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A journey towards a stable online presence with HubSpot

Smartgyro was established in 2014, and since then, the company has been on a tremendous growth journey. A journey that brings new needs and expectations from both employees and customers, especially when it comes to the online presence.

With a growing brand, having a suitable online solution is crucial, and that's why Smartgyro chose to build a new website using HubSpot CMS.

Smartgyro is a gyro stabilization technology company with a mission to elevate the entire boating experience with its complete range of advanced stabilizers. 

The mission is to design advanced marine stabilizers that deliver a comfortable, safe and seamless onboard experience so boaters can live out their dreams.


Ideal for new builds and refit installations on recreational boats and light duty commercial vessels, Smartgyro stabilizers offer significant performance, installation and maintenance benefits for boat builders, owners and operators.


Founded in 2014, Smartgyro is headquartered in La Spezia, Italy, and is backed by strategic partner, YANMAR and its companies, including VETUS, Maxwell, and Flexofold.


In recent years, Smartgyro has experienced tremendous growth and product development. Therefore, it is natural for the company's online presence to keep pace, leading to the selection of HubSpot as the CMS – a system capable of encompassing the entire business, from website and marketing to extensive data management. Additionally, HubSpot offers scalability to grow alongside Smartgyro's expanding needs.

The implementation of HubSpot has provided us with a range of useful features and tools that have significantly improved our ability to handle various aspects of our operations.


We are aware that there are still many features available in HubSpot that we have not yet utilized, but it is important to note that the implementation of the existing features is a significant step forward for our company.

The ability to manage contact inquiries, execute email marketing campaigns, and leverage social media tools already gives a solid foundation to optimize our internal activities and enhance our overall business operations.


MCB has made a significant contribution to our journey with HubSpot by consistently demonstrating a willingness to understand our needs and finding ways to address them using the features offered by HubSpot or through custom developments. Their dedication to understanding our requirements and translating them into effective solutions has been invaluable.


The collaboration with MCB has been characterized by open communication, prompt responsiveness, and a strong commitment to our success. Their proactive approach to understanding our unique needs and delivering tailored solutions has fostered a highly productive partnership.
We appreciate their dedication to delivering high-quality results and their willingness to go the extra mile to ensure our satisfaction.

Elena Ratti, Marketing & Communication Smartgyro

A centralized platform that ensures efficient business operations and opportunities for growth

Before Smartgyro had its new HubSpot site, the company had a 'placeholder' website. However, it could no longer meet the demands of the growing brand. To keep up with the growth and ensure a strong online presence, taking a significant step forward was crucial.


In the search for a suitable system, Smartgyro became aware of HubSpot through the positive experience of the collaborating company, Flexofold. Flexofold had already implemented the HubSpot platform and achieved excellent results. Additionally, there was enthusiasm for MCB, which led Smartgyro to make the same decision.


As a result, Smartgyro now has a design-optimized and modern website and can take advantage of a wide range of features.


Landing Pages, in particular, play a crucial role. They are created to promote specific products or initiatives. By measuring the performance through dashboards and integrated data, Smartgyro gains insights into the effectiveness of their marketing efforts, allowing them to optimize campaigns and increase conversions.


Overall, the website serves as a tool to expand brand awareness, address product inquiries, and direct visitors to dealers and distributors, including through an interactive map that MCB has custom-developed.


Smartgyro also benefits from the ability to handle contact inquiries effectively. With HubSpot, the company has a centralized platform that efficiently manages and tracks incoming contact inquiries from potential customers.


As a B2B-focused manufacturing company, Smartgyro finds the private section through HubSpot's Knowledge Base crucial. This section provides important customers with access to confidential information, technical drawings, sales materials, advertising materials, and other resources using a personal login.


Furthermore, HubSpot is utilized for email marketing. Smartgyro can create and send targeted emails to specific segments of global dealers and distribution networks with personalized and tailored content and materials. These emails communicate updates about the company, products in stock, news, and other information, thereby strengthening network engagement and driving business growth.


HubSpot also contributes features for managing social media, allowing Smartgyro to plan and publish posts on various social media platforms - quickly and easily. With this functionality, an active and consistent online presence is maintained, supporting brand awareness building and gaining insights into the target audience.

Engagement and modern technology drive the business forward

Alongside the significant work in HubSpot, Smartgyro has embraced training sessions from MCB. This has enabled the internal team to strengthen their proficiency in utilizing the various tools offered by HubSpot. The sessions have contributed crucial knowledge and skills, ensuring the platform is optimally leveraged.


Overall, the results with HubSpot demonstrate Smartgyro's commitment to using modern technology to drive the business forward. By effectively utilizing the available features and gradually exploring new ones, Smartgyro positions itself as a company aiming for long-term success.


And the journey is far from over.

Smartgyro will continue to explore HubSpot, adopt additional features, and thereby gain even more benefits and optimizations in their sales and marketing efforts.


Smartgyro envisions a future where onboard stabilization comfort becomes standard on vessels. With Smartgyro's gyro stabilization units, anglers, captains, boat lovers and boat builders are supported in understanding the importance of comfort and stability, making them play a significant and collaborative role in the industry.

Rasmus Høegh Refstrup
Customer Manager

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