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Do you want to increase your revenue while automating more of your workflows? Then email automation may be the perfect marketing discipline for you and your business.




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Email marketing automation, marketing automation, or email automation... There are many names for it, but they all refer to the software that generates traffic to your website, converts that traffic into leads, turns those leads into customers, and most importantly - retains them as repeat customers.


The software automatically retrieves all available data on each subscriber. Through this and the additional tracking features such as site tracking, event tracking, and revenue tracking, you can personalize your marketing in emails.


At MCB, we don't just help our partners with the email marketing that relates to sending newsletters and the content they should contain. The work also requires a deeper understanding of automation setup, data, tracking, integrations, analysis, full utilization of available email marketing tools, design, and all the technology that gives you the best grip on perhaps the most important marketing channel.


We have several years of experience with email marketing automation for both the B2B and B2C segments - and thus both large and small businesses. Our partners range widely from retail and beauty to food and education, and many of them use different systems.


That's why, at MCB, we are certified partners with ActiveCampaign, Klaviyo, HubSpot, Drip, and MailChimp. With a large number of developers in-house, we know how to set up the integrations that ensure an automated workflow in your daily routine.

We also offer advice on system selection, including the CMS you are working on. It is not irrelevant which email system you choose depending on whether you operate a business on Shopify, Magento, or Umbraco.



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Louise Færk


That's what our partners say


We had followed that Performance Max was the new thing. I was actually very skeptical before but I have. to admit that it went beyond all expectations. We have sold significantly more. There has been a 125 % increase in revenue in August compared to last year on paid advertising with Performance Max.

Nicolai from MCB has been good at helping us with how to optimize the ads, and he has had a very good handle on all the numbers. And for it is just as much about working together with someone who has the passion. And I feel 100 % that he has the passion. It has meant a lot that we have felt that MCB is also passionate about it.

Simon Haubjerg Jørgensen

Get Dressed
I have greatly appreciated the collaboration I have had with Louise from MCB's marketing department. She has given me an intro to Klaviyo so that I have become familiar with the program, and at the same time she has set up the flows that can now continue to give results long into the future.

Nette Blach

Light Partner
MCB has helped us in many areas within SEO including sparring, creating, new content, and cleaning up redundant content.

As a result we see good progress in both traffic and turnover and look forward to expanding the collaboration with MCB in the future.

Stig Meyer Jensen


MCB was involved from the beginning when we had to build our digital marketing. We started by conducting a competitor analysis and keyword analysis. And there was no doubt that we should get in touch with Flemming, as he has broad experience from both the B2B and B2C worlds.

Together with MCB, we are very data-driven. Every month, we receive an analysis that tells us how we are progressing towards the goals we have set up. It is a good basis for making the right decisions and working on what makes sense for the business.

We have achieved great results! It should be highlighted that we now rank number 1 on Google for several different keywords within our industry - we were previously not to be found.

We do not feel like just a customer among many at MCB. It has always been and still is a collaboration where we collectively strive for the good results that can be measured on the bottom line.

Diana Erlandsen


How to increase your conversion rate with targeted email marketing

Email marketing is always effective when you want to increase the conversion rate on your website or webshop. With a targeted and data-driven approach to your leads' behavior, you can send out relevant, personalized, and different emails at the right times and thus provide the service expected of you. And that means you increase the probability of making a sale.


However, before you get to that point, there are some essential steps you need to consider. These include:


  • Choosing an email client, such as ActiveCampaign. ActiveCampaign is an all-in-one marketing and cloud software platform that offers a wealth of features and functionalities for small and medium-sized businesses. Among the many options, software for customer experience automation (CXA) can be mentioned, combining email marketing, marketing automation, sales automation, and CRM.

  • Then you should build data-driven segments, lists, and/or tags, so you can personalize your content. To get the correct data, you need to have control over your tracking, such as site tracking and event tracking, and also the necessary integrations.

