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A strategic approach to sales and marketing with HubSpot

With HubSpot, Continia has unified their sales and marketing activities. The solution has made it possible to manage a complex ecosystem, and by centralizing data, workflows and communication between departments have been streamlined. Continia can now more easily manage leads, customers, and partners, while freeing up resources to focus on growth and efficiency, which supports a more strategic approach to both sales and marketing.


Global presence and complex structure

Continia is a leading provider of software solutions for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, which streamline workflows and increase productivity for companies worldwide. As a global company with headquarters in Nørresundby, Northern Jutland, and sales offices spread across the world, Continia serves customers through an extensive network of partners.

This partner structure ensures that end customers always have access to local support and expertise, while Continia delivers the necessary tools and solutions to optimize their business.

To manage this complex structure and simultaneously improve collaboration between sales and marketing, Continia has implemented an integrated HubSpot solution. This solution centralizes data and processes, enabling Continia to provide a cohesive experience across their global market.

Integrated ecosystem and efficient data management

Challenges with complexity, data, tracking, and workflow automation led Continia to seek a new software platform to support their sales and marketing development.


HubSpot was chosen as the replacement due to its increased user-friendliness and ability to support Continia's business model. To manage the complex ecosystem, Continia has implemented a comprehensive solution with a primary focus on Sales Hub and Marketing Hub, but with the option to utilize the remaining Hubs as well, providing the company with a robust suite solution.


Continia has multiple data sources, including a website and a PartnerZone on Umbraco and their own ERP system, with data consolidated in a central Data Warehouse. From there, all data is sent via an integration to HubSpot.


In this collaboration, MCB did not develop these integrations but served as a guiding partner in structuring Continia's data so that both marketing and sales can effectively use the system.

MCB ensured correct setup between the many systems, including the creation and development of the custom objects necessary to handle specific data and integration needs, allowing all functionalities in HubSpot to be fully utilized in the collaboration between sales and marketing. This involved significant adjustments to an existing setup, as well as the development of custom apps and modules.


The core objective has been to create an organized and user-friendly ecosystem for Continia’s employees, with a focus on providing accurate guidance to achieve the most optimal setup.


Additionally, MCB is working on a deeper integration between the Data Warehouse and HubSpot to ensure a two-way data flow, as well as an integration between Microsoft App Store and HubSpot, which can connect end customers with licenses – something that will improve Continia’s ability to manage customer relationships and license data.



It has been invaluable working with MCB. With a solid understanding of how our business and business model operate, MCB's team, with its extensive HubSpot experience, has built exactly the setup we were looking for. They always ensure to find the solutions that best fit us, and they help us understand when internal adjustments are needed.


With his skills, knowledge, and understanding of Continia, Martin in particular has been able to explain HubSpot and the many possibilities the system offers to both our very technical executives and in layman's terms. Martin is always available, responds quickly to questions, follows up, and is willing to go the extra mile to help us achieve our goals.





CRM Automation Specialist at Continia

A more strengthened collaboration between sales and marketing with HubSpot

The implementation of HubSpot has improved the collaboration between Continia's sales and marketing departments, resulting in a more efficient and integrated workflow. The automation between the two departments ensures that they work closely together and leverage HubSpot's full potential to drive growth and success.


Using HubSpot's tools for lead management, automation of customer journeys, and lifecycle stages, the marketing team can capture and nurture leads. Tasks are then created to ensure that the sales team is involved at the right stages of the customer journey. This means that leads are handled in a structured and targeted manner.


The marketing department has generally embraced the use of HubSpot, and today, a large portion of the functions available in the chosen subscription plan are being utilized.


The sales department subsequently benefits from the qualified leads generated by marketing, provides feedback, and forwards them to partners. This eliminates costly tasks and allows the sales team to focus on managing pipelines and creating opportunities.


Additionally, Continia also hosts several webinars, and with HubSpot, it will be possible in the future to optimize and automate many of the necessary processes related to them.



With HubSpot, Continia has gained a centralized and user-friendly platform that consolidates all their sales and marketing activities, improves data management, and enables advanced integrations tailored to their complex ecosystem.



Head of HubSpot at MCB


Growth supported on a global scale

The platform includes the following components:

  • Integration of multiple systems: Data from Continia's ERP and PartnerZone is centralized in a Data Warehouse, which sends data to HubSpot. This ensures consistent and efficient data management across sales and marketing, as both departments now have access to the same data and customer information.

  • User-friendliness and customization: HubSpot's intuitive interface and customization options make it easy for sales and marketing to manage everything from campaigns and leads to prospects and to process them.

  • Automation of workflows: Automated processes for managing and handling lead management and customer journeys have reduced manual tasks and increased efficiency. This has allowed Continia to focus on strategic initiatives rather than routine tasks.

Future prospects and further development of HubSpot implementation

Continia has ambitious plans to expand the use of HubSpot. They have already seen significant improvements in their sales and marketing processes and continue to find many opportunities for further optimization and growth.

An important part of the strategy will be to integrate HubSpot with the Microsoft App Source and to develop their lead scoring system to utilize more of HubSpot’s advanced automation features.

With HubSpot as a central part of their digital infrastructure, Continia is well-positioned to continue their success and innovation on a global scale.

Who is Continia?

With over 150 employees across 10 offices worldwide, Continia offers a range of solutions for finance and accounting within Business Central. Their innovative software solutions have made them a trusted partner for companies using Microsoft’s ERP systems. Continia’s ability to integrate their solutions with customers’ existing systems, such as Zendesk and Microsoft CRM, has further strengthened their market position.


Continia has a strong focus on delivering user-friendly and efficient solutions that optimize business processes. They actively work on improving their software and adapting it to changing needs while embedding it in their customers’ existing Business Central solutions—hence the name ‘Built inside.’ Their commitment to quality and innovation has made them a reliable supplier in the industry, known for providing solutions that increase productivity and reduce costs for their customers.


With a combination of advanced technology, user-friendliness, and strong partner relationships, Continia has cemented its position as a leading provider of software solutions for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Rasmus Høegh Refstrup
Customer Manager

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