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Let MCB help you with a powerful and user-friendly B2B webshop that makes it fast and easy for your customers to place orders with you whenever it suits them - 24/7.

Do you need a B2B webshop?

The basic idea behind a B2B webshop is quite simple: it's easy and time-saving. That's why it's a tool to streamline the professional trade between you and your customers, allowing you to optimize your business by making it easy for them to do business with you. And it also provides your customers with a better experience - and as we all know, that's where loyalty arises.


At MCB, we have over 20 years of experience in developing, hosting, designing, and maintaining webshops - both large and small. So it's no surprise to us that trends show an increasing number of buyers using webshops as an important part of their purchasing process.


Therefore, when you want to have a global business, you should choose a B2B webshop!


Whether you deal directly with corporate customers or operate a wholesale business, you should demand special features that you encounter in your B2B webshop. It should differentiate itself from a regular B2C webshop and offer other functionalities that make it easier for you to do business with your commercial customers.


These functionalities include:


  • Customer login offering personalized prices, discounts, and products
  • Quick ordering of new items/products
  • Fast reordering of previous orders
  • And much, much more...


These features provide your customers with a more personalized and streamlined experience with your company when they do business with you - also because they can do it at their convenience and on their own terms. And when your customers can shop on their own terms, you'll see that they become happier, resulting in better customer retention and increased sales!



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20+ years of experience

Since 2000, we have been helping our customers succeed online.


8.2 billion

Revenue has been increasing for our customers for many years.


350+ solutions

And we are far from done. The latest addition is Cloud.


45+ employees

All with a common goal of creating online success for our customers.

A customized B2B webshop

At MCB, we combine CMS, E-commerce, and PIM into one integrated solution. And with a direct integration to your ERP system, you can easily and quickly transfer data between your systems.


And because we live in a busy world, it naturally places demands on you. You need to be able to provide the service that makes it fast and easy for buyers to do business with you. They expect better, easier, and faster access to information and purchasing of goods than ever before.


Once you meet those demands, you will experience increasing sales that can drive you towards further online success. On the other hand, it could mean more sales for your competitors if you don't ensure you have an optimized, well-functioning, and efficient B2B webshop to meet your customers' needs.


At MCB, we know that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. That's why we specialize in creating the B2B webshop that fits your business exactly. You get a tailor-made platform that meets your high standards and the expectations you encounter from your customers.


We delve into your needs, and together we find the webshop solution that aligns with your goals. We always have multiple developers ready to tackle your challenges. And that is your guarantee of a webshop that works with you as any other colleague, rather than against you.



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How can MCB help with your B2B webshop?



Experience full integration with your other systems, such as your accounting system


Design freedom

Create a B2B webshop that aligns and harmonizes with your existing design


Customer portal

Add value, serve, and convert your B2B customers through a self-service and personalized customer portal



We support some of the major payment options such as Dankort, Visa, and MobilePay



With a responsive design, you ensure a scalable webshop across all screen sizes



Get 24/7 support for critical issues. We provide a direct hotline to our own developers


Cloud for B2B webshops

Cloud is MCB's pride!

We have created an optimized tool in an updated and contemporary design that requires fewer clicks and focuses on defacto standards / UX for functionalities. Therefore, Cloud provides the ultimate editor experience regardless of experience with developer platforms, whether you intend to optimize the daily work of your e-commerce manager or your content creator.

It is a new technical platform based on the latest Microsoft technology, with a focus on simple and intuitive navigation. That's why the emphasis is on minimizing clicks and load times, as well as ensuring that a workflow can be completed in the same flow. We have created Cloud because we want the best for our customers!


Magento for B2B webshops

Magento is one of the most widely used open-source platforms for e-commerce. With a Magento webshop, you are guaranteed a robust platform that offers powerful tools for everything from SEO and catalog management to marketing.

You have free access to develop designs and features, and you have full ownership without any limitations or monthly payments, unlike many other systems.

With its great flexibility, Magento can be customized to fit your workflows and needs. With constant updates and expansions, you have access to the latest features. Additionally, you have easy integration with services like PostNord, GLS, and Economic through the open API.

