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Do you need Magento hosting? At MCB you will find certified and experienced Magento specialists to manage your Magento hosting.

What is Magento Hosting?

Magento hosting is a crucial part of the development and success of your webshop. The right Magento hosting can help you rank higher in a Google search while ensuring the convenient and fast user experience for your customers.


Experts at Google discovered the amazing impatience of online shoppers and web browsers. The experts found that more than half of the Google users were likely to abandon their search if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load.


This is an integral part of developing your website and webshop. And it is even more important for the success of your webshop. If you can not retain your customers on your site it will be difficult to sell and achieve your dreams online.



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Phung Hoang Linh

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Our Magento Services



Our team are experts in dealing with technical issues. When you have an SLA agreement with us, we will analyze, diagnose and solve the problems for you quickly so that your webshop will be functional again in no time.



We are experts in programming to handle all tasks regarding Umbraco including front-end, back-end and apps. Our development team tailors Magento solutions daily, and therefore we can always help you further - even if something goes wrong.


Support Integrations

When you have an integration from ERP, PIM, DAM or your shipping solutions to Umbraco, you will quickly be made incompetent if the integration fails. Fortunately, our integration team can quickly help you and monitor the integration.

Magento Platform for Your SIte

Magento (Adobe Commerce) is beat only by 2 other popular platforms in use, Shopify and WooCommerce. However Magento has certain specialties to offer its users that Shopify and WooCommerce do not have.


Purchasing a web store is an investment and it requires you to be able to manage it well. It is not just the speed of your site that you need to consider in order to be successful. There are many thing to consider in the development and maintenance of it. A Magento host is an investment to help create and maintain the perfect website.


Magento (Adobe Commerce) offers many perquisties to its users, and the flexible system makes it intuitive to navigate. But there are still many things you can not do without the right hosting.



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How to Find the Best Magento Hosting

How to Find the Best Magento Hosting

Magento hosting is a difficult topic when you first start. There are so many options online to help you get your business running smothly. 

The best part of a web hosting service is that it can help grow your business. Businesses should grow over time which is why it is important that you also have control over your Magento hosting.

MCB offers tailored hosting services. We are interested in your business and specialize in ensuring that your business delivers good performance and success online. Contact us today to learn more about Magento hosting at MCB.

MCB Keeps the Wheels Running when you Need it Most

MCB Keeps the Wheels Running when you Need it Most

Managing your website updates is important. Updates ensure that your site continues to run well and efficiently. 

With Magento hosting at MCB we help you reduce the time spent managing updates to your site. An important way this is achieved is by monitoring when your site has the most traffic. Updates should be installed when you are least likely to have large sales and customer visits.

At MCB we ensure that your store is up and running when it is most needed.

Web Hosting that Provides Success

Maybe you are still wondering what Magento hosting is? And why is it important to you? Then you have come to the right place. At MCB we know how important Magento hosting is for the success of a webshop. That is why we give you the answers right here.


Magento hosting helps you create a winning webshop by managing all the complexitites for you. But first you need to find the expertise and capacity to lead your store to success.


Magento (Adobe Commerce) is an open source. This means that any user can change or customize it with the right knowledge. It can be controversial at times. But if you can use it to your advantage it is very helpful for your success. A hosting service can create the best system for the benefit of you and your customers. Without a Magento host you run the risk of ruining the capacity of your website. There are many ways a hosting service can help you take your store to the next level.



Why is Magento a Great Platform for your Business

Magento is a free service that users can download and use for free. Starting a webshop can usually be expensive. Therefore it is a great advantage that the economy does not have to play a crucial role in the use of Magento.


There are many get-rich-quick schemes online that promise unrealistic earnings. These usually involve luring uninformed, desperate people into financial holes selling products online. Magento hosting services are not like this. They do not make ludicrous promises of financial success. Rather they offer the right solutions to people facing real issues with their shops.



