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Want to learn more about the Magento webshop and how you can implement it? MCB are certified Magento developers who can help you get started.

MCB Develops your Magento Webshop

Are you interested in a Magento webshop? Then you are not alone. Magento (Adobe Commerce) is one of the leading platforms when it comes to building webshops.

As is the case with many systems building a Magento webshop requires special skills. Maybe you are a salesperson or marketer yourself, and your job is to think big and come up with the ideas to develop your business - it's the best use of your time. Therefore your skills and time lie elsewhere than web development.


In the meantime MCB's most important task is to bring the ideas and dreams to life with our technical competencies within the Magento webshop. Our team of experts will be happy to help you with your Magento webshop.


Here you can read how MCB can help you build and optimize your Magento webshop.



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Meet your Magento team


Nicolai Kibsgaard

Magento Team Lead
Phung Hoang Linh

Phung Hoang Linh

Magento Tech Lead

Dat Hoang Quoc

Magento Back-end Developer

Tuan Le Ke

Magento Front-end Developer

Our Magento Services



With MCB your hosting is in safe hands and you do not have to think about anything other than your content. We provide support, SLAs, encryption and more.



Our integration team can integrate third party tools with everything from ERP, CRM, and POS to shipping and logistics to your Magento webshop.


Design and UX

Our UX designers help with everything from conceptual designs and UX to UI for all sizes of sites and compare them with the UI Kit.



Our team of developers spans a wide range and therefore helps with everything from Backend and Frontend to ecommerce development.



We ensure that your webshop performs 110 % with everything from UI and UX testing, functional testing, SEO check, and web accessibility.


Upgrading Magento versions

Are you using an older version of Magento? Then our Magento experts are ready yo help you migrate your website to the latest version.

Why Choose a Magento Webshop?

If you are new to the ecommerce field, you might be thinking 'Why should I build a webshop with Magento?'. This is a natural question considering the number of options available to build a webshop. We give you the answer to the question right here.


Magento (Adobe Commerce) is one of the world's most popular platforms when it comes to a webshop solution. And it is not random. Developers of the Magento platform are constantly following ecommerce trends and updating the features. Therefore you can reap the benefits of an online platform that is as good or better than some other webshop platforms out there.


Many are amazed at what is possible with Magento. Users can implement a wide range of integrations and add-ons to increase functionality. Users do not have to worry about backend because Magento provides some of the industry's best available security and hosting.


As you dig deeper into the Magento platform you will quickly discover why and how Magento offers such a robust platform. Magento is owned by Adobe. You read that right. Magento is developed and managed by the experts behind Photoshop. This means that Magento (Adobe Commerce) has one of the best user interfaces and that the platform offers the same hassle-free user experience that Adobe offers and is known for.



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Your Magento Webshop at Center

Your Magento Webshop at Center

Magento (Adobe Commerce) is a robust platform. There are a lot of features that you should take advantage of to get the full potential out of the platform. However it can be difficult to take advantage of these features if you are not sure how to use them.

This is where MCB can be an invaluable partner for your ecommerce. As certified Magento developers we are able to maximize the best Magento features for needs.

Whether you use Magento for B2C or B2B or just need help setting up a Magento webshop our team of experts can help.

How Can MCB Help With your Magento Webshop (Adobe Commerce)?

With +10 years of experience with Magento webshops we have developed various solutions and functions with the robust platform. Here are just a few of the Magento features that MCB can help you with.



1. MCB Makes Magento Even Faster

Speed is one of the reasons why many people love Magento. Although Magento (Adobe Commerce) itself has a good speed, it can be improved even more.


To maximize Magento's speed connect your webshop to another app from the Adobe suite, Adobe Business Central. By connecting these two platforms MCB provides the opportunity to maximize the functionality of our customers' websites. Therefore, you can count on superior speed and reliability when you need to serve your customers through your webshop.


At MCB we also make your webshop flexible so you can quickly adapt to your changing and growing business. Our development team creates a dashboard with reports where you can keep track of your business goals. In the meantime you can focus on the most important aspect of your business: the joy of your customers.



