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A complete solution with Umbraco 8 and marketing

Let us take you on a journey back to 1863. Here I. Borch Jacobsen started a law firm in Skive. In 1989 the merged company Advokathuset A/S was created by merging two lav firms in Skive, and in 1995 a branch was established in Holstebro.


And that is why Advokathuset A/S was one of the country's oldest law firms.

Since then the company has been in continuous development to today be found onder Advokathuset Funch & Nielsen P/S with offices in both Skive, Nykøbing Mors, Thisted, and Holstebro.


At Advokathuset Funch & Nielsen P/S justice it the greatest professional success. And that is why you will meet dedicated lawyers who perform advisory tasks for business companies as well as public institutions and individuals.


The company's goal is lawyers with individual expertise, and therefore the latest technology and external databases are an important part of everyday life in interaction with easy access to the case officer for the client.

Umbraco is for you who want 100 % control over your own platform. And as an Umbraco Partner, this means that the web developers at MCB as certified and recognized for both the design and development of bespoke Umbraco websites.

Why Umbraco 8 is the right choice

For a law firm it is important that security is in order. A website must be operated on a secure solution, and therefore Advokathuset Funch & Nielsen chose Umbraco 8 as a platform as it precisely lives up to the highest standards when it comes to operational reliability.


Umbraco 8 is one of the newest shot at the strain within the Umbraco CMS. It is also one of the fastest and best versions of Umbraco so far, and therefore the version is a big step in the right direction in terms of working with a system that is easier to use and offers more options for customization - both as a developer and editor. 

Therefore, Umbraco 8 is easier to develop on, faster to edit in, and easier to publish on. And it provides a much higher degree of user-friendliness - especially for a customer like Funch & Nielsen P/S whose everyday life is characterized by many other urgent work tasks.


And the easy accessibility is also important for such a company, which itself will be able to develop their site as the need arises. This can for example be in connection with new landing pages that need to be created or current areas that need editing e.g. in connection with new initiatives here within.

A close collaboration with success

With the need for a new website and an approval in the SME pool which meant that Advokathuset Funch & Nielsen had extra money to use to market the new site, a completely new universe was created in close collaboration, which intervenes from design and development for several different marketing disciplines such as SEO, content, SoMe advertising and video.


MCB designed and developed a user-friendly and intuitive website as a re-design of a previous site used by Advokathuset Funch & Nielsen. It is all built on Umbraco 8 and will be operated on Umbraco Cloud to ensure the functions and features that are relevant to Advokathuset Funch & Nielsen.


Along with the design and development of the new site, several of the knowledgeable lawyers were put into various marketing disciplines so that they are able to tackle the marketing themselves. Several learning session and work assignments were set up which is why Advokathuset Funch & Nielsen itself has played a major role in relation to the fully-fledged solution that today constitutes the new site.


In collaboration Advokathuset Funch & Nielsen and MCB therefore managed to help each other in a larger process where all elements were considered and where an annual cycle and a plan have also been prepared that ensures that Advokathuset can continue to develop themselves and experience growth.

Michael Almstrup

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