A strengthened HubSpot setup for a global company

Creative Force has created a software solution that eliminates much of the complexity associated with the production of product images and videos on a large scale. The solution is therefore ideal for larger e-commerce photo studios and editorial content creators.

It has only taken the SAS company, Creative Force, 3 years to be established in the market.


Creative Force was founded and has its head office in Denmark - yet there are both customers and employees all over the globe. Today, work are global, and the customer base includes some of the world's largest brands, retailers and photo studios within e-commerce.


For Creative Force, it's about making something complex simple and time-saving, so that the complexity associated with the production of images and videos is eliminated, and creativity can be the main focus. With the software solution, the products range widely and cover both production planning, workflow automation, sample management, supplier management, production DAM and post-production.


For large-scale content creation production, Creative Force has the complete software suite.

MCB has been a very flexible and competent partner. We have a fairly mature marketing department with many skills in-house, and therefore it has been a pleasure that we have been able to collaborate directly with the developers at MCB to build the right solution.

Lars Krogh Jensen, Online Marketing Director at Creative Force

A journey towards more technical muscles

Creative Force already used the effective CRM functions that HubSpot offers. In this way, it has been possible to track a lot of dialogue with and activity on customers and potential customers. However, in order to get the full benefit of HubSpot's CRM, all the company's work areas should be brought together in the same system, and therefore it was obvious that the CMS should also be developed in HubSpot.


This means that Creative Force today gets far more valid customer data, i.a. purchase data, which is used in the processing of customers and potential customers - a strength when the customer journey is long.


Creative Force contacted MCB when it was time for a new CMS.


The main website,, used to function in its basic structure. Therefore, relevant functions and design elements have been taken over to the new platform, while additional design and content have been added as needed and desired. The primary functionality is the same, and from an external point of view there will not be much difference to notice from 'old' to ‘new' CMS.


The biggest improvement is found internally.


MCB was responsible for the implementation from 'old' to 'new' CMS, and to meet wishes and previous designs, several elements were custom coded in HubSpot. Creative Force therefore now has a completely unique solution.


As many hours of coding were required, direct collaboration took place between Creative Force and the developer, Daniel, at MCB. Interference were cut out and Creative Force experienced a much faster process from thought to action. It also means that unnecessary finances were cut out, and at the same time new ideas were born and almost immediately implemented.


A simplified process and flexible collaboration have thus been the cornerstone of the work between MCB and Creative Force.

A CMS that works better than expected

Creative Force has always had a positive impression of HubSpot, which made it easier to move additional data, habits and workflows into the system with the transition to a new CMS. And fortunately, the enthusiasm for the new setup is great.


HubSpot offers an intuitive interface, great flexibility and a high degree of consumer friendliness. Therefore, it is simple to move between the different functionalities and ensure that each individual employee has the view and the access that makes the most sense for him.


In particular, Creative Force highlights the improvement in speed.


Both server speed has been optimized, which has led to better organic placements, but the internal workflows have also become more streamlined. The employees at Creative Force have the opportunity to collaborate more effectively - especially because they now operate in the same system.


The possibility of utilizing HubSpot's function, HubDB, has also ensured the rapid creation of landing pages for e.g. webinars and jobs where only a few adjustments need to be made before a new page is ready to go live.


It is worth mentioning that Creative Force could have set up a website in another, cheaper CMS. However, it is of great value that all work is kept together. It minimizes the risk of technical errors, the data is further enriched as 1st party, and it is ensured that all functions work together without the need for, for example, additional integrations and synchronizations.


Staying in a tool that several employees at Creative Force already work in and know about is also effective.


After the launch of the new website, a refinement process is now starting at Creative Force, and the company has little by little embarked on an inbound journey. The website will be continuously improved, and the content part will be expanded, so that it is ensured that Creative Force communicates correctly to the right people and utilizes all the automations that is integrated in HubSpot.

Rasmus Høegh Refstrup
Customer Manager

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