The search portal for all national AMU courses is a portal that makes it easy for employees, companies, employee representatives, and job seekers to find all the relevant AMU courses offered. Amukurs covers courses in all professional areas, ranging from industry and trade to commerce and transportation.


After working intensively on the solution for about 1 year, went live on March 1, 2023. The portal is now the result of a close collaboration between Industriens Uddannelser and developers from MCB with extensive experience in both the education sector and Umbraco.


The structure of Amukurs allows anyone to search for relevant courses in a simple and clear manner. This is done through different entry points that are pre-divided according to specific industries. This means that it has become easier for potential course participants and members to find courses.


The portal is owned by Dansk Industri, 3F, and Dansk Metal, who are also responsible for descriptions of the areas, as well as packaging and grouping the courses according to target audiences. Industriens Uddannelser is responsible for the overall operation and development of the site.


Up to 35 users can simultaneously work on structuring courses and refining data.


We have created an awesome solution with!


The portal includes many complex and heavy integrations that work well and they are optimized to the point that everything can run on Umbraco Cloud.

Morten Overgaard Mønsted, Technical Project Manager at MCB

Amukurs encompasses a complex solution on multiple levels

When you visit Amukurs, the site may not appear to be much. However, it is actually a complex solution that requires heavy integrations and special developments to function on multiple levels.

The entire site caters to potential course participants - a target audience that often requires a high level of user-friendliness, as well as internal users who will experience smoother and more automated workflows.


This is also reflected in the design.


Everything is designed with the e-commerce sector in mind. Instead of offering goods or products, Amukurs offers courses and services that potential course participants need to "purchase" through registration.


Through a design process, the needs of the target audience have been clarified, and as a result, the site is fully adapted to their behavior on both desktop and mobile devices. This is evident particularly in the graphical elements, their design, and placement.


A simple arrow is consistently used throughout the site, indicating that it is possible to click and find more information. Well-chosen images are used on all pages to guide users in understanding the content, and information is organized on the pages to make it easy to find the desired knowledge. Furthermore, the content is written in simple language.

All calls-to-action (CTAs) are displayed in distinct colors, and overall, the colors and rounded corners on text and image boxes are designed to soften the site and make it user-friendly.


Amukurs has thus acquired a clear design style that is consistent throughout the entire site, including the Course Catalog.


In addition to the significant design work, the portal manages to retrieve all AMU courses from across Denmark.

It is integrated with the regional positive lists (RAR/STAR positive lists) and Kompetencefondende and their positive lists. And all these integrations run automatically, ensuring they are always up-to-date with the latest information.


Furthermore, Amukurs is integrated with four web services from the Styrelsen for IT og Læring, including CØSA, which is directly integrated with Umbraco.


On Amukurs, you will also find a Course Catalog.


With it, you can generate large PDF files containing complex course and class data. The catalog allows users to save interesting courses with a single click, so they can easily access them in the future. It can contain up to 50 courses at a time.


The Course Catalog is based on advanced filtering options. One notable feature is the proximity filter, which allows users to search for courses within a specific radius of, for example, their place of residence.

Big integrations on Umbraco Cloud

With Amukurs, MCB has proven that complex and larger solutions can be delivered within the education sector on platforms other than our own, Cloud. Here you will find, among other things, the Total Solution and Course Module, which about 1/3 of the country's AMU schools already utilize.


Amukurs is built on Umbraco 11, and despite the many heavy integrations and the large amount of data being retrieved, MCB's Umbraco developers have successfully hosted the entire site on Umbraco Cloud Standard.


This means that Amukurs is currently operated with only minimal operating costs.


Umbraco Cloud brings everything from operations to hosting of Amukurs together. It is built on Microsoft Azure Cloud, ensuring aspects such as performance, security, and upgrades.


With Umbraco Cloud, there are almost no limits to what can be achieved. Therefore, it can be an ideal option when seeking a solution for more specific challenges.


To achieve the result you see on today, MCB's developers have been in constant dialogue with Umbraco's own developers to ensure the most optimal solutions and the best form of operation.

Bo Hedegaard
Director, Partner

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