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Google Ads, Google Adwords, SEM - all refer to perhaps the most effective discipline for becoming more visible online and improving your business's chances of growing. And as a certified Google Ads partner, MCB can be your collaborator.




Your Google Ads Agency

At MCB, you will find dedicated employees who are passionate about your business's success. We manage around DKK 2.5 million in monthly Google Ads spend, and on average, it generates 10 times more revenue for our partners - perhaps you could be one of them?


As your Google Ads agency, we draw on extensive experience in Google Ads, which is why you will always find certified consultants and a Google Partner at MCB.


We are a multi-competency agency, and we understand how to work across a range of interests and specialties. That's why we make sure to include everything from tracking and search engine optimization (SEO) to conversion rate optimization (CRO) and social media marketing when you choose to work with us. This also applies to other new initiatives that can be beneficial to your success with the Google Premier Ads platform.


At MCB, we also develop and manage the operations of a large number of webshops on a variety of different platforms. We are one of the country's leading agencies in tracking and data collection, and as a result, we have a close partnership with ProfitMetrics.


In other words, as Google Ads specialists, we have the tools to take you to the top of Google's search results, but we also have a desire to elevate your entire digital business and increase your potential customer base.



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Meet your Google Ads team


Nicolai Hesselholdt


Anja Esbersen


Your Opportunities with Google Ads Optimization

Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) is perhaps the world's largest and best platform for achieving results, attracting potential customers, and ranking high in Google search results. Not only do you become visible on the world's largest search engines, Google and YouTube, which most people interact with daily, but you also reach your target audience at the precise moment they are researching or looking for the products or services you offer.


And because you only pay when someone clicks on your ads, Google Ads is the most profitable online marketing channel for most businesses.


As your Google Ads agency, MCB works for your success. We believe that having proper conversion tracking and a website with relevant content in place is essential. It may seem obvious, but it is sometimes underestimated, and therefore, when we optimize in these areas, we see even better results from Google Ads efforts.


When you have ambitions for Google Ads and want to get the most value for your ad spend, it's important to be on the right platform (CMS) that meets your needs and to be able to track as much traffic as possible. This way, you ensure that you can incorporate profit into the ongoing work with your Google Ads account.



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That's what our partners say


We had followed that Performance Max was the new thing. I was actually very skeptical before but I have. to admit that it went beyond all expectations. We have sold significantly more. There has been a 125 % increase in revenue in August compared to last year on paid advertising with Performance Max.

Nicolai from MCB has been good at helping us with how to optimize the ads, and he has had a very good handle on all the numbers. And for it is just as much about working together with someone who has the passion. And I feel 100 % that he has the passion. It has meant a lot that we have felt that MCB is also passionate about it.

Simon Haubjerg Jørgensen

Get Dressed
I have greatly appreciated the collaboration I have had with Louise from MCB's marketing department. She has given me an intro to Klaviyo so that I have become familiar with the program, and at the same time she has set up the flows that can now continue to give results long into the future.

Nette Blach

Light Partner
MCB has helped us in many areas within SEO including sparring, creating, new content, and cleaning up redundant content.

As a result we see good progress in both traffic and turnover and look forward to expanding the collaboration with MCB in the future.

Stig Meyer Jensen


MCB was involved from the beginning when we had to build our digital marketing. We started by conducting a competitor analysis and keyword analysis. And there was no doubt that we should get in touch with Flemming, as he has broad experience from both the B2B and B2C worlds.

Together with MCB, we are very data-driven. Every month, we receive an analysis that tells us how we are progressing towards the goals we have set up. It is a good basis for making the right decisions and working on what makes sense for the business.

We have achieved great results! It should be highlighted that we now rank number 1 on Google for several different keywords within our industry - we were previously not to be found.

We do not feel like just a customer among many at MCB. It has always been and still is a collaboration where we collectively strive for the good results that can be measured on the bottom line.

Diana Erlandsen



When working online, you need to be adaptable. Things move quickly! And when it comes to Google Ads, there are often changes and new features. Today, the modern account structure is largely characterized by automation, algorithms, and machine learning.


Fortunately, Google's algorithms have become so intelligent that much of the conventional optimization of Google Ads can be safely left to them.


However, the success of the algorithms will always depend on user signals, ad material, settings, and goals. These are areas that are central to MCB's work with Google Ads. As your Google Ads agency, we ensure competitive advantages by working with the latest features of the algorithms and focusing on giving them the best conditions by feeding them with the correct data and the most rewarding material, so you get the most out of your ad spend.



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Search Campaigns

Search Campaigns

Google advertising brings to mind the classic text ads that appear at the top of a results page when performing a Google search. Search campaigns are therefore a central element of Google Ads, which allows for displaying ads to the right people, with the right searches, and with the right ad text.

Search campaigns and their associated text ads therefore encompass a huge and rewarding tool that creates the foundation of your Google Ads account.