This means you can create a professional webshop without being a specialist, and you can easily maintain and manage it.


Shopify for B2B webshops

Shopify is originally known as an e-commerce platform for retail. However, with Shopify B2B, businesses can create and manage online stores specifically targeted towards B2B sales and trade, catering to specific B2B needs such as differentiated pricing, volume discounts, and exclusive catalogs. It is possible to create separate accounts for each B2B customer and provide them access to specialized features.

As a result, Shopify enables the creation and management of B2B orders, tracking of deliveries and inventory, handling of billing and payments, and allows customers to easily reorder products.

Shopify B2B allows businesses to expand their existing Shopify webshop to include B2B sales without the need for a separate platform. This saves time, resources, and provides a seamless customer experience across B2C and B2B channels.


Umbraco for B2B webshops

With Umbraco B2B, businesses can create a tailored B2B experience on their website.

Umbraco B2B offers features specifically designed to meet the needs of the B2B sales process. These include the ability to differentiate prices based on customer settings, manage complex product catalogs, and display customized pricing and terms for individual customers. The solution also allows for the creation of user profiles for B2B customers, enabling order management, delivery tracking, and invoicing.

Umbraco B2B can be integrated with existing ERP and CRM systems. Therefore, Umbraco B2B enables businesses to create a professional B2B experience on their website. It combines powerful CMS features with B2B functionality and supports businesses in streamlining their B2B sales processes and strengthening their relationships with their customers.


Shopware for B2B webshops

Shopware B2B is based on the Shopware ecommerce platform. Shopware is a popular German ecommerce platform that allows businesses to create and manage their online stores. With Shopware B2B, businesses can extend their Shopware webshop to meet specific B2B needs.

Shopware B2B offers a wide range of features specifically designed for B2B commerce. These include the ability to differentiate prices based on customer groups, create individual quotes, and manage customer relationships. The solution also enables businesses to create separate accounts for B2B customers, allowing them to manage orders, handle invoicing, and track deliveries. Shopware B2B supports complex catalog structures and offers custom catalogs and product assortments for different customer groups.

Shopware B2B is flexible and can be customized to meet the specific needs of the business, including integrations with third-party applications and ERP systems.

Why should MCB help with your B2B webshop?

Getting online is easy. But if you want to succeed online, it requires hard work - both before, during, and after the establishment of your webshop.


We want to be your partner every step of the way. From the initial strategic considerations and goal setting, to the development and launch of your webshop, to the ongoing operation of your solution and the realization of your business objectives.


There are a thousand things to consider, but we are with you all the way towards realizing your e-commerce potential - as many of our customers can already attest to.

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Frequently Asked Questions about B2B webshops

What is a B2B webshop?

A B2B webshop is an e-commerce platform designed to facilitate business transactions between companies (business-to-business). It is an online sales environment where businesses can buy and sell goods or services to each other. Unlike a B2C (business-to-consumer) webshop, which targets consumers, a B2B webshop is primarily aimed at other businesses. B2B webshops typically offer features and functionalities that cater to the needs of a professional business context. Some key features of a B2B webshop include user registration, price differentiation, product catalogs and descriptions, customized quotes and orders, credit facilities, and integration with backend systems. The purpose of a B2B webshop is to streamline trade transactions between businesses by automating processes, increasing efficiency, and improving the customer experience in a B2B context.

What B2B e-commerce solutions are available?

There are several different B2B e-commerce solutions available in the market. Some of the most popular ones are Magento, Shopify, Umbraco, and Shopware. These platforms are popular due to their functionalities, customization options, integration capabilities, and user-friendliness. It's important to evaluate your specific needs and requirements before choosing a platform and consider factors such as scalability, security, support, and pricing to find the most suitable solution for your business.

How much does a B2B webshop cost?

The cost of a B2B webshop can vary significantly depending on several factors, including the complexity of the solution, desired features, customizations, choice of platform, integration requirements, and development costs. Some of the costs that may be associated with a B2B webshop include development costs, selection of e-commerce platform, hosting and infrastructure, maintenance and support, and integration with backend systems.

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