  • And then you can start building automations, creating templates, content, graphics, and overall design to tie your entire email marketing strategy together.


Only when your setup is ready to process new email users you can begin your lead generation strategies.


To succeed in your lead generation, you should focus on:


  • Offering value: To achieve a high conversion rate, it is essential to offer value in your emails with relevant messages. Give your recipients a reason to click through to your website or webshop by offering exclusive deals, 'free' resources, or relevant information that can help them solve their problems or meet their needs.

  • Create a clear call-to-action: It is essential to have a clear and concise call-to-action in your emails, making it easy for the recipient to take action, such as buying a product or signing up for your newsletter. Make sure the CTA is visible and easy to find in your email.

  • Test and optimize: Continuously test and optimize your emails to experience an improved conversion rate over time. Try out different subject lines, messages, and offers to see what works best and use data and feedback to adjust your strategy and improve your results.


Targeted email marketing is a powerful strategy for increasing your conversion rate and building relationships with your existing and potential customers. By segmenting your customer list, personalizing all emails, offering value, creating clear CTAs, and testing and optimizing your approach, you can achieve greater success with your e-commerce and website.



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Sleeknote is a cloud-based software platform that helps many businesses build and implement pop-up forms, gamification, and opt-in forms on their websites. With Sleeknote, it's easy to build customized pop-ups that can be displayed at different points in the user's interaction with a website.

Sleeknote has an intuitive user interface that makes it easy to design and implement pop-ups, and the platform includes templates and tools for customization and optimization. Sleeknote also offers advanced features such as A/B testing, targeting, and integration with other marketing tools.

The purpose of Sleeknote is to help businesses collect leads, increase conversion rates, and improve the user experience on their websites.

Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook Lead Ads is an advertising feature on Facebook that allows businesses to create ads from which users can sign up for a newsletter without leaving Facebook.

When users click on the ad, a form opens that is already filled out with the information the user has shared with Facebook, such as name, email, and phone number. The user can then confirm or edit the information before submitting it to the company.

Facebook Lead Ads ensure a seamless and user-friendly experience. And for you, it allows you to collect qualified leads and increase conversion rates by eliminating the need for users to visit a separate landing page to fill out a form.

Facebook Lead Ads also support various call-to-action buttons and allow integration with various third-party platforms for further processing.

Personalization with Raptor Services

Personalization with Raptor Services

Raptor is a personalization platform that helps businesses enhance their customers' experience by customizing and optimizing their online shopping journey, both on the website and in emails.

Raptor uses advanced algorithms and machine learning to analyze customer data and behavior to deliver personalized recommendations, product offers, and email campaigns in real-time. By personalizing the content and product offers, many businesses can increase engagement and conversion rates, improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, and increase overall revenue.

Raptor is a flexible platform that integrates with most e-commerce systems and can be customized to meet specific needs and goals.

Boost your company's growth and get more customers with strategic email marketing

By using a strategic approach, you can improve your results and achieve a higher conversion rate. There's just one problem; 83% of marketers feel they don't have enough time for email marketing. So why not make sure to automate as much as possible? The more you invest in email automation, the more time you free up in the long run.


And that's why your technical setup is particularly important.


To make your email automation flows work as intended, you need to have control of your tracking. It could be your site tracking, which captures the actions your subscribers take on your site, event tracking, which provides you with data on the actions taken on the site, and revenue tracking, which gives you a direct insight into your email's performance in terms of purchases.

Perhaps other relevant tracking is also important to you. Here, there may be a need for development or integration into the tools you use. If you're missing important data, we're happy to help you explore your options.


All of this data helps you create relevant content for your recipients, making it easier for you to achieve your overall goals.


With that said, you should identify your goal and potentially also your sub-goals with your email work. It could be to generate more leads, work on existing customers, experience a higher cart value, get increased sales, or...


And remember to conduct tests and analysis to see if your efforts are performing as expected. It's important to optimize your flows and improve results over time. Quickly, you'll find that even small adjustments can make a big difference in your results.