2. No More Hosting Worries

One of the biggest factors for the success of your webshop is your hosting platform. It is something that many forget as it takes place behind the scenes. But that does not change the fact that it is a necessary element in any Magento webshop. When choosing MCB as your Magento developer we can also take care of your Magento Hosting and make sure that all your hosting concerns are a thing of the past.


In collaboration with MCB you get a team of experts who manage your webshop 24/7 to ensure that your webshop lives up to the expectations. And that is thanks to the knowledge and experience of our experts.



3. MCB Helps You Rank Higher

SEO is an important part of building your Magento webshop. You need to make sure that your content as well as other elements of your store are optimized to rank as high as possible in Google. This is another reason why MCB is an invaluable partner for your Magento B2B or B2C webshop.


Our team of certified Magento developers can leverage the platform's functionality to ensure your site performs best. Once you are registered as the Admin for your Magento webshop our developers can log in and run the right tests and protocols to optimize your site. Our developers can even test the user experience.


SEO is more than just optimizing web page content and images. Search engines like Google are getting smarter day by day. Therefore, you may need developers on your team to help you navigate the new search landscape.



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Your Magento 2 Certified Partner

With over 20 years of experience, we understand your business - and that goes beyond just the digital aspect and the ability to build the custom integrations you need to meet your requirements. With specialists in marketing, design, and development, we can help you achieve success with your entire business.



Magento 2 Certified Partner


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Magento B2B Webshop

Most people know the difference between B2B and B2C ecommerce. But if you're just getting into the industry, you may see these terms and not know what they mean. B2C ecommerce stands for 'Business to Consumer'. It is the most common type of webshop. Meanwhile B2B stands for 'Business to Business'.


What sets Magento (Adobe Commerce) apart from other platforms is that it can also handle B2B ecommerce as well. When you sell to other companies it opens up a whole different arena of products and services. You sell products that are not directly to the consumer. Therefore B2B ecommerce has its own set of complexities and challenges. And this is where MCB can step in and help you. 


We can tailor your Magento B2B webshop to your industry. As the Admin of your Magento B2B webshop the expert team at MCB can help you with various functions.


Individualized System

At MCB our Magento developers can set up an individualized system of discounts for your product inventory. Whether you want to give discounts based on customer or order size we can set it up for you in the Magento platform. 


Individual Online Portals

MCB can develop your webshop so that each customer has their own account and online portal. This is an important feature as B2B customers have different needs than B2C customers. With individual online portals you can meet the needs of customers. Customers will be able to log in and reorder orders.


Whatever you want for your Magento webshop, you can count on MCB to help you.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Magento Webshop

How to design an e-commerce store with Magento?

It is important for your e-commerce store to consider your target audience, branding, and user-friendliness to create a successful online shop. Designing an e-commerce store with Magento may involve choosing a theme, customizing the layout, configuring the product catalog, designing product pages, enabling payment and shipping options, optimizing for mobile devices, extending functionality using extensions, testing, and launching.

What does a Magento webshop cost?

The price of a Magento webshop can vary as it depends on several factors. These factors include the complexity, scope, customizations, integration requirements, hosting, design, and development costs of the webshop. A simple Magento webshop can start from a few thousand kroner, while more advanced and customized webshops can cost tens of thousands of kroner or more. It is important to contact Magento developers or agencies to get an accurate estimate based on your specific requirements and needs.

What is Magento eCommerce?

Magento eCommerce is a popular platform for creating and managing a webshop. It is a flexible and scalable solution that allows businesses to build and customize their online stores according to their needs. With Magento, businesses can create and manage product catalogs, handle orders and payments, manage inventory, handle customer accounts, and much more.

Magento offers advanced features and the ability to integrate with third-party applications and extensions to expand the functionality of the webshop. It is a comprehensive eCommerce solution that enables businesses to efficiently operate their online business and create an optimal customer experience.

Can I customize the design and layout in my Magento webshop?

Yes, Magento offers extensive options for customization of design and layout. You can either use existing themes and templates or create your own custom design.

Can I integrate payment gateways in my Magento webshop?

Yes, Magento supports integration with various payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.Net, etc.

Can I manage multiple webshops from the same Magento installation?

Yes, Magento allows you to manage multiple webshops from the same installation environment. You can create multiple stores, configure their settings individually, and manage them centrally.

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