Magento Hosting

Magento (Adobe Commerce) offers a convenient function for the shopping basked which is also easy to change in the system. It allows its users to modify the service to meet individual needs. But there is more to it than just setting up your webshop. Magento does not include any free hosting services. Therefore you need to find a hosting service through other providers. Magento can subsequently be easily modified for use with a hosting service.



The Road to Success with Magento Hosting

Your webshop can take off in a day. Maybe you find that there are a lot of visitors to your site. Maybe you experience the dream scenario and start earning a good amount of money. Whatever the reason it is basically good that your webshop is experiencing increased traffic.


However increasing traffic can also negatively affect your site's loading speed. There can be several factors contributing to its lagging load speed. 


  • The number of products you have available.
  • The layout of your page.
  • Many extensions operating on your site.
  • Many customers putting items in their shopping cart. 


It is a shame if problems like these arise because you are basically successful and experiencing many visitors on your site. Therefore it is worth making sure that it does not stand in the way of your success. You will not find the solution overnight. On the contrary it is a full-time job. It is a complicated job where many people try in vain and end up spending many hours without fully understanding what they are doing right or wrong. 


With web hosting a MCB we help you eliminate speed issues on your site. By taking that burden off your shoulders you release more attention to your customers and their needs. 


Improved Security Protection

Magento (Adobe Commerce) has its own secure platform that has encryption for its customers. But still it does not hold up completely for hackers. Regardless of platform all sites are in principle responsive to cunning hackers. 


In addition a reliable website that exudes security with clear polices is one of the most important parameters an online shopper is looking for. Customers are regularly warned about identity theft online. Therefore even the slightest sign of ambiguity or uncertainty can deter customers from making a purchase. This might be a serious problem for you and your business. Magento hosting can help you solve this by monitoring the security of your website. 



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Your Magento 2 Certified Partner

With over 20 years of experience, we understand your business - and that goes beyond just the digital aspect and the ability to build the custom integrations you need to meet your requirements. With specialists in marketing, design, and development, we can help you achieve success with your entire business.



Magento 2 Certified Partner


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Different Options for Magento Hosting

You have a number of option when it comes to Magento hosting. Some of the most commonly available servers are Virtual Private Server, Shared hosting, and Cloud hosting. Each option suits specific needs.


Some Magento hosting is more easily customized and personally managed for the specific needs of your site. Meanwhile others are more cost effective and easier to improve site speed. Below you can read more about the different options.



Virtual Private Server (VPS)

VPS is one of the most exclusive and private servers available for Magento (Adobe Commerce). It can be downloaded directly to your computer and is optimized to help maximize site speeds. VPS works using a unique IP number with custom support. VPS should be considered as the best option for you who are looking for a fully personal server.



Cloud Hosting

A Magento Cloud server is for you who are looking to maximize the speed of your site. Cloud hosting uses iCloud so instead of having to download the server directly to your computer the Cloud server operates from iCloud. That means it works wherever you are, as long as you can access the cloud. The most advantageous part of Cloud hosting is that IT creates the fastest option without the need for extra RAM. It is the best option to increase your store or scalability.



Shared Hosting

The primary benefit of Shared hosting is its affordability and easy access. Shared hosting is shared across websites where it can be easily monitored and modified. Shared hosting is excellent for anyone looking for an affordable option for their Magento webshop.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Magento Hosting

How is Magento hosted?

Magento can be hosted in different ways. Here are some common hosting options for Magento: self-hosted, cloud hosting, managed Magento hosting, Magento Commerce Cloud. When choosing a hosting option for Magento, you should consider factors such as performance, security, scalability, support, and budget. It's important to choose a hosting solution that can meet your website's needs and provide a reliable and efficient platform for your online store.

What is the best hosting for Magento 2?

There are several hosting providers that offer reliable and efficient hosting solutions for Magento 2. The best hosting for Magento 2 can vary depending on your specific needs and requirements. Here are some popular hosting providers that are often recommended for Magento 2: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Nexcess, SiteGround, and MageMojo.

These are just some of the many hosting providers that may be suitable for Magento 2. It is recommended to research each provider's features, pricing, performance, and support level to make the best decision based on your specific needs.

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