Developed a creative universe with a Magento webshop

An autumn day. A good idea. A box of clothes. A shop. A fiery soul. And with a vision that children from all over the world will be well dressed. This is how House of Kids was established in 2005 by Helle Guldmann.

House of Kids is an e-commerce company that sells a large and exclusive selection of baby and children's clothing from over 100 different brands.


House of Kids also has its own clothing brand and a large selection of Scandinavian interiors for the children's room. In addition to the large range within the children's universe it is important for House of Kids to take into account nature and the environment. Therefore the company sells clothes that are Oeko-Tex certified and COTS certified.


With great growth a webshop solution is needed that is scalable and that can accomodate the company's volume. Thanks to the Magento platform the clothing company has created an inspiring shopping universe with an elegant and manageable webshop solution for customers.

When we had to find a partner it was important for us to find someone who we felt could also be someone sitting in the house, and we found that in Morten. Morten have a high level of professionalism which ensures that the tasks are solved and at the same time they manage to see and understand out needs.


When we experience common challenges in a given task it is handled in a way where things are 100 % transparent about what has been done and that means incredible deal to us. 


Morten has a high level of professionalism which makes sure that the tasks are solved. He is an external partner but feels like an internal one. 

A Creative Universe with Magento

House of Kids has a mission to create an inspiring shopping universe with the most well-known and beloved brands for children. To bring the mission to life there was a need for a creative universe where House of Kids provides inspiration and knowledge through visual stories to its customers.


The inspiring and creative universe became a reality through their new Magento webshop which provides customers with a delicious universe of children's clothing and accessories with a clear menu and an elegant theme that harmonizes with the exclusive selection of clothes and interiors for children.


House of Kids dreamed of imparting the knowledge they have within textiles, colors, and quality through all aspects of the webshop while visual stories with the products should inspire and provide a good experience.

A Collaboration Based on Understanding and Trust

The collaboration between House of Kids and Morten made it possible to create a webshop and brand identity within the creative universe the company dreamed of. For it to succeed at all it is important that you as a webshop owner feel that the developers have an interest in and insight into the project.


When we help customers like House of Kids sparring and help is therefore a big part of the partnership. It is important that both parties speak the same language that is easy to understand. This is how we create success. Understanding and trust became key elements in the collaboration with House of Kids.

Michael Almstrup

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