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Social and health care. Social and health assistant. And nursery assistant. These are some of the courses you can take at Social- og Sundhedsskolen Midt- og Vestjylland. The school started in Herning but is now also based in Holstebro.

The business school started in Herning under the name SOSU Herning. Overtime, there was also a branch in Holstebro which grew bigger and bigger. And this summer a newly built school opened in Holstebro. Therefore, it was also very natural that the school went through a name change that embraced both the school in Herning and Holstebro.


Therefore the name was changed to Social- og Sundhedsskolen Midt- og Vestjylland. Today the school educates social and health workers, social and health assistants, and nursery assistants. The school also offers course activities within the areas and basic courses for the three programmes.


The newly built school in Holstebro and the new name required an update of the website which now had to have an expression and design that encapsulated a new era for the school.

"We are very informal ourselves, and that was also what we where looking for in a bureau. It may well be too large and formal for many agencies. So we were looking for something informal and where we are at eye level with those we are talking to. And we have experienced that at MCB.


We have been very happy with the collaboration with Tine who has always been easy to get in touch with, and she has listened to us and challenged us.


MCB has been very responsive and has taken our ideas and brought them to life for us. And they have done it in a way that does not feel like sales at all costs. Bo has been very honest several times when solutions and ideas have not been financially viable for us. And we are happy about that honesty."

Tania Fogh Sørensen, Communication at Social- og Sundhedsskolen Midt- og Vestjylland.

New design with a focus on ease of use

Social- og Sundhedsskolen Midt- og Vestjylland got a brand new logo with associated colors. And then the school approached MCB with the aim of a new Umbraco website.


The relation between Social- og Sundhedsskolen Midt- og Vestjylland and MCB goes back several years when the collaboration started with an AMU solution. MCB has several years of experience in advising within education for adults both with websites, design, and digital marketing. Therefor there was good ballast at MCB when the school dreamed of a new Umbraco solution.


The business school's previous website was built in Umbraco, and therefore the school had already become familiar with the platform.


MCB's design team stepped in early in the process and gave the new logo and colors a life on a brand new website. And it was important that the new website was intuitive and easy to navigate around. 


That is why the website was developed with a focus on the user journey. The website had to be cut to the bone to ensure that the user was presented with information that is relevant, current, and necessary. As part of that task each subject area got its own color on the website in accordance with the new design line. This makes it easy for the user to see and understand the different areas. In this way the website's design was streamlined where the clear color division and a fixed page menu on the left side should make it easy for users to navigate the site while at the same time creating recognisability. 


The new website was built with eye-catching CTAs where it was of high priority that users should always feel that is is easy to get in touch with the right study advisor. It creates transparency that the study advisors are prominent on the site which plays a big role for security and the user experience.


The visitors on the new page will also find that there is a lot of movement on the site. When you press or move the mouse over buttons or icons movement occurs. It gives a lively, fresh, and dynamic feel to the site which is in line with the target group which is primarily the younger audience.

Digital Solutions that Increase Efficiency

Social- og Sundhedsskolen Midt- og Vestjylland started the process with a lot of considerations: Should the old Umbraco solution be upgraded? Is a completely new Umbraco solution needed? What optimizations and improvements are needed?


To begin with the consideration was whether the school should keep the existing Umbraco solution and make improvements. Nevertheless it was clear that the old website was gradually becoming tired and outdated. And there were so many dreams of new functions and solutions that caused that it was not worth improving the existing one.


Instead the blackboard was wiped clean and a new Umbraco solution was put in place at MCB which was actually also in line with the new name, logo, and colors - A new Umbraco for a new brand identity.


It was important that the new website followed the trends of the time with web accessibility and UX. And it was only a plus that MCB's Umbraco developers were able to develop digital processes which today have streamlined the workflows at the school.


Social- og Sundhedsskolen Midt- og Vestjylland was used to creating school education plans manually every time a new team was registered. These plans aim to provide an overview of the start of school and holidays and has an important function for students as well as teachers and consultants. Previously the plans were made as PDF's which were sent back and forth within the organization and between consultants in the municipalities. This meant that you could never be completely sure that it was the latest version of the plan you had on your desk. This caused challenges, and a lot of time was spent making sure to keep the plans up to date and sharing them with the relevant people once again.


Thanks to MCB that headache is now gone. The manual PDF has been replaced with an electronic solution where the office assistants can create and update the plans directly in Umbraco which then automatically generates a plan. It facilitates and streamlines a lot of workflows. And the school is also always sure that it is the latest version of the plans when it has to go across departments. It has great value for many employees.


The new website went live in July 2022, and it has already poured in with positive feedback about the beautiful and intuitive website design. And it is always a success when hard work pays off as intended.


Now it is up to Social- og Sundhedsskolen Midt- og Vestjylland to get to know the new solution better and make a lot of fine-tuning. At MCB we look forward to seeing the website flourish even more!

Bo Hedegaard
Director, Partner

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