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Friluftsland opened on 15 June 1980 in a basement room on Nørrebro in Copenhagen. And since then Friluftsland has sold outdoor equipment and clothing to quality-conscious outdoor people. Back in November 2021 the company decided it was time for a new platform, and in March 2022 a brand new webshop was launched.

Today the company has grown to include 13 stores and 2 webshops in Denmark and Sweden. At you will find everything from boots, outwear, rucksacks, and sleeping gear for the outdoors. For more than 40 years Friluftsland has been the market's leading outdoor shop. Therefore you are always guaranteed good quality whatever you visit their webshops or one of the many stores around the country.


In 2017 Friluftsland became part of Fenix Outdoor which is a global company that has ambitions to develop and sell equipment and clothing for outdoor activities. Fenix Outdoor consists of two parts. One part is an international brand house consisting of brands such as Fjallräven, Tierra, Primus, Hanwag, and Royal Robbins. The second part consists of retail with a number of chains such as Friluftsland with stores distributed in Sweden, Finland, Germany, Denmark, Norway, and Great Britain.


At Friluftsland you can today count 220 skilled employees who are passionate about their specialty every day and strive for good equipment that provides better experiences in the outdoors.

"We have experienced an honest and pragmatic collaboration which has been very professional. We think that it is a really good match between us as business and MCB. We have a huge focus on our online presence so it is important to us that we are prioritized. And we do that at MCB.


The most amazing thing is that we got a fairly complex solution done in what feels like record time. We started the project in November and launched in March. And if you ignore Christmas and start-up we have actually built a platform together in 4 months. Is is very impressive.


And the MCB has an enormous number of solutions lying in their drawers which they are willing to share along the way and there is never oversold when it is already competences or solutions that are in house. And we greatly appreciate that, and it is also what makes you stick around as a customer."

Thomas Ferm Fischer - Head of e-commerce online and customer care

Freedom and Flexibility with MCB.Cloud

In November 2021 the collaboration between Friluftsland and MCB started and already in March the company was able to launch a completely new platform built in MCB.Cloud. It has been an impressive journey which today has given many benefits for Friluftsland.


Back in November there were two primary reasons why Friluftsland wanted a new webshop solution.


Firstly, the old website was a solution built by an external developer who was the only one with access to the website's backend. And it was an external developer who was also busy with other customers and therefore a resource that was challenged at times. It put a limitation on the work and adaptability of Friluftsland. It was therefore a fragile set-up which required outside help every time changes had to be made to the site.


Secondly, there were absolutely essential economic factors which advocated a new webshop solution. There was not much to discuss for Friluftsland when they found out that they could get a new solution that was both flexible to work in and economically advantageous.


The plan was in place. A flexible, durable, and economically viable solution was needed. Now the right platform just had to be chosen. And the choice fell on MCB's own platform MCB.Cloud.


In collaboration with MCB, Friluftsland has built a solution in SAP, which is an ERP system that delivers data to .Cloud. ERP is a software system that makes it possible to manage all aspects of the company from finance, production, HR, sales, and marketing. It is a solution that has resulted in a more secure set-up and with access to the backend. And that has its clear advantages for Friluftsland.


The company has become independent and got a flexible solution which are important parameters when running an online business. At the same tim the new platform makes it easy to train new employees in the backend. It strengthens and future-proofs the company's setup where more people can now work in and with the webshop instead of just one which was a hindrance previously.

20 % Increase in Conversion Rate

In March 2022 Friluftsland was ready to launch the new .Cloud solution. And all in all the good cooperation between Friluftsland and MCB has paid off!


Compared to February Friluftsland already experienced an improvement in the page's Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) at the launch in March. And it is not an entirely insignificant improvement.


CLS is one of the three parameters in Google's Core Web Vitals which helps to determine whether the user experience on the site meets Google's requirements. CLS measures how much of the page bounces while being read. It can be if a banner suddenly appears causing the page to jump down.


At Friluftsland the switch to .Cloud meant that the site went from 43 % to as much as 93 % of the site is now approved in relation to CLS. And it already happened during the first month!


But that is not all.


Since its launch Friluftsland has achieved a 20 % increase in conversion rate. And this is despite the fact that last year was challenging due to among other things COVID-19, IOS14 updates, and new cookie rules.


The results show that the good cooperation has shown the way and it was the right decision to change platforms. Is has streamlined and strengthened the company's workflows, improved the user experiences in line with Google's Core Web Vitals, and at the same time increased the conversion rate.


High Ambitions for the Future

Although has already achieved good results with the new solution the company still has high ambitions for the future to become even better within E-commerce.


In the near future Friluftsland will significantly expand the product range. And then the company already has a growth ambition in sight. Over a 3-year period Friluftsland has an ambition to double the webshop's online revenue.


At MCB we love companies that have high ambitions and dream big. That is the way to success! And we are sure that together with Friluftsland we will reach the goal and make the dreams come true.

Michael Almstrup

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