Hyvä for Magento 2 / Adobe Commerce

Hyvä is (perhaps) the best frontend for Magento 2. It reduces complexity, promises high performance and increased flexibility through the use of the latest technologies

A revolution for your Magento 2 webshop

Hyvä is a performance-optimized frontend platform for Magento 2, designed to enhance the user experience by significantly increasing the speed of Magento 2 webshops while also meeting Google's requirements for Core Web Vitals.


In 2015, Magento (Adobe Commerce) launched 'Luma' as the default frontend. However, since then, Luma has been criticized for being both too slow, too complex, and too demanding for even small adjustments and changes to webshop designs.

Skilled developers, who are part of the Magento community, therefore chose to create Hyvä - a new frontend template for Magento 2. It is built from scratch, well-thought-out, and based on the latest technologies without being complex, but with all the features and options that make Magento stand out. Therefore, Hyvä meets expectations for performance, speed, flexibility, and customization options.


The Hyvä template is written in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, enabling developers to add and remove functionalities as needed.


All of this can mean an improved user experience and an increased conversion rate for you, as a Magento 2 webshop owner. Some of the most important features of Hyvä also include:


  • "Performance like never before." Hyvä scores a perfect 100/100 in Google PageSpeed and passes Core Web Vitals on all measured metrics because the amount of complex code has been significantly reduced.
  • Hyvä's theme is a good PHP alternative to both headless and PWA solutions. It requires less code, and this also means less complexity. Therefore, it is both easier and more fun to work with Hyvä.
  • You can reduce your time-to-market - and this also means an economic saving. Hyvä users report saving an average of 30-50% of the time they normally spend setting up landing pages in Luma or PWA solutions.


But that's not all, you will also benefit from:


  • Hyvä being a one-time purchase with a wealth of possibilities
  • This means lower costs
  • You get over 140 compatible extensions
  • Theme updates are always included
  • And each installation of Hyvä can be used on one Magento 2 shop, but on all the domains you have associated with your shop.



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How can the Hyvä template help improve the user experience on your Magento 2 webshop?

Magento( Adobe Commerce), is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms in the world, used by millions of businesses to run their online stores. Are you one of them? If so, you should take note of Hyvä for Magento 2.


Hyvä is a collection of modules and themes based on the modern Hyvä UI technology, developed for webshop owners who want to tailor their professional Magento webshop to match their brand and overall image. The theme also makes it easier to get started with a Magento 2 shop, as it offers a faster, more responsive, and user-friendly structure with modules.


The modules include the ability to create an advanced menu, a dynamic list of categories and subcategories, various payment and shipping options, and much more. In addition, you will experience easier management of landing pages, where you can add and remove features and modules as you wish.


Furthermore, the Hyvä template is designed with a focus on mobile-first, making it an optimized theme for smaller screens and devices. This is an important factor in today's e-commerce, as an increasing number of shoppers prefer to make purchases through their smartphones.


Hyvä is not an official part of Magento 2, but a solution developed and maintained by the Magento Community. However, don't let that discourage you, as it is still easy to integrate with existing Magento modules using the theme.



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Why is Hyvä a better theme?

Why is Hyvä a better theme?

In Hyvä, you will experience:

  • Reduced complexity
  • Improved performance
  • Improved developer experience
  • Increased speed
  • Increased flexibility

Hyvä moves away from KnockoutJS, RequireJS, and jQuery, which are the frontend technologies that Magento 2 is based on by default. Instead, the focus is on modern and new technologies such as AlpineJS and TailwindCSS, and the features of modern browsers are leveraged with VanillaJS.

Is Hyvä the future of Magento 2?

Is Hyvä the future of Magento 2?

Over time, there have been many attempts to create new and improved templates for Magento 2. However, we have not yet come across a gamechanger - until now. Hyvä is an experience that deserves a strong recommendation from MCB.

Like many others, we approached the theme with a skeptical mindset, but it has proven us wrong. Hyvä is exactly the platform that all of us who use Magento 2 have been waiting for. Therefore, we dare to claim that Hyvä is the future of Magento 2 webshops.

What are the advantages of Hyvä for Magento (Adobe Commerce)?

If you are seeking a modern, tech-solution that can enhance the overall user experience of your Magento 2 store, then the Hyvä theme is a great choice.


The Hyvä template includes various themes and modules that enable you to tailor your webshop as per your preference. This means that you can quickly adopt new functionalities without compromising on the visual appeal of your store. It is an ideal option when you want to stand out from your competitors while ensuring that your brand's value and personality shine through on all your landing pages.



In particular, there are 5 advantages to choosing Hyvä:


  1. Faster and more efficient: Hyvä is designed to make your Magento site faster and more efficient. As a result, you will experience an improvement in overall speed and a reduction in server load.

  2. User-friendly design: Hyvä offers a modern and user-friendly design that can help increase engagement and interaction on your webshop. This can result in increased conversion rates and sales.

  3. Scalable: Hyvä is scalable and can handle large amounts of traffic and products. This makes it suitable for companies of all sizes, and it can grow with your business.

  4. Easy to adapt: Hyvä is flexible and can be adapted to your needs and requirements. It can be integrated with several 3rd party apps and various extensions, so you don't have to compromise on your favorite tools.

  5. Future-proof: Hyvä is built on the latest technology. Therefore, the theme will work for a long time into the future and can be integrated with newer technologies and trends.

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Frequently asked questions for Hyvä

What is Hyvä for Magento 2?

Hyvä is a frontend theme for Magento 2, which is designed to improve the user experience on your webshop and increase conversions. It is a modern and responsive theme that enables you to create a nice and user-friendly webshop.

Is the Hyvä template for Magento 2 free?

No, Hyvä is not free, but there is a free version available that gives you access to the basic features. There are different paid versions, and the most expensive version always opens up the most features.

How do I install the Hyvä template for Magento 2?

You install Hyvä for Magento 2 by following the installation guide that you will find on Hyvä's website. The guide is relatively easy to follow. We are of course also happy to help you.

Can I customize the Hyvä theme?

Yes, you can adapt the Hyvä theme to your needs by, for example, changing colors, fonts, layout and much more. There are many options for customization.

Is Hyvä for Magento 2 speed optimized?

Yes, Hyvä is speed-optimized and has increased performance, which is important when you want to give your customers a good experience on your webshop and thus increase your conversions.

What are your options with Magento 2 and Hyvä?

Fill out the form and I will contact you as soon as possible.

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