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Our email marketing og automation services



At MCB, we constantly stay updated on the latest email marketing trends. Therefore, you will always receive the latest knowledge and best advice from us.


Lead generation

It's not enough to nurture your subscribers, you also need to attract new leads. That's why we offer help with lead generation and advice on tools for the purpose.


Technical setup and tracking

Get your tracking in order and experience data-driven setup of everything from templates, automations and tags to segments, deliverability and integrations.



In close collaboration with you and based on thorough analysis, we develop a good strategy and ensure that your subscribers always receive relevant emails.



Do you need consultation, guidance and help? We are always ready with good advice, suggestions for improvement, or maybe a closer look at your email setup.



As your partner, we monitor your account and keep an eye on metrics such as open rates, click rates and data, ensuring that you always perform at your best.


Choose the Right Email Marketing System

When looking for an email marketing system, there are several factors to consider to ensure that you get the system that best suits your needs, ambitions, and resources.


First and foremost, you need to think about the size of your customer list and the frequency with which you plan to send emails. Some email marketing systems can handle large customer lists and frequent emails, while others are more suitable for smaller lists, less frequent campaigns, and generally small businesses.


In addition, you should consider the functionality that the system offers. Should it be able to automate email marketing flows, personalize emails, offer A/B split testing, have lead scoring features, include CRM features, offer SMS sending, or?

Also, think about whether the system has a simple integration with other tools or platforms that you already use. This could be your CRM system, your CMS, or the channels you use on social media.


Also, explore the support offered by the different providers. Some allow you to chat directly, while others have a longer response time via email. In such cases, it is an advantage to collaborate with an email marketing agency, as you are then guaranteed faster and more targeted support.


Price is also an important factor to consider, as prices for email marketing systems can vary significantly depending on the size of your customer list, the number of users you want in the system, and the features you need.
However, a little tip is that there is often a saving to be made if you choose an annual payment instead of paying your subscription on a monthly basis.


At MCB, we primarily work with the most popular systems such as ActiveCampaign, Klaviyo, HubSpot, and MailChimp. Here, we have entered into partnerships, and we are therefore the certified partner who can help you succeed on these platforms.

With a general understanding of the dynamics of mail systems, we are also happy to advise on other systems.


If you are unsure about which system is right for you, or whether it would be beneficial to make a change, we have written a guide on just that. Find it here.

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Frequently Asked Questions about e-mail marketing automation

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is a discipline within digital marketing where communication to a target audience of existing and potential customers occurs through email. The basis of email marketing is based on a list of individuals who have given consent to receive marketing. It is a valuable channel with great potential, as the data is first-party.

What is the purpose of email marketing?

The goal of email marketing is often to sell a company's products or services, increase customer loyalty, drive traffic to a website, or ensure that a brand is top-of-mind with the consumer.

What does email marketing cost?

There is no fixed price for email marketing.
The cost primarily depends on your chosen email system, but you should also consider expenses for third-party tools for lead generation and possible advice from an agency. In addition to the cost in dollars and cents, you should also expect to invest time in the channel.

Which email system should I use?

The choice of email system depends on your needs. Here, you should consider which features you need, whether the system has an integration with your CMS, and any third-party tools.

What are email automations?

Email automations are automated flows that send emails based on triggers (behavior). It allows you to send targeted emails to your subscribers based on actions and/or conditions such as behavior on the website or previous purchases.
The classic example of an email automation is a welcome flow that automatically sends a "Welcome to" email when a new subscriber signs up for the newsletter.

What is lead generation?

Lead generation is about getting new subscribers on your email list. This can be done through sign-ups for your newsletter. Leads are often attracted when you offer a trial period, an e-book download, participation in a competition, a discount code, or something else. In that case, the recipient provides their email in exchange for what you offer. Effective lead generation will increase the number of leads that convert to paying customers and thus contribute to increasing revenue.

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