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Zinkbakken is a Danish company that specializes in raised beds, planters, mirror basins, fire pits, greenhouse shelves, and of course zinc trays. However, the range also includes other garden items such as rain gauges for raised beds and plant boxes.

Getting produced locally and in Denmark is important for Zinkbakken both because it is the only right thing in relation to environmental impact but especially also as it is then easier to ensure good quality and price. The Danish suppliers manage time and time again to deliver quality at competitive prices, which benefits the increasing number of customers.


However, some specialty products are imported from England and Germany from other companies with the same long and proud traditions in horticulture - therefore no compromise is made at any time. Customers are expected to have durable products with a long service life. And Zinkbakken must live up to that.


The development at Zinkbakken is driven by customers' demand and ideas for improved products. Therefore, there is great flexibility internally with a short path from production to end product. While there is an external need for a user-friendly and beautiful website.


Therefore, needed a migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2. And MCB helped.

We have worked with Morten from MCB for many years, and every time we experience a good collaboration, where we are taken all the way through the process.


Our everyday life is characterized by busyness, and therefore it is important for us to have a partner who knows how to define tasks, budgets, and deadlines, and who at the same time maintains the full technical overview so that always provides optimal among other things in terms of speed and ease of use.

Morten Lind, Owner of Zinkbakken

Full functionality with migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2 needed an update both in relation to the layout of the webshop and functionalities. When it comes to the online universe you have to stick to it, and therefore it is important to have a user interface that keeps up with current trends and tendencies - especially when you have a wide customer base that needs to feel well serviced in your shop.


And therefore it plays a crucial role whether you work ind Magento 1 or Magento 2. Magento 2 ensures for example a better administration panel that makes the design more intuitive, an easier handling of products, and increased scalability as well as a significantly better speed. Magento 1 users may also be forced to upgrade to Magento 2 if they continue to want to be able to integrate their external services as support for Magento 1 is being phased out.


The journey with a migration started for Zinkbakken with a design presentation made by graphic designers at MCB. The layout itself therefore received a significant boost and together with the technical improvements in the backend and corrections based on MCB's analyzes the conversion rate and sales increased significantly after the launch. Not only was the website super nice, Zinkbakken now also has a shop with higher speed.


The entire process up to the launch took place through good dialogue between Zinkbakken and MCB. Zinkbakken drew on the great experience at MCB, and in the collaboration Zinkbakken and MCB managed with retention in the anchor products to create a more future-proof user interface.

Zinkbakken is facing an exciting future

At Zinkbakken things are going well and it can therefore be difficult to keep up with the high demand in production. However, with the migration to Magento 2 it has become clear how important it is to follow online as well.


The service life today is shorter than ever, and therefore a more regular update is needed to maintain the good progress.


Zinkbakken therefore expects that the once again should give their webshop a loving hand and upgrade within the next 2-3 years. And the wish is that by this time they will also be ready to make use of a business part with a built-in B2B login which has just been built by MCB.


The future therefore looks exciting for Zinkbakken, and MCB is looking forward to being part of the journey.

Michael Almstrup

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