When one update leads to more great ideas

Søvn & Comfort is West Jutland's largest specialty store with everything for the good sleep. The focus is particularly on beds of the best quality, which is why you will find a wide selection of both elevation beds, continental beds and box mattresses from popular brands such as Wonderland, Vispring and Hästens.

We have updated our e-mail flows in collaboration with Louise and Annemette from MCB. The collaboration has been super good. We have no doubt that we have worked with competent people.


Throughout the process, Louise and Annemette have provided good advice and guidance regarding our e-mail automation setup. The dialogue has been good, and we have really felt that our wishes and needs have been fulfilled.


We are so happy with the result. Our email flows have become so beautiful.


Mia Haaregaard Nyby, webmaster at Søvn & Comfort

It is important that we take care not just of our sleep, but of the good sleep. It is the one thing that gives us energy for everyday life, and it ensures that we have the motivation to seize everything that life has to offer. We spend several hours a day in our bed, and one place where we should not compromise is therefore in the bedroom, where the environment must encourage calm and relaxation.


Since 1994, it has therefore been Søvn & Comfort's noblest task to find the bed that suits you - and because not two people are the same, it requires the right expertise. It comes i.e. expressed through a high level of service in the physical store in Holstebro, but also online.


Over the years, Søvn & Comfort's webshop has been added.


The same wide range is offered online as in the physical store, and to ensure correct guidance and information for not only customers, but also potential customers, Søvn & Comfort has built up an active and loyal list of newsletter subscribers in the e-mail marketing system, ActiveCampaign.

A new design with a great understanding of the brand

To keep up with the online development, Søvn & Comfort decided in 2022 that it was time to update their webshop. And because Søvn & Comfort has had a webshop on MCB's e-commerce platform, .Cloud, for several years it was of course also MCB that was given the honor of handling this task.


The webshop got a completely new and more fresh design, which meets the current standards within e.g. UX. The color selection and product displays in particular have undergone a major and positive change.


And the final result speaks for itself about the good cooperation that has existed for years between Søvn & Comfort and MCB.


One thing, however, is to give the webshop a new look. When you, like Søvn & Comfort, also have a great virtue in sending out exciting and attractive newsletters to a wide range of interested subscribers, it was of course also necessary to update the entire look in e-mails and automations. The new webshop design therefore had to be converted to a wide selection of e-mails in automation as well as to the template.


And this task was also carried out as a collaboration between Søvn & Comfort and MCB.


Søvn & Comfort now has a modern expression across all the used platforms. And it creates a good understanding of the brand and identity. The cohesion also makes it easier to remember the brand.


But as we all know, one task can quickly lead to another. And that is exactly what happened in this case.


When we delved into the current set-up in ActiveCampaign, it became clear that there were some new and more effective methods that Søvn & Comfort should use in relation to e-mail marketing. And Søvn & Comfort was also motivated to change, which is why the set-up of several new automations was planned soon after - several of these were heavily grounded in data from the webshop.

Time is no limitation for good results

Although the new automations have only been running for a few months, it is already possible to derive good results.


As part of the update of the entire e-mail setup, Søvn & Comfort had a number of different flows set up.


Including a Birthday flow, a Loyalty flow, a Re-activation flow and several data flows based on site tracking and event tracking, which are triggered by various forms of purchase data with requests for e.g. re-sale and up-sale.


However, the Birthday flow in particular is worth highlighting, as it always has a good effect.

And let's just admit it - no matter how old we get, we always want to be pampered on our birthday. And that is exactly what happens in this automation. After filling in one's date of birth in a form, data is stored until the date of the birthday hit and an email is triggered. In this is a birthday present.


Although it has only been 3 months since this automation went live, 11% of Søvn & Comfort's newsletter subscribers have already filled out the form and several birthday gifts have been sent out. And so far, an average order value of DKK 1,150.00 is experienced when using the discount code.


The loyalty flow intends to spoil the recipients who repeatedly shop at Søvn & Comfort, considering that we are far too good at overlooking returning and loyal customers and instead focus on new sales. This is a trend that this automation tries to address while the various emails also encourage another purchase.


And although we no longer talk about open rates as we did just a short time ago (due to iOS15), we still find that this is at a staggering 80%, while the click-through rate is around 14%.


These are numbers that show how important it is to have not only the right setup, but also the data that makes it possible to segment your subscribers. 

Louise Færk
E-mail Marketing Specialist

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