Looking for a new website?
Then you are not primarily out to buy code, but knowledge. And an overview of the many different IT solutions available on the market today. Choose an IT consultant who knows your situation - and your platform at your fingertips.


There is no license - you can start programming in it right away if you have technological flair.


With IT outsourcing, your supplier takes responsibility for ensuring that your code, website, operations and security are always up to date.

HubSpot CMS

With HubSpot CMS and their CRM system, you will be able to give all your visitors a unique experience based on the data you already know.

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Niels Brock
Topas Travel
Save a Heart

20 years of experience

Choose an IT consultant who knows your situation - and your platform at your fingertips.

Who has developed websites since the birth of the website (almost) - and who has therefore advised customers in all the phases that exist in the website's development since then.

Who takes clear management and professional care of you throughout the process.

And which advises you towards the long-term IT solution that both creates conversions right now - and which can always be scaled according to the development of your business and your customers.

A partner who will challenge you

Bullshit is a boomerang. We would rather challenge you - than talk you out of it.

Only in this way can we provide quality advice. Our customers have not stayed with us because we know a lot of smart expressions - but because we advise smart.

And then we're merchants - so we know it's not enough to have our own product on the shelf. That is why we also specialize in Umbraco and Magento.

Which CMS should I choose?

Businesses that do not have a website or even worse - online presence, are rapidly losing their foothold in the modern world.
It is therefore time that you find the perfect CMS to manage your business and grow.

But which one should many choose when there are so many options in the market?

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Sounds like a match?

Want to know more about how we can collaborate?
Then we look forward to hearing more about your business.

Bo Hedegaard
Director, Partner


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