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Umbraco design

Choosing our MCB developers using Umbraco for website development has many benefits. Offering users a top-notch experience with a website that does what you want it to do is also a big plus with a website developed by MCB's in-house Umbraco design teams.


Umbraco is an open-source product like many of the other Content Management Systems (CMS) but it's built on Microsoft .NET technology. This makes it a familiar platform for most users - ecommerce or not. It also has a huge open-source community of 220,000 active users and developers our design team can call on. 


Whether your website is already up and live and you want qualified expert Umbraco designers to work with you on improvements, or whether you're starting fresh, MCB is the place to go for help.



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Your Certified Umbraco Partner

We are your Certified Umbraco Gold Partner and Umbraco Commerce Partner. And within our Umbraco team, you'll find a seasoned Umbraco MVP.


With over 20 years of experience, we understand your business, and that goes beyond just the digital aspect and the ability to build the custom integrations you need to meet your requirements. With specialists in marketing, design, and development, we can help you achieve success across your entire business.






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Our services



MCB provides an innovative and creative vision for your Umbraco platform. Our art director and content unite to create a platform that your visitors will find attractive, eye-catching and engaging.



We ensure that your Umbraco platform reflects your unique corporate branding. Our goal is to create the greatest recognizability between your visitors on your platform and your business. That is why we produce visual and textual elements that are adapted to your brand identity.



MCB builds wireframes for your Umbraco platform. We use content, research and information architecture to create a design that focuses solely on layout. Wireframes contain no images, only a single font, logo, navigation and modules that are ideally placed.



Together with wireframes, we make it easy for your visitors to navigate your Umbraco platform. Umbraco provides the necessary systems that enable your users to use the platform.


User Experience Design (UX)

We ensure that the design of your Umbraco leads to an intuitive user experience (UX). We therefore make sure that the site is easy to navigate and removes as many touchpoints as possible to ensure a hassle-free experience.


User Interface Design (UI)

We design a clean user interface that is easy for your users to see. This ensures that the information is well organized, that the text is easy to read and that the pages are user-friendly.

Meet your Umbraco team


Morten Overgaard Mønsted

Project Manager & Frontend Developer

Mathias Givskov Hansen

Tech Lead
Bjarne Fyrstenborg

Bjarne Fyrstenborg

Developer, Umbraco MVP
Jesper Ransborg

Jesper Ransborg

Front-end Developer

Leif Pedersen

.Net Developer
Branding With Umbraco Templates and Themes

Branding With Umbraco Templates and Themes

When discussing your web design with an MCB developer, the developer can make this job much easier for you. Our Umbraco experts can help you decide on the website design by basing your choice on a Umbraco template and making changes to it according to your needs. You can also choose a Umbraco theme and modify this as well.

MCB expert designers work with you to develop your branding. We will use your brand colors, watermarks, typography, logo or icon, and even color overlays to help your website stand out from the crowd. Once we've developed your theme, it will appear consistently on every page of your site.

Certified Umbraco Partner

Certified Umbraco Partner

MCB is an agency with a proven track record in the design of Umbraco websites. With our knowledge of User Experience Design (UX), we can build your bespoke web design and make it engaging and user-friendly. Our skills and expertise shine through everything we do and if there's something we don't know, we know where to find the answers.

Umbraco is a powerful tool and can be adapted to any business model. You bring us your ideas and our skilled web developers and certified Umbraco designers will bring them to live.

Contact us today for a free consultation. You'll be glad you did.

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We are very informal ourselves, and that was also what we where looking for in a bureau. It may well be too large and formal for many agencies. So we were looking for something informal and where we are at eye level with those we are talking to. And we have experienced that at MCB.

We have been very happy with the collaboration with Tine who has always been easy to get in touch with, and she has listened to us and challenged us.

MCB has been very responsive and has taken our ideas and brought them to life for us. And they have done it in a way that does not feel like sales at all costs. Bo has been very honest several times when solutions and ideas have not been financially viable for us. And we are happy about that honesty.

Tania Fogh Sørensen


We have created an awesome solution with!


The portal includes many complex and heavy integrations that work well and they are optimized to the point that everything can run on Umbraco Cloud.

Morten Overgaard Mønsted


Umbraco Design Process

Umbraco has infinite flexibility with editing that can be done at any time. Therefore, MCB is by your side when you need to make changes during the design process.


Umbraco integrates easily with numerous business systems. Umbraco is also ideally suited for scaling from a single editor to full teams working on the same project. Our main developer with one click can allow other developers and content editors access to the project. 


The more recent versions of Umbraco include language variants, which is a huge benefit if you have multilingual websites. Switching between languages in edit mode is a breeze with Umbraco. You can even request mandatory languages that you will incorporate into the final webpage.


These are just a few of the reasons our web design Umbraco experts prefer using the Umbraco platform over any other. Here is a basic outline of the Umbraco design process you will follow with the help of your web design and developer team at MCB.


Step 1: Planning the Design

When beginning the web design planning, our clients have many wireframing choices. They have the opportunity to view various options for their webpage or app, decide on the page structure and layout, the functionality of their page, and the intended results.


Wireframes can be based on your hand drawings or created digitally; you can be sure to find what you're looking for in the Umbraco wireframing options.


During this step of the process, you will make decisions about the homepage design concepts and what you want the sub-pages to look like. These will all be consistent with your branding for the optimal visual effect. You can also see how these pages will look like and how they will work on the different devices.


Your MCB Umbraco developer can easily make amendments as the process continues, no decision made at this point is fixed in stone.


