When business turns into friendship

For more than a decade, has Goldentime chosen to collaborate with MCB. Today, it is a partnership based on trust, loyalty and, not least, good friendships. Together, Goldentime and MCB have created a jewelry empire whose journey has only just begun.

For 12 years, has helped to sweeten life. Here you will find a wide selection of exclusive jewelry, watches and accessories, which is why the store is the ideal place when you want to treat yourself or someone you care about with a little something extra. And as we all know - the devil is in the detail. And that detail can be contributed by beautiful and high-quality jewelry, watches and accessories from the absolute best brands.


And it is also important to remember that jewelry lasts forever. It is therefore small investments that brings joy many years into the future.


In addition to an online shop, Goldentime has a physical store in the heart of Holstebro. Here, 8 employees are fully employed every day, so that it is ensured that all customers - whether they shop physically or online - receive the absolute best service.


And it is the personal service that ensures that Goldentime stands out in a market with an increasing number of competitors. It is important that every customer gets a good experience and meets personal customer service. Therefore, each order is carefully processed, and a small, personal greeting is always included.


It's extra work, but for Goldentime it pays off. The customers come back and love to shop in both the physical store and the online shop.


We have always been – and continue to be – happy with our collaboration with MCB. For us, MCB is not just a marketing agency. MCB is a part of our team.

Rikke Baunbæk, E-commerce Manager

A decade of collaboration


When went live over 12 years ago, a new and unknown journey began. From only having experience in running a physical store, it was now necessary to enter the online fields. And although the business is the same, the approach and work areas are completely different online. This requires a different mindset and an understanding of a wide range of disciplines that are both changeable, advanced and demanding. And therefore Goldentime meet the need for extra hands.


Goldentime found them at MCB and on the CMS, .CLOUD, which since then has contributed within both optimization and maintenance of the shop's technical setup, which includes everything from design, implementation, integrations and much more, but especially MCB's marketing department also contributes with knowledge and expertise in various areas including Google Ads, Facebook advertising and SEO optimization.


Each area has a specialist with great knowledge and a desire to drive Goldentime to further success. However, everything is put together by the one consultant who has followed Goldentime throughout the years, Malte.


Malte has been an enormous resource for Goldentime, regularly challenging the shop with new technical initiatives for increased performance and proposals that should be tested. Today, Malte has a broad knowledge of Goldentime and the way in which the business is run, and therefore he knows what he can expect from the employees, as well as being realistic about the business goals for the online work. Together, Malte and Goldentime manage to plan an achievable, digital strategy.


Today, the long collaboration means trust between MCB and Goldentime, where demands are made both ways. Nothing is thus left to chance, and both places have a responsibility to provide and contribute. And precisely that approach has helped to increase sales and growth right from the start of the online journey with, which is always one step ahead of its many competitors.


Every month, previous efforts are followed up and plans are made for future ones. MCB and Goldentime therefore regularly check in with each other. And due to the close location of the companies, MCB often visits Goldentime, just as the employees of Goldentime spend a working day in the office at MCB. Here, there is always a cup of coffee ready. 


From being a business, Goldentime is today a business partner - and more than that. The close collaboration has also led to friendships.

Big dreams for the future

The time after the Corona epidemic are different. And there is therefore, in some cases, a new reality that the online shops have to deal with. Many online shops struggle in order to be succesful - both because there is an increasing number of competitors who have also seen the light of the online possibilities, but also because the price war has intensified. Consumers are critical and know where to find the best prices and use a variety of tools to ensure they get the items they are looking for at the most advantageous discounts.


One thing is therefore to maintain the high, personal service and to continue doing what Goldentime has always done. Something else is to always be competitive not just on prices, but also on other parameters such as brands, delivery and ease of use.


However, Goldentime experience both progress and growth. And it gives reason to dream - and also to dream big.


But what the future holds, no one knows yet. Maybe new, big bands will be released on the shop? Maybe Goldentime expand outside the Danish borders? Or maybe there is a whole third plan? Regardless, MCB looks forward to continuing to be part of the journey.


Because even though there are no definite plans for what the next step should be for, one thing is certain. The collaboration between MCB and Goldentime continues, and the friendship already extends into the next decade.

Malte Bolvig Hansen
Digital Marketing & CRO Specialist

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