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Flexofold is a Danish company that develops, designs, and produces folding propellers for sailboats and catamarans. Everything is produced at a special factory in Vejle equipped with modern CNC equipment and robot technology.

The propellers are sold directly to shipyards, dealers, and private boat owners all over the wolrd. The first Flexofold folding propeller was launched back in 1993. The focus was on minimal towing resistance, increased speed, and better sailing characteristics under sail as well as improved performance both forward and reverse. This meant that the folding propeller from Flexofold managed to be recognized as being an excellent product - and that status still holds! 


Since then, the folding propellers from Flexofold have been thoroughly tested at both private boat owners and at larger shipyards. This means that enthusiasts, technicians, and engineers have tested, analyzed, and verified the folding propellers from Flexofold.


Flexofold takes pride in direct dialogue with their customers - both B2C, B2B, and the OEM market. Therefore, the right guidance and thereby also the absolute best propeller solution for the individual sailboat is ensured.


And with such a niche product and many ambitions for  the future, is was necessary for Flexofold to find a new and efficient system that can accommodate alle needs and requirements both internally and externally - the choice fell on HubSpot. 

HubSpot changes your view and focus on your customers.


One goes from communication to the custemers with the face facing the wall (and just hoping that the customer listens and that he actually gets the knowledge he needs) to communicate with them and look them in the eye.


This means that HubSpot allows us to interact with and meet our customers' needs by being proactive and responding to their behavior. That's why they get the service they need - completely without us spending more resources on it!

Annette Svendsen, Marketing Manager

When the need for an integrated CRM and CMS system arises

The desire was a solution that could give both sales and marketing a good overview as well as useful data that would make everyday life easier and ensure that time is spent on giving customers value. At the same time, the hunt for data and long, time-consuming e-mail correspondence should end. Therefore, a new work tool was needed. And it should be intuitive to work with for all users. Another requirement was that the system should be able to be handled independently of coding and help from agencies, and it should allow for optimization and testing of ideas.


Several systems met those needs - but often separately and with the use of e.g. integrations, add ons and acquried apps. It was not optimal as the desire was also one efficient system that could gather all work tasks and employees on the same user interface.


The choice therefore fell on HubSpot, as this is a single system. Flexofold invested in the features of both the Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Service Hub, and CMS Hub to tie all parts of the organization together effectively.


And then the start went.


Flexofold, in collaboration with the HubSpot specialists at MCB, set up a new website in 3 language layers on HubSpot's CMS with a focus on user-friendliness, design freedom, and a well-considered URL structure. In addition, all parts of the Marketing Hub came into play with everything from setting up SEO-optimized website pages and blog posts to data-enriching workflows among other things in relation to lead scoring. With Sales Hub, work was done with especially significant properties, deals, and quotes to create a sales promotion process. Here, in particular, the manual and time-consuming workflow with quotation was replaced with a smooth process ranging from filling out the quotation form on the site to final payment from the customer. An integration with Flexofold's payment system was therefore also a necessity. At the same time, a good Knowledge Base was built up for the many users to give them niche-influenced knowledge about folding propellers.


In the process, MCB's Shopify developers built a Shopify Shop for the sale of spare parts, which is why an advanced integration with HubSpot was also set up for this purpose.

Data binds the loop on the many Hubs

The large data layer in HubSpot has now come into its own and ties the loop on the many Hubs together for Flexofold. Although the journey has only just begun a base has now been formed for the daily work, where all employees can meet in a flexible system.


Everything is controlled intuitively, and the many setups that have been made in collaboration with MCB create valid data, which enables more interesting, exciting, and not least valuable workflows. Therefore, Flexofold is already experiencing the time and resources are being saved, and the biggest problem now is learning to limit itself. Because with a system that contains EVERYTHING, you have to learn where you want to put your efforts that day.


Flexofold has not yet reached its full potential on HubSpot, and therefore they have only just started their journey with the many different Hubs and alle the possibilities for data, optimization, and efficiency the hold.


It is a valuable journey that allows Flexofold to save resources and gain in-depth knowledge about their customers, while in future customers will feel better received.

Rasmus Høegh Refstrup
Customer Manager

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