Step 2: Developing the User Interface

At this step, your web developer will use JavaScript to develop the user interface (UI), depending on your needs. An add-on called Umbraco Forms makes it even easier to build simple contact forms or advanced questionnaires.


Of course, you may be needing a different approach altogether. This simple form we use at MCB can meet your needs, or you can look for more detailed feedback.


At MCB, our Umbraco certified designers are also qualified in User Experience (UX) Design. Our UX designers don't only deal with User Interface Design (UI), they are able to create user interfaces that are fun and engaging to users.


Depending on the objective of your website, they consider the 'why', the 'what', and the 'how' of product use. Ultimately, knowing user motivation and what the user enjoys, our UX designers can tailor the experience to meet the user's needs.


Step 3: Integrating Umbraco CMS

One of the beauties of Umbraco is the ability to set up hosted instances that integrate into Umbraco. Once the hosted instance is created, you can copy these style templates and UIs into Umbraco. You can also have unique domain names for all the different web pages.


This simply means that the branding can be carried through the start node 'Settings' to any number of other web pages.


Speaking of integrations, Umbraco is launching a feature called the Umbraco Marketplace. This is a set of apps that will allow developers to take projects to a higher level with less coding.


These apps will integrate with your Umbraco projects allowing Umbraco CMS to work seamlessly with other digital tasks. These tasks could be e-commerce pages, social media, personalization, among others.


Umbraco Marketplace will allow developers to create apps and extensions packages and market them through their site. Developers can also pick up packages that will facilitate their projects.


Step 4: Smooth Functionally via Bespoke Backend Development

You want your webpage to be created for a specific purpose to reach a specific goal. You most likely don't want a mass-produced, cookie-cutter solution, you want a customized version. This is why a bespoke application that is tailored-made via a design and engineered approach will work best. 


Umbraco provides the ability to backend developers to create this application and personalize it. Because backend programming languages like Java or Python integrate smoothly, the end result is the smooth functioning of a website.


Mobile First design is often requested by our clients. This just means that you are asking for developers to start the design for a mobile device and use progressive advancement to expand the webpage use with additional features and functionalities for PCs and tablets. Starting development in this way means that neat and practical solutions can be created that will function on all devices.


Step 5: User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

You will want to do UAT to ensure the website functions as requested. This step is often referred to as 'beta testing' or 'end-user testing'. These tests ensure that the final product meets the goals of the client. 


During this process, you will use the application on a mobile device, on a tablet, and on a PC. We usually recommend testing the site on different browsers as well.


UAT is important because it helps to confirm that your application meets your requirements. The beauty of Umbraco is that, should there be any changes needed, our MCB Umbraco experts can easily go in and make modifications. If you are looking for any additional solutions, they can simply be added in by your Umbraco certified developer.


If the application passes the test, the website is ready to launch.


Step 6: Going Live

Your website is now ready to go live. Well, no, not quite. You are missing one last thing. You need a deployment plan.


A deployment plan provides an overview of what you need, when and who is responsible for the individual activities. In collaboration with us, we can develop a plan that ensures that the intended results with the Umbraco platform are achieved. Once you have a plan, you can work effectively testing and verifying the platform. This is also where you can catch and correct any errors before letting it fly.

We recommend that you use Umbraco Git, which is a version control system that will allow you to go back to a previous version if anything goes wrong. 


Now you are not far from the big launch of your Umbraco design. There is just one last thing you need to keep in mind in the final step of the design process. 

Although the solutions and changes worked well in the development phase, you need to keep an eye on your changes when the platform is live. When users start actively using the platform, unforeseen problems can occur. At MCB, we help you keep an eye on the platform when it is launced, and we are ready yo catch any problems in the use of the Umbraco platform. We always provide support and help with maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions about Umbraco Design

What is an Umbraco template?

An Umbraco template is a file or set of files that define the appearance and layout of your Umbraco pages. It serves as the structure that controls the presentation of content on the website. An Umbraco template is typically written in HTML and can also include CSS and JavaScript code. It can contain static content such as headers, footers, sidebars, etc., as well as dynamic content retrieved from Umbraco CMS using Umbraco Razor syntax.

Umbraco Razor syntax is a combination of C# code and HTML that allows for retrieving and displaying dynamic content from Umbraco CMS. It enables integration of content elements such as headings, images, text blocks, etc., within the template file based on the content created in the Umbraco backoffice.

When a page is created in Umbraco CMS, it is associated with a specific template. When the page is rendered in the browser, the template file is used to generate the HTML code and present the content in the desired manner.

How do you create an Umbraco template?

To build an Umbraco template, you first create an overall layout file using HTML and CSS that defines the structure for your web pages. Then, you create individual files for each page with the specific content and formatting.

You assign the appropriate template to your page by configuring document types and templates in Umbraco CMS. And you can customize CSS and styling to give your template the desired visual appeal.

Finally, you implement the template by uploading files and configurations to your Umbraco installation. Maintain and update the template as needed.

What are Umbraco themes?

Umbraco themes are a wide range of available templates for Umbraco, both free and commercial, that suit different design styles and purposes. Themes can be further customized to match specific requirements and branding of an organization or website. Some Umbraco themes may also include additional functionality or integration with other tools and plugins.

Umbraco themes can be installed and managed through the administration interface of Umbraco CMS. Here, you can upload and apply a theme to your website and make customizations and changes to the theme's settings and configuration.

By using Umbraco themes, you can give your Umbraco website a professional and visually appealing appearance without having to build everything from scratch. This saves time and resources, allowing you to focus on creating content and functionality for your website.

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