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We Love Animation produces and delivers communication solutions to the public sector based on animation using This leads to special sales processes that can extend over a longer period of time. With the help of HubSpot we have managed to handle that process.

When topics like loneliness, parenting, sleep problems, and even rat control are hard to talk about, We Love Animation articulates it sharp and effective with animation. With animation, the company gets to the core of the difficult issues and communicates them in an easily accessible way.


We Love Animation fills a huge need in the public sector and to scale the business it was time for renewal and a solid foundation. The solution was HubSpot CMS. In close collaboration with the HubSpot team and copywriters at MCB a foundation in HubSpot was created which would later prove to be a success that led to more leads.

"MCB has created all the text on the website, and I get a lot of praise for that today. It has been a very important part of the process.


Although we work on a daily basis to help our customers communicate accurately and clearly, it is unusually difficult to communicate what we do ourselves. We are simply too deeply involved to be able to see ourselves from the outside. It is completely for us as it is for our customers. Therefore MCB has been an invaluable help.


The website is fantastic. There are all the Unique Selling Points one needs to know. And it is simply so clear what it is we are doing. So MCB has made sure that there is a solid foundation in HubSpot to build on. And that was what I asked for. And it has succeeded."

Søren Fleng, Director

Why choose HubSpot CMS?

For We Love Animation it is important to have control over the sales processes. An animated film is not produced overnight. On the contrary, sales processes from start to finish can extend over years.


The company therefore had a great need to manage and streamline these processes so that leads and agreements are not lost between two chairs. We Love Animation was looking for a CMS that could bring together and coordinate all processes across marketing and sales. And that is exactly one of HubSpot's absolute strengths.


We Love Animation quickly discovered that the HubSpot user interface is very intuitive and user-friendly - even for beginners. This makes HubSpot a great work tool that creates added value for the company that no longer has to juggle multiple applications. Instead, the synergies are gathered in one system and the silo effect is destroyed.


Everything related to customer contact from marketing to sales is gathered in HubSpot. And it even means that We Love Animation today saves precious time and resources which can instead be spent on what is in fact the core business: to produce animated films that capture and convey taboo subjects.

A collaboration that resulted in a positive response and more leads

With help from MCB the engine room in HubSpot has been updated with new developments and automations. The website texts have been given a new lease of life. And the response and results are unmistakable.


Although communication is the specialty of We Love Animation it can be a healthy process to let outsiders challenge, ask the questions, and thereby describe the core business. And that is exactly what We Love Animation wanted. This has led to new and captivating ways to describe the company which has resulted in words of praise among employees and website visitors.


Thanks to the website's new texts We Love Animation has gained a new communicative expression externally. And thanks to the development and optimization of HubSpot the underlying processes are streamlined and automated. Together, it provides a complete solution that secures the entire customer journey. More leads are attracted to the website and more become actual customers because HubSpot makes sure no one gets lost along the way.


The next step for We Love Animation is to build on with marketing efforts that will take the company to new heights with rocket speed.

Rasmus Høegh Refstrup
Customer Manager

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