A Growing Company that Requires a Scalable Webshop Solution

From being just a small shop in a side street to the main shopping street in Esbjerg Gymnastik og Ridesport has continuously expanded the range, moved location, got a webshop, and two new owners - Ditte Damgaard and Kim Sørensen.

A lot has happened since Irene Christens founded the company in 1984 and significant developments and great growth require a webshop solution that is scalable and that can accommodate volume. Magento can do that! And it is precisely in the e-commerce platform Magento that we have built up Gymnastik og Ridesport's webshop solution. Therefore, they should never be nervous about growing out of their webshop.


With Magento the user should never be afraid to grow out of the platform - it grows instead with the user. And just that experienced Gymnastik og Ridesport.


For us it is important to have a collaboration with someone who knows what they are doing, and Morten does. Often I do not even get to explain what the problem is until he has solved it. We are really happy about the collaboration and can only give out warmest recommendations. There has never been anything to put a finger on. Morten complies with the agreements and solves our problems very quickly. I can give nothing but my warmest recommendations.

Good Cooperation Through 10 Years

Gymnastik og Ridesport contacted Morten 10 years ago following recommendations from their network. Fortunately, the good cooperation has persisted ever since.


It is important to have a transparent and solution-oriented collaboration with our partners. In development of Gymnastik og Ridesport's new Magento platform there has been ongoing dialogue, help, and guidance when the company needed it in the process.


To achieve success with the end result we focus a lot on the individual customer's needs and challenges so that we can create exactly the solution they dream of. In this case the collaboration resulted in Gymnastik og Ridesport having a user-friendly and flexible webshop solution.

Michael Almstrup

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