After 8 comes 9, and therefore it is now time for both Umbraco 7 and 8 to be phased out in favor of Umbraco 9. A new and improved version that looks far into the future.

Therefore, you should migrate to Umbraco 9

The latest and very large release from Umbraco (Umbraco 9) is focused on switching Umbraco from .NET Framework to .NET Core in order to ensure that a technology is built that is not only relevant now, but which is also future-proof. .NET Core has several advantages, including ensures a better performance in relation to speed on a site.

As Umbraco is now being built on a new Framework, some things will be changed and / or updated in order to ensure that the workflow complies with the new requirements. However, it has tried to make the transition as smooth as possible and therefore it will still feel like the same ‘old’ Umbraco you work in, even if you complete a full migration from Umbraco 8 to Umbraco 9.

Work at Umbraco 7? Then we recommend that you first migrate to Umbraco 8 before switching to Umbraco 9.

At the moment, new functions and features are still being built for Umbraco 8. And since Umbraco 9 becomes a complete version of Umbraco 8, all current functions in Umbraco 8 will also appear in Umbraco 9. This is a big task, as some function no. must be re-designed to fit the new architecture and others must be completely rewritten to be used in the new framework.

It is therefore expected that Umbraco 9 at its launch will be at least the same level as Umbraco 8. And after that there will be a constant improvement with new useful features and functionalities.

Here it can be mentioned, for example, that Umbraco 9 does not necessarily have to run on a Windows environment or through Umbraco Cloud, but can easily work on eg Linux and Mac. Therefore, there is a greater flexibility in relation to the choice of operating system.

And maybe in the future it can also mean a cheaper hosting?



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What is the difference between Umbraco 8 and 9?

In fact, it's easier to tell what's not part of the new Umbraco 9. This is a launch packed with features. All features from the latest Umbraco 8.13 are available in Umbraco 9 and even migrated to the latest version of Microsoft's tech stack.

It is important to note that the new features in Umbraco 9 may seem small, but for a developing heart they will be of great importance - these are important technical possibilities. For example, it will be easier to develop in Umbraco 9. Therefore, Umbraco 9 also covers to a greater extent a migration rather than an upgrade.

For you who are just an editor, there will not be much difference to notice, as the two versions are visually very similar. However, the user interface will be improved, and therefore you will have a better editing experience, all other things being equal.

But let's look at everything new:

- The framework has been updated from .NET
- Framework 4.7.2 to .NET 5
- The web framework has been updated from ASP.NET 4 to ASP.NET Core 5
- Authentication of users and website members has been updated to ASP.NET Core Identity
- 3rd party agreements have either been completely replaced or updated
- Statistical events have been replaced by new notifications options
- The installation process has been updated

This means, among other things, that some APIs have been changed. However, most APIs that come with .NET Framework 4.7.2 are part of the .NET Standard, and you can continue to use them as before.

A requirement for .NET 5 is also a run on ASP.NET Core. And that web framework has been totally rewritten. So while many of the primary MVC patterns are very similar to those from ASP.NET, there have been many changes beneath the surface.

These include the two types of authentication (users and website members), both of which have been updated from ASP.NET Identity to ASP.NET Core Identity. And this means that in the future it will be much easier to carry out maintenance as well as some code can be reused between the two types of users.

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Umbraco is an Open Source platform

The network contributes both free and commercial extensions to Umbraco, making the platform more flexible and easy to customize to special and unique needs. It is therefore your security to get a personal expression that fits exactly YOUR business.

6 Quick Methods To Update Your Umbraco CMS

1. Always use the latest version of Umbraco

2. Add necessary Umbraco packages

3. Carry out regular SEO checks

4. Check your forms

5. Keep your data in sync

6. Always check your speed

What happens to Umbraco 8?

Umbraco 8 is currently still being maintained, improved and updated. Therefore, new features will also be added regularly - gradually they will be phased out in continuation of the driveway of Umbraco 9.

When Umbraco 9 is launched, it will contain all functionalities from Umbraco 8. However, the new functions and features that are subsequently developed on umbraco 9 will not be able to be used in Umbraco 8 and below.

For the future of Umbraco 8, it has been decided that:

- Umbraco 8 will be fully integrated into Umbraco 9
- There will be no rollback of new features from Umbraco 9 to Umbraco 8

It is expected that Umbraco 7 will be phased out in 2023, while Umbraco 8 will already see its final year after in 2024.


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We recommend...

At MCB, we recommend that you complete an ongoing update so that you get upgraded to the new Umbraco 9. This means that each update will be simpler and faster to complete, and at the same time it is ensured that you always have the latest functionalities and corrections.

If it is not an option for you to upgrade your current setup, you should still keep updating when new, minor fixes are released. This way you ensure that your site remains secure and error-free.

It is expected that Umbraco 8 will be completely phased out in a few years. Therefore, at the moment it is not urgent with a migration, but it can be an advantage to have it in your planning.

Are you still going to start a larger project? It can, for example, be a re-design of your site or major functionalities that need to be upgraded, it can be an advantage already now to think Umbraco 9 into the plan.

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