Northern Europe's largest foundry group unifies companies and language layers with HubSpot

BIRN has unified all its companies and language layers into one integrated HubSpot solution. This decision has enabled the group to manage its complex international structure and improve cross-border communication. The flexible and user-friendly HubSpot platform makes it easy to manage and develop websites, while also freeing up resources for more sustainable initiatives.

6 subsidiaries and 6 language layers

Cast iron is an often overlooked component used in everything from cars and trucks to washing machines and spinning bikes. BIRN specializes in delivering high-quality cast iron solutions to major industrial customers like Volvo, Scania, and Grundfos. At the same time, a strong focus on sustainability is maintained, with 93% of the material used in production being recycled.

With six subsidiaries spread across Europe, BIRN covers both machined and unmachined cast iron parts, which are distributed globally. Their innovative approach and extensive experience make them a trusted supplier in the industry.


To manage the complex structure and improve communication across companies and countries, BIRN has implemented an integrated HubSpot solution that unifies website activities for the entire group.

BIRN optimizes operations and collaboration with HubSpot's advanced CMS features

HubSpot is designed to handle complex international structures while improving internal processes. With HubSpot CMS Hub, BIRN has access to a range of features that meet their specific needs.


The platform includes:


  • Centralized data management: Website data from BIRN’s six European subsidiaries is consolidated in one place, ensuring a more efficient and streamlined flow of information.
  • Multilingual customer management: HubSpot enables BIRN to manage content and services across multiple languages, essential for their international customer base.
  • User-friendly CMS: With HubSpot CMS Hub, BIRN can easily update and manage content across their various websites.
  • Intuitive content creation and management: The user-friendly interface allows BIRN to quickly and easily create and manage content, ensuring all websites are up-to-date with the latest information.
  • Custom design: A tailored design allows BIRN to present digital content in a visually coherent and attractive manner, supporting brand identity and business strategy. This has resulted in a completely new look, including a new color palette shifting from red/black to softer green/brown tones.
  • Responsive design: The platform ensures BIRN’s websites are fully responsive and function optimally on all devices, enhancing the user experience for visitors.
  • Blog functionality: BIRN uses HubSpot’s blog feature to publish news and updates, keeping both employees and customers informed.
  • Custom Garuda integration: A custom-developed integration with Garuda helps BIRN display active job postings, making the recruitment process more visible and efficient.
  • Statistics and analysis: The dashboard functionality allows BIRN to pull detailed statistics and analyses of their websites’ performance, helping to optimize and target efforts.


All of this is possible without additional subscription costs, proving that HubSpot CMS Hub is a flexible and robust platform. New features are continuously added, allowing BIRN to keep developing their digital presence and improving their internal workflows.


For BIRN, this means a more efficient and cohesive organization, enabling them to strengthen their focus on sustainability and innovation, which are central elements of both their current and future strategy.



"We have really seen a big difference since we started using HubSpot CMS Hub.

It has become much easier for us to manage our websites and keep track of all content across our subsidiaries in Europe.


MCB has helped us build modules and find creative solutions that suit our needs. Their technical setup and support have been a great help.


HubSpot is an intuitive and excellent program that makes our work much easier. The solution is simple yet incredibly effective, and we are very satisfied with it. The collaboration with MCB has been very good, and we now have a flexible platform that we can continue to work with and develop based on the solid foundation we have created in collaboration with MCB."




Group Marketing Manager at BIRN

Modernization of content and visual identity with a focus on SEO

A major part of BIRN's digital transformation has involved working to modernize both the content and the visual expression on their websites. Through continuous updates of all content, BIRN ensures that their online presence is not only up-to-date but also optimized to attract and retain visitors.


BIRN understands the impact of an effective SEO strategy, which can lead to better performance and higher rankings in search engines. The work on integrating keywords, improving meta descriptions, and optimizing page speed is therefore the next step in BIRN's journey toward increased visibility.


Additionally, BIRN has worked intensively on enhancing the visual expression of their pages. By implementing a modern and responsive design, they have created a more user-friendly experience that attracts and engages visitors. The new design is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional, making it easier for users to navigate and find the information they seek.


Focusing on both content and visual updates has given BIRN a competitive edge. Their websites appear as professional and reliable sources, which strengthens their brand. The combination of updated content and a focus on SEO means that BIRN can continue to maintain a strong digital presence in an increasingly competitive online world.



"With HubSpot CMS Hub, BIRN has gained a user-friendly platform that centralizes content management, improves SEO, and creates a solid foundation for integrations and custom solutions."



Marketing Manager at MCB


Efficient recruitment with custom integration to Garuda

BIRN's implementation of a custom integration to Garuda has optimized their recruitment process. The solution enables BIRN to display active job postings directly on their websites, making it easy for potential candidates to find and apply for open positions.

The efficiency of the integration lies in centralizing and automating the updating of job postings, saving time and reducing manual effort. With a user-friendly interface, BIRN can quickly update and maintain job listings.

This upgrade improves internal processes and strengthens BIRN's ability to attract the right talents for the growing company.


Quick launch of new sites with templates and design

BIRN's transition to HubSpot has been marked by quick and efficient launches of new websites for both the main site and subsidiaries. Today, BIRN, KOCKUMS and ULDALL are live, while TASSO are just around the corner.

MCB has developed flexible and user-friendly templates that can be customized to meet the individual needs of BIRN's subsidiaries. This means that when a new site is to be launched, BIRN only needs to add the relevant content without worrying about technical details or design solutions.

This approach has not only reduced the time needed for launches but also ensured consistency and quality across all of BIRN's websites. The result is a cohesive and effective online presence that strengthens BIRN's brand globally.

Who is BIRN?

BIRN is one of Northern Europe's largest and most traditional foundry groups, founded in 1896 in Holstebro, Denmark, where the headquarters are still located. The group consists of six subsidiaries in Denmark, Germany, Sweden, and Italy, employing around 800 people. BIRN specializes in cast iron solutions ranging from design and development, casting and machining to surface treatment.


BIRN has a strong focus on sustainability, using up to 93% recycled material in their cast iron. They actively work to reduce energy consumption through new investments and technology, including the use of iPads on trucks to optimize energy use in the melting process, and AI on casting lines to optimize the dosing of molten iron from casting machines into molds. This ensures high quality and reduces energy consumption.


The increased focus on sustainability is not just about complying with EU directives on sustainability data documentation. It is increasingly a competitive parameter that customers and partners expect BIRN as suppliers to manage. This involves detailed recording and reporting of their environmental impact, further strengthening their commitment to responsible production.


With a combination of tradition, innovation, and sustainability, BIRN has cemented its position as a trusted supplier in the foundry industry - known for quality and reliability.

Rasmus Høegh Refstrup
Customer Manager

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