Google Shopping

Google Shopping

Google Shopping is, like the text ads, a part of the search results page after an online search. And just like with text ads, it is easy for purchase-ready potential customers to see the price, click on a product, and make a purchase. The difference lies in the effectiveness. With Google Shopping, you can significantly optimize through feed optimization, which sends as much and as relevant product data as possible to both Google Ads and Google Shopping.

This means that your products are displayed exactly as you want them to be, and as an e-commerce business, Google Shopping is a must-have.

Display Advertising and Remarketing

Display Advertising and Remarketing

With display advertising, your reach extends from Google to a network of external news sites, blogs, and other websites. This opens up opportunities to be present to a greater extent with image ads in the form of banners or animations.

And especially in relation to your remarketing strategy, display advertising can be particularly rewarding when you want to promote your business, as you can create visibility on your target audience's preferred websites - the most important parameter is targeted ads that capture attention.

Video Advertising on Youtube

Video Advertising on Youtube

Google owns Youtube, and therefore it is through Google Ads that you have the opportunity to advertise on the online video platform, Youtube.

Video advertising is becoming increasingly important. Yet, many tend to overlook Youtube as an advertising channel - despite the fact that the number of users on Youtube is constantly growing.

On Youtube, you can precisely and effectively reach your target audience with the message that fits the stage of the buying process they are in. Do you need to raise awareness of your brand early in the customer journey, or do they just need that final push to convince them to act with you? It is important to consider.

With Youtube, you can target, and with just a few advertising dollars, you can significantly increase your reach. In fact, you only pay if people click on your ad or watch more than 30 seconds of your video.

Automate your Google Ads with Performance Max

In Google Ads, the newest campaign format is Performance Max, and it often proves to be a revolutionary tool where machine learning and algorithms are truly put to use. At MCB, we have experienced that Performance Max creates a noticeable performance boost - if used correctly.


Performance Max is Google's most automated campaign format yet, where after a basic setup process including descriptions and images, the algorithm is given the data to control everything. The campaign uses other features in Google Ads including Search, Shopping, and Display, making it a step forward in automation from Smart Shopping.


Therefore, it is a format worth investigating and testing - even if you already have well-functioning Google Ads campaigns. Here you should select specific brands, geographic areas, or whatever makes sense in your situation, and based on that, set up a Performance Max campaign. You should not pause your other Google Ads campaigns, but you should expect their effectiveness to decrease because Performance Max will overshadow them.



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What your Google Ads bureau offers



Already have one or more Google Ads accounts? We are happy to take over and adjust and optimize your current setup based on our extensive experience.



We are a certified Google Ads partner and are always up to date with the latest opportunities in Google Ads as well as other disciplines that can benefit Google Ads.



New updates and features are constantly being introduced to Google Ads, which is why we ensure the best possible use of your ad budget.



We have extensive experience with various business areas, so we know what to look for when your account needs a health check.



We have a team that can create eye-catching copy, captivating images, and engaging videos for your ads according to your needs.



We are happy to take care of the entire setup of your Google Ads including tracking, analytics tools, product feeds and anything else that may be relevant to your business.

Google Consent Mode allows you to track users anonymously

It is not uncommon for all revenue and traffic in Google Analytics and Google Ads to have fallen by up to 25% as a result of GDPR legislation and respect for cookies. This makes it difficult, among other things, to measure ROAS on your advertising campaigns that do not count the full sale.


Fortunately, at MCB, you can find some of the country's best Google Ads specialists and tracking specialists who can help you achieve more accurate figures with Google Consent Mode and Server Side Tracking.


When you want to be sure that you can trust all the data you get from Google Analytics and Google Ads, you should use server-side tracking. This is the latest discipline in tracking in the digital world and the way data is captured on events, without being disrupted by, for example, Apple's many updates, Adblock users, and cookies.


Google Consent Mode uses a new API from Google, which makes it easier for websites to measure conversions and traffic in Google Ads and Google Analytics. This means that your website can still retrieve data from ad campaigns, monitor conversions, and measure web traffic, even if users reject your use of cookies - of course, without violating users' privacy.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Google Ads

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is Google's paid advertising system, where you can create targeted ads for users who search for specific keywords or have a certain online behavior. There are different ways to create ads with Google Ads. It can be in the form of a text ad that appears in a Google search. Or a banner ad on external pages. It can also be as a video ad on YouTube or a Google Shopping ad.

Why use Google Ads?

With Google Ads, you can target ads based on specific keywords in industries where competition can be tough. Google Ads is particularly popular for being scalable and adaptable to individual business goals. Over time, the algorithms have become extremely effective in identifying target audiences and keywords. Last but not least, Google Ads is the strongest bottom funnel advertising platform available. There are, therefore, many good reasons to use Google Ads

What does Google Ads costs?

When you create a Google Ads account, you can essentially determine the price yourself. The price for your Google Ads may depend on which channels from the Google Ads inventory you want to advertise on, what your goals are, and what the typical CPC for the industry is. The price can vary, for example, depending on whether you want to achieve a certain revenue in relation to your spending (ROAS), or you want to achieve a certain profit in relation to spending (POAS). You are in control of the price, which mainly depends on your needs.

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