Umbraco integrations

Are you interested in working with Umbraco integrations? Read on to learn how Umbraco can work with the rest of your services.

Umbraco integrations

Our team of experts live for making your life easier. Our in-depth knowledge of the Umbraco CMS platform makes us one of the best partner for Umbraco users. But, where we really shine, is our skill with Umbraco integrations.


Umbraco is an open-source platform. This means the platform has the ability to reach out and connect to third-party platforms via the Umbraco Rest API. Since MCB is an Umbraco-certified developer, we can leverage this to your advantage.


Here we will take an in-depth look at how MCB can leverage Umbraco Integrations to maximize and maintain your web presence.






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Our services


Umbraco API integrations

These programs convert customer-generated information into valuable business applications. Through these third-party integrations, we help businesses develop a better understanding of their existing and potential clients.


Order and Customer Mangement Apps

When a company starts growing, manual order tracking becomes a taxing chore. Automating order and customer management activities help create a seamless experience for customers.


ERP Connectors

These e-commerce components use a database to link independent systems, from inventory to shipping and accounting. These tools connect your processes and procedures for future-proofed customer experiences and business operations.


Custom Inventory Apps

Inventory management enables retailers to discover buying patterns, allowing them to generate reliable forecasts. Additionally, they keep storefront quantities updated. Sometimes, the ideal app for you is not available in any app store. If this happens, we can help you develop the right one for you.


SLA and Support

Don't have time to wait for Umbraco HQ? Our team are experts in dealing with technical issues. We analyze, diagnose and solve the problem for you quickly, so your Umbraco will be fully functional again in no time.


Custom Functionalities

As a Shopify app developer, we realized that USPs empower companies to gain an advantage over their competitors. Whatever modifications you need in your Shopify app — from same-day deliveries to free returns and instant promotions for perishable goods — we can develop it for you.

Meet your Umbraco team


Morten Overgaard Mønsted

Project Manager & Frontend Developer

Mathias Givskov Hansen

Tech Lead
Bjarne Fyrstenborg

Bjarne Fyrstenborg

Developer, Umbraco MVP
Jesper Ransborg

Jesper Ransborg

Front-end Developer

Leif Pedersen

.Net Developer

Why Use MBC for Umbraco Integrations?

A lot of Umbraco users are already happy with the platform. So, then, the question becomes, "Why leverage integrations"? Well, the answer is simple. Using a professional team like the team at MCB helps you to leverage integrations the right way.


We already know that Umbraco is a great CMS by itself. But, being able to connect with a host of third-party apps and service providers, it allows you and your team to take the websites you develop to the next level.


To get the most out of this feature, it's important you have a team of Umbraco experts on your side. They will make sure your integrations are done the right way.

Leveraging the Umbraco Marketplace

The Umbraco marketplace holds all the tools at your disposal. It's a centralized location on the Umbraco website where you can access all of the apps Umbraco can integrate with. It's easy to get overwhelmed with the amount of options available. Partnering with a team like MCB allows you to navigate which integration packages you need and which ones you don't.


Working with MCB means you don't even have to worry about navigating the Umbraco marketplace. We will take the correct Umbraco integration packages and apply them to your CMS dashboard. Each package can help you customize a website for a particular industry or function. For example, let's say you're looking to create an e-commerce site. Umbraco has several package options for that industry. But you can leverage MCB's expertise and know we are installing the best e-commerce package for you.


Let's explore some of the Umbraco packages MCB can help you with on your own website.



This integration package comes with drag-and-drop editing and a global design editor. Designers can also choose from a huge selection of responsive themes. You can also plug your site into Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics to help keep your site SEO-friendly.


This integration package allows MCB to design the website that's perfect for you. It doesn't matter if you're starting a blog or running a Downtown Manhattan digital agency, MCB can use uSkinned to give your site the exact style it needs.


Our team can also easily plugin vital analytics software like Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.



MCB uses this Umbraco integration to serve their international clients. LanguageWire allows us to easily translate your content into another language.


Now your content, and as a result, your product or service can reach millions of more people with the click of a button. Think of the growth in your business' reach without very much effort.


MCB does the work for you. The result is that you can free up your time to focus on serving your customers and growing your business.



This package from Umbraco is the marketer's dream come true. This package of integrations allows users to perform advanced marketing functions. And, best of all, those functions can be plugged into any Umbraco website.


Figure out which of your marketing materials works the best through A/B split testing. Craft the perfect customer avatar by using Umbraco's 360° profiling capabilities.


This all-in-one marketing package is brought to you by certified Umbraco developers. That means this integration package is engineered for you to get the most out of Umbraco. You'll have access to any of the marketing tools that the major agencies have. Whether you're a small, boutique agency or handle multinational clients, MCB can help you get the most out of uMarketingSuite.



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Your Certified Umbraco Partner

We are your Certified Umbraco Gold Partner and Umbraco Commerce Partner. And within our Umbraco team, you'll find a seasoned Umbraco MVP.


With over 20 years of experience, we understand your business, and that goes beyond just the digital aspect and the ability to build the custom integrations you need to meet your requirements. With specialists in marketing, design, and development, we can help you achieve success across your entire business.






