A smooth transition to a new technical partner on Umbraco

They shop, they travel, and they dream. They dream of snow-covered slopes, vibrant cities, and endless sandy beaches. At all times of the day, visitors click around, which is why it is important for Billund Airport to have a technical partner to handle the operations on Umbraco.


The journey began back in 1964. Since then, the old hangar, the individual control tower, and the 1,660-meter-long runway have transformed into a passenger terminal designed to serve 3.5 million passengers per year. Billund Airport has experienced massive growth and continuous expansions, and today it provides easy access to and from all around the world with flights to over 120 different destinations.


So, take a trip to Paris and enjoy the view from the Eiffel Tower, bask in the azure waters of Gran Canaria, explore the remote landscapes of Iceland, or visit the world's largest island, Greenland.


The plane takes off from Billund.


It is an experience to use Billund Airport - the international airport of Western Denmark.

Here, optimal conditions are created for the traveler. In addition to the numerous departures throughout the day to a multitude of destinations, there is also the option of convenient and affordable parking, as well as a genuine tax-free shopping atmosphere with products priced competitively compared to border prices.


As a traveler, you can explore the shops at Billund Airport. You can also shop online in the webshop - whenever it suits you. The webshop is similar to any other online store, but it operates through a Shop & Collect concept. You order your items online and collect them when you have physically checked in at the airport. This allows you to take your purchases with you on your journey, or you can arrange for them to be collected from a parcel locker after your trip, once the travel excitement has subsided.


With the many ways to serve passengers, there was a need for a new technical partner for operations and further development. is built on Umbraco, and with MCB's extensive experience with the system, as well as our ISAE 3000 certification, there is a perfect match between Billund Airport and MCB.

Billund Airport's goal is not only to be a gateway between Denmark and the rest of the world but also to ensure that every passenger's journey starts and ends in the best possible way. Our decision to choose MCB as our new web agency was made with a deep understanding of what our customers expect from us in the digital age. MCB understands the constant changes in digital technology and how to remain relevant in a landscape that evolves day by day. They brought a combination of creative vision, technical expertise, and an understanding of our brand that was unparalleled by other agencies.


Our website is often the first point of contact between the airport and our passengers. Therefore, it was crucial for us to find a partner who could reflect our values, our commitment to customer service, and create an intuitive and welcoming user experience. MCB demonstrated a unique ability to listen and transform our vision into a digital reality that would serve both our passengers and our business needs.


The choice of MCB is about more than just a website; it's about creating a digital experience. It's about ensuring that our passengers have access to the information they need when they need it, and in a way that is as seamless as the journey through our terminals. With MCB at the helm, we feel confident that our digital footprint will reflect the quality, reliability, and innovation that Billund Airport has always stood for.


We look forward to this new era in our digital journey with MCB as our guide.

Morten Flæng Andersen, Webmaster at Billund Airport

Improvements and upgrades with the latest version of Umbraco

When Billund Airport was searching the market for a new technical partner to assist in the further development on Umbraco, it was the charm of West Jutland that won. The ability to meet face-to-face within a short period of time has also proven to be the source of many good ideas.


The initial goal was to perform a 1:1 transition of the entire site. Operations were to shift from a previous partner to MCB. And it went smoothly. In a short time, Billund Airport, in close collaboration with MCB's Umbraco developers, managed to move the site - without downtime, without issues, without worry, and without any visitor ever noticing that a major change had occurred in the back end.


And that's how it should be. Everything works, just better, without any visible change.


Today, is running on Umbraco 8 - a version that will soon reach End-Of-Life and needs to be updated in the near future. An update that is handled by MCB and does not deter Billund Airport. With it, new ideas and development proposals can be added. It is an update that can further enhance the site with an easier approach to technical upgrades and improving the user experience (UX).


Billund Airport wishes to continue with the current appearance and familiar functionality but is ready for an upgrade, particularly for the webshop, which is currently operated on Ucommerce. In the future, transitioning it to Umbraco's own platform, Umbraco Commerce, could be beneficial.
Umbraco Commerce aligns with the needs Billund Airport has for a webshop and is an ideal choice in terms of pricing, operation, development, updates, and security.


Using Umbraco Commerce will provide Billund Airport with a more cohesive online workflow. Having an integrated online presence with a webshop and website can be crucial for a positive customer experience and a successful business.

The integration between Umbraco Commerce and Umbraco CMS is seamless, while achieving a similarly cohesive experience with Ucommerce would require more development.


When Umbraco Commerce is integrated with Umbraco CMS, work in the systems becomes easier. Commerce operates like Umbraco CMS, so editors will experience user-friendliness, and developers will be familiar with the various functions.

Billund Airport will, therefore, find it easier to manage its online presence and customize it to specific needs using the capabilities of Commerce.


It's worth mentioning that Ucommerce cannot run on Umbraco Cloud, but Umbraco Commerce can. Billund Airport does not use Cloud yet, but it could be interesting to explore the possibilities.


Billund Airport, Umbraco Cloud, and Umbraco Commerce are, in many ways, a great match.


For now, the focus is two-fold. First, operations need to be brought up-to-date with the latest Umbraco update, and following that, further development, customization, and improvement can be explored. The latest version of Umbraco naturally provides Billund Airport with more possibilities, and they should be explored before additional wishes are put into action.


Or should they? The next step has already been taken.

Billund Airport is looking into a future with an increased focus on passenger retention and loyalty

Perhaps the expectations were too modest. But since the end of the COVID-19 lockdown, the sale of travel and the number of passengers have skyrocketed - something that is particularly evident in the cargo sector. Billund Airport initially expected a return to a 'normal' everyday life by 2025 and 2026, but already this year (2023), many flights are reported to be sold out.

We are craving to travel, experience, and explore the world - and it can be felt.


Therefore, Billund Airport works daily to create a sense of security from the moment you step inside - whether it's on the online shop or through the physical revolving door at the airport. As a traveler, you should feel a sense of calm and have a good start to your journey, providing time and flexibility to shop duty-free from the airport shelves or on the webshop.


To take this sense of security a step further, a loyalty app is now being developed in collaboration with MCB's Umbraco team. Initially, it will be available for business and corporate travelers who, with their frequent departures to and from Billund Airport, can see benefits such as fast-track access, better duty-free offers, and lounge access.

If it becomes a success, the same concept may be rolled out to other travelers. Considerations especially involve families, who may experience increased peace of mind by receiving additional support.


For Billund Airport, customer loyalty is the future, and an expanded loyalty area on the webshop could be the reality to look forward to.


Michael Almstrup

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