effort and time into testing products and their various functions before we use them with our customers. Therefore, our Umbraco experts have the right knowledge base and experience to help with your Umbraco platform.


Customized solutions that meet your needs

No challenge is too great for us. Our developers have designed, developed and maintained several bespoke Umbraco websites  for our customers across different industries - also ecommerce. Umbraco is one of the most flexible and powerful .NET CMS solutions in the world. Our team has mastered the use of Umbraco to deliver solutions that can meet your specific business goals.


Commitment that lasts

MCB's affiliation with Umbraco is due to strong professional competencies. With years of experience in the bag, our Umbraco developers are today active members of the large Umbraco community. Our role as Umbraco Partner means that we are 100% committed to giving you the knowledge and stability you need both here and now and in the future.


Save more with MCB

Our Umbraco experts are trained to get things right out of the starting holes. In collaboration with an expert from MCB, you are protected against classic mistakes and guaranteed that your time and money will never be wasted. As a certified Umbraco partner, we have access to features at favorable prices, which we are ready to pass on to our customers.


Technical competence

MCB has been in business for over two decades. Our technical competencies are the root of the fact that we can work closely with all customers every day and at the same time strive for our customers to achieve their desired goals with Umbraco. Therefore, we are able to exploit any potential of Umbraco - including the otherwise hidden potentials - so that together we can achieve results.


A trusted team of experts

One of the main reasons for working with us is our skilled team of Umbraco experts. Our developers have completed advanced courses that allow them to explore the full range of what Umbraco has to offer and different ways to build solutions that exceed customer expectations.



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Your Certified Umbraco Partner

We are your Certified Umbraco Gold Partner and Umbraco Commerce Partner. And within our Umbraco team, you'll find a seasoned Umbraco MVP.


With over 20 years of experience, we understand your business, and that goes beyond just the digital aspect and the ability to build the custom integrations you need to meet your requirements. With specialists in marketing, design, and development, we can help you achieve success across your entire business.






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An Umbraco adviser for you

An Umbraco adviser for you

Do you run a B2C or B2B business? Do you have 1 or 10 integrations? Do you have 10 or 10,000 customers? Either way, our Umbraco experts can be your partner. At MCB, we know that no two companies or digital travel are alike. That is why we deliver Umbraco solutions that always meet your requirements and goals.

How does Umbraco cope with modern business challenges?

With the advent of mobile browsing, it is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to remain competitive if their site does not behave responsibly. People are accessing websites on smartphones more than ever before and this will only increase with time.


With Umbraco, you can easily create responsive websites that work across all devices thanks to its layout engine, which allows designers and developers to build groundbreaking experiences without learning new languages ​​or cramming websites full of unnecessary features.


Other benefits include:


Powerful content creation tools

No more cumbersome WYSIWYG editors with limited functionality; Instead, use Umbraco's simple yet powerful data type system combined with the system's front-end editing capabilities that give you complete control!


Personalized Content

With the power of Umbraco's Content API, you can use personalization algorithms to dynamically deliver relevant information to site visitors based on their preferences, location, or other data points.


Robust APIs and out-of-the-box SDKs

Easily connect your site to a wide range of third-party apps and services from payment gateways, marketing providers and more! This means that you can be sure that your company is future-proof when the technology develops.


Built-in SEO tools

Umbraco's rich metadata features allow you to optimize your site for search engines so that it can be easily discovered by new audiences searching online.


Powerful content management system

Umbraco is a comprehensive CMS with a built-in user management system that allows you to create and manage workflows, approvals and user permissions all within the UI. Content managers can use this feature to create and publish content without requiring developers or knowledge of code.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Umbraco Developer

What is an Umbraco developer?

An Umbraco developer has expertise in working with Umbraco CMS and a deep understanding of the platform and its features. Therefore, an Umbraco developer is capable of developing, customizing, and managing websites using Umbraco technology.

An Umbraco developer typically possesses skills in web development and programming languages such as C# and Razor. They are able to create templates, customize design and layout, integrate functionality, develop custom modules and plugins, handle databases, and perform troubleshooting and maintenance of Umbraco website.

How can an Umbraco developer help me?

An Umbraco developer can be a valuable resource to assist you in building and managing your website using Umbraco CMS. An Umbraco developer can serve as your technical advisor and expert who understands Umbraco CMS and can help bring your ideas and requirements to life for a well-functioning and user-friendly website. The developer can customize and leverage Umbraco's features and capabilities to create a tailored website that aligns with your needs and goals.

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