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New Shopify solution gave an older wine shop a breath of fresh air

For 39 years, Dahls Vinhandel has sold wine, spirits, and specialties in shopping street of Viborg. When you enter the store it is like stepping into a time warp from old times with the smell of freshly ground coffee, full shelves to explore and old cash registers.

Since 1984, Dahls Vinhandel has been located at the same address in the Latin Quarter in Viborg. The old coffee mill still grinds coffee, and the large selection of wine and spirits has only grown larger. Although the store's physical setting is in many ways a success and experience in itself something was still missing to complete the business.


The company's heart, traditions, and history are found in the physical store but nevertheless there was a need to upgrade and prioritize the digital presence. The wine shop already had an online universe but it was unfortunately flawed, outdated, and difficult for the shop's employees to handle in a busy everyday life.


Therefore, Dahls Vinhandel contacted MCB with a burning desire for a fresh and up-to-date breath for the company's digital presence.

"For an old store like us it is important to preserve the traditions and the historical framework. But that does not mean that you have to let the online train pass by. Because it is moving fast, and you have to get on. At MCB, we were met of an understanding that our webshop is a supplement to our physical business. It is therefore simple, clear, and straightforward so that we can more easily expand our sales while doing what we do best in the physical setting."

Pernille Dahl, Marketing Manager at Dahls Vinhandel

A Store and Website with Soul

The store in Viborg already contains a lot of soul and personality, and all that was missing was a website that could do the same. In collaboration with MCB the choice quickly fell on a solution built in Shopify to handle the company's many different products in an easy, efficient, and user-friendly way.


The Shopify team at MCB was put to work when more than 1300 products had to be migrated from the old webshop to the new Shopify solution. With Matrixify MCB was able to keep the many products in a safe harbor and with all data safe and sound.


Then there was the task of fine-tuning the product display on the new website. For many finding the right bottle of wine is like looking for a needle in a haystack. It was therefore important that the website contained a product display that was user-friendly and easy to understand for the visitors. The results is that under each product there is now a clear overview with small icons that summarize the product's essential properties. In this way potential customers can quickly and easily get an idea of the contents of the bottle and thereby assess whether it should be allowed to end up in the basket.


In addition there was also a task to give the website a design and appearance that was generally more up-to-date and in line with the store's physical framework. It was brought to life with the company's primary colors and images of the store and employees. All elements that highlight the feeling and personality behind the unique flavor universe at Dahls Vinhandel.


The collaboration between Dahls Vinhandel and MCB has resulted in the wine shop today having a clear, simple, and modern webshop which manages to carry on the traditions and stories in an online universe.

Effective Order Management

The wine shop's old website required a lot of manual processes every time an online order came through. It was time-consuming and cumbersome. Therefore, it was also high on the wish list of the company's employees that order management became easier and more efficient in an otherwise busy everyday life with many things to do in the store.


With the new Shopify solution Dahls Vinhandel has also connected apps such as Shipmondo, Storebuddy, Clearhaus, Quickpay, PensoPay, and Dinero which together make order management and bookkeeping easier in everyday life.


This means that the wine shop can simply handle an order from confirmation to packing the order and completing the payment. And it has even become so easy that employees can now do it all from a smartphone while walk around among the shelves in the store and put the goods aside.


These are significant improvements in a company where the main focus is otherwise the physical framework, old traditions, and good stories. The handling of the new online universe must be simplified and made as simple as possible so that all employees can easily take on the tasks.


It all culminates in a new webshop which has both received a visual upgrade, user-friendly touches, and streamlined processes. And hopefully 2023 offers a great wine year - at least Dahls Vinhandel is now equipped to take on the market successfully. At MCB we look forward to follow the journey!

Rasmus Høegh Refstrup
Customer Manager

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