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Do you want to improve your Magento webshop with integrations? MCB helps you with the various Magento integrations so you can boost your business.

What are Magento Integrations and Coding?

Magento integrations streamline and improve the customer experience and workflows in your webshop. At MCB we offer tailored integration solutions that can lead your Magento webshop towards success.

With the right Magento integrations you ensure that your customers get a good and fast shopping experience and that you can track the right data. It requires the right Magento expert who can help you integrate these systems.


At MCB you will find certified Magento developers with +10 years of experience in coding and who understand how to edit and design your webshop so that it performs in top class on Google. You can be sure that you will get a knowledgeable and experienced expert to solve the task.



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Our Services


SLA and support

Do you need help? Our team are experts in dealing with technical issues. We analyze, diagnose, and solve the problem for you - quickly so your Magento webshop will be fully functional again in no time.


Magento API integrations

The integrations let you convert customer-generated information into valuable business applications. Through these third party integrations we help companies develop a better understanding of their existing and potential customers.


Order and Customer Management Apps

As business begins to grow manual order tracking becomes a comprehensive and resource demanding task. Automation of order and customer management activities therefore helps to create a hassle-free experience for both you and your customers.


ERP Connectors

These ecommerce components use a database to connect independent systems from warehouse to shipping and accounting. The tools therefore connect your processes and procedures for future-proof customer experiences and business operations.


Customer Inventory Apps

Inventory management enables retailers to detect buying patterns which is why reliable forecasts can be generated. Sometimes the ideal app for you it not available in any app store. If so we can help you develop the right one.


Custom Functionalities

USPs empower companies to gain an advantage over their competitors. Whatever modifications you need in your Magento webshop — from same-day deliveries to free returns and instant promotions for perishable goods — we can develop it for you.

Integrations That Make a Difference

Magento has many integrations that can potentially improve your webshop.

Integrations in Magento can streamline your workflows and improve the user experience for your customers. With the right integrations you can make the experience easier and faster for both you and your customers. 

When you choose MCB as your Magento partner you are free to code and integrate all this yourself. Our developers are ready to do the work for you.

Customised Integrations for Your Webshop

MCB manages many webshops, and we make sure every day they all live up to the expectations. At MCB we offer customised service so you get the Magento integration you need.

Magento integrations should be the least of your worries. Our certified Magento developers do the work for you and make sure you get the help and advice you need.

Contact us today so we can help you with your Magento webshop.

An efficient Magento webshop with integrations

Running a Magento webshop it not a simple task. It requires you to be able to track multiple data streams. At the same time, make sure it works well for you and your customers. And you can do that with the right integrations.

In the traditional store a manager must track sales and inventory. They must ensure that customers receive the best service in the most efficient way. For an online webshop you need to monitor and manage all of this through the system. Establishing ERP integrations in your webshop is your lifeline which streamline the process and make it far more efficient.


An ERP is only useful if you know how to maximize it. And here you need a qualified Magento developer to help you organize your data and create a maximized ERP.


At MCB we have helped many customers reach their full potential by ensuring that their resources are used optimally.



ERP to Track Your Store Inventory

ERP is one of the best systems for tracking your store's inventory online. When running a webshop you do not have the same feeling of going into a warehouse like when you run a physical store. Therefore, you need a system that updates your inventory in real time to ensure that you never run out.


Integrating Magento with an ERP can help you manage just that much easier. An ERP synchronizes your inventory with your sales and publisher. When integrated properly it knows when to buy more and whether you are making money. This is one of the most important ways you can help yourself scale your business with Magento.


With a qualified Magento expert from MCB the guesswork is over. MCB offers service integrations to help you understand what is going on in your store financially. Understanding how you perform is one of the first steps towards success online.



Magento Integrations Lower Costs

Integrating Magento with an efficient ERP gives you a better idea of your company's costs. Costs can include how much you spend relative to how much you earn. ERP can communicate in real time what you have available in stock. And it is useful to know when to buy new items because it can help you maximize your overall profits. The ERP keeps track of you and saves you the time, money, and energy it would take to keep track of inventory management yourself.



Efficient integrations

Efficiency is critical to online success. At MCB we know that online customers do not have the same patience as customers in the physical store. Many customers quickly leave a webshop that is not loaded correctly and immediately. Therefore effective website design and customer management is crucial for you. ERP maximizes the design of your website so that images and applications do not interfere with the customer experience. At MCB we also help with your Magento design so customers feel like choosing your website.



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Succeed with Magento Integrations

PIM and CSM are Magento integrations that enhance and maximize your webshop's ability to scale. Growing your business is perhaps one of your biggest concerns at the moment. Magento integrations for your webshop should reflect the capacity and personal needs of your business.


Maybe you need to better manage your business rather than grow in size. Or maybe you want to improve the management of many different products. Whatever your needs are our certified Magento developers can advise you on the path to your success.

What are PIM Integrations?

PIM stands for Product Information Management, and aims to manage your webshop's inventory and supplies.


PIM can categorize your inventory into a very detailed chart. The diagrams are divided according to the item's identification number. It can either be as Universal Product Code (UPCs) og Stock Keeping Unit (SKU). The numbers are useful for categorizing the items in your online database.


A PIM integration can also track the products and store them near similar products in your warehouse.



How can PIM Integrations Benefit Your Magento Webshop?

The PIM integration helps your customers find what they want. The goal is that your webshop is attractive to your customers and that the webshop manages to market the goods effectively. PIM  can make it much easier for your customers to browse your website and find the products they are looking for.


PIM helps you ensure that you see the best marketing techniques for your products. PIM integrations are a fantastic way to regulate marketing strategy which ensures that your products are marketed in the best possible way.



What are CMS Integrations?

CMS stands for Content Management System and helps integrate images and texts in an engaging and efficient way. One of the best ways to understand CMS is to compare it to PIM. PIM and CMS can sound very similar. 


CMS aims to help attract and retain customers to your webshop. It intends to advertise products in a way that makes them stand out. Meanwhile PIM aims to organize and create an orderly experience for customers and employees. CMS is designed to improve the way your products are marketed. It can be anything from the pictures to the text that describes the products.



What are the Benefits of CMS?

One of the biggest benefits of integrating CMS into your Magento webshop is that it enhances the customer experience. When selling your products you should use the best methods to market the products. CMS can examine the terms you use to describe your products. If there is a better way to describe your products CMS will help you improve it.


CMS integrations often can not stand alone when you need to scale your business. CMS is relatively limited in its capacity and therefore most suitable for smaller webshops. CMS does not have the same ability to categorize data like PIM has. If you run a webshop with a small inventory CMS integrations are good. But if you want to expand your business the system works best in collaboration with PIM integrations.

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