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Intelligent Integrations

Intelligent Integrations

Umbraco integrations are some of the most intelligent on the market. From translating your web page to providing you with a kickass e-commerce platform, Umbraco can get it done.

If you need any help setting up your Umbraco CMS for you or your clients' website, contact MCB today. We are an Umbraco-certified developer and we'll be happy to answer any of your Umbraco or integration questions - we provide the support you need.

MCB sets you up for growth

MCB sets you up for growth

MCB can help you leverage Umbraco's eCommerce tools to help you grow and scale. Whether you're a midsize or large company, you'll have everything you need to provide an amazing e-commerce experience.

Whether you want to introduce new brands, target new markets, or adopt a longtail strategy, the eCommerce platforms Umbraco provides will give you the room you need to grow.

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We are very informal ourselves, and that was also what we where looking for in a bureau. It may well be too large and formal for many agencies. So we were looking for something informal and where we are at eye level with those we are talking to. And we have experienced that at MCB.

We have been very happy with the collaboration with Tine who has always been easy to get in touch with, and she has listened to us and challenged us.

MCB has been very responsive and has taken our ideas and brought them to life for us. And they have done it in a way that does not feel like sales at all costs. Bo has been very honest several times when solutions and ideas have not been financially viable for us. And we are happy about that honesty.

Tania Fogh Sørensen


We have created an awesome solution with!


The portal includes many complex and heavy integrations that work well and they are optimized to the point that everything can run on Umbraco Cloud.

Morten Overgaard Mønsted


Unleash the Cutting Edge of eCommerce

Thanks to our knowledge of the Umbraco integrations, we can really take your eCommerce business to the next level. Part of how we do this is by partnering with Umbraco's premier eCommerce integrations.


Since MCB is an Umbraco-certified developer, our team can pull the most out of Umbraco's eCommerce stats and features. Here are just a few of the features we use to optimize your business.

Headless eCommerce

What makes Umbraco so great for eCommerce is that its integrations offer a headless cloud-based solution. As a result, we can integrate with Umbraco so much more easily. We do a great job of marrying content with commerce.


The resulting platforms give customers the best shopping experience they can ask for. It also gives store owners the ability to quickly and easily add new functions.


Umbraco and their eCommerce integrations both exist on an API-first framework. This makes it easy to add other apps and services on the back end to better serve your customers.


The team at MCB can make sure your website is getting the most out of this cloud-based framework.


PIM Capabilities

Umbraco and MCB work together to help you better manage your inventory. With MCB controlling the platform's state-of-the-art catalog management function, you'll be able to keep an eye on all supplier products and create bundle packages all in one place.


PIM also gives Umbraco's eCommerce integrations the ability to automate and simplify any manual processes. Let their eCommerce platforms do all of the mundane work for you. Managing item numbers, SKU codes, and handling your site's enriched content isn't what you should be doing.



How much easier would your job as an e-commerce store owner be if pricing was handled for you? Well, you're in luck. MCB can use the eCommerce side of Umbraco to do this for you.


The pricing tools Umbraco provides allow you to leverage AI for your business. MCB can help you to monitor market trends and adjust the prices of your inventory accordingly. We can also set your site to adjust prices based on your competition.


This is normally a manual task that would take up a lot of time. Storm handles it for you so you can handle the important stuff.


B2B Marketing

Thanks to MCB and Umbraco, you don't have to limit yourself to DTC e-commerce. Buyers on the platform can manage their own admin accounts. You can also add new buyers and set purchase limits. 


We can also help you leverage the platform to maintain those important buyer relationships. You can set up individual buyer roles within B2B platforms available to you. This allows you to give special pricing, discounts, shipping, and payment terms.


This allows you to cater to each individual buyer to make sure their needs are being met. If you're looking to go with a B2B solution, rather than B2C, MCB can show you how to achieve this through Umbraco.


eCommerce In The cloud

When you use a team that's knows Umbraco's eCommerce capabilities, you start to leverage the true power of the cloud. The eCommerce platforms available can work with any CMS you choose on the front-end. This is because it's offered as a SaaS solution.


This allows MCB to plug right into your Umbraco CMS for you. Therefore, we can distill all of your KPIs down to dashboards and interfaces you can easily become familiar with. There's no learning curve and it will allow you to have better control over your store from the beginning.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Umbraco Integrations

What are Umbraco integrations?

Umbraco is a popular open-source CMS based on the Microsoft .NET platform. It enables users to create and manage content on their websites and applications. Umbraco can be integrated with other systems or third-party applications to expand the functionality or capabilities of Umbraco CMS.

What is Umbraco Marketplace?

Umbraco Marketplace is an online marketplace dedicated to extensions, themes, and other solutions for Umbraco CMS. Here, you can discover and download various add-ons and resources to enhance the functionality of your Umbraco.

Umbraco Marketplace allows you to find integrations and connections to other systems and platforms. These integrations enable Umbraco to seamlessly work with external applications such as e-commerce platforms, CRM systems, payment gateways, and more.

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