Server Side Tracking, Google Consent Mode, general tracking, and lawful collection of data (completely without the usual restrictions) enrich your marketing efforts, so you experience the greatest benefit from your marketing budget.

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At MCB, you will find skilled employees who are passionate about their respective specialities. We help our partners with tracking and ensure that they comply with the requirements and regulations for how they collect data about visitors to their website or webshop. Additionally, we ensure that they get the best possible data so that they can prioritize their efforts and marketing budget effectively.

Data and tracking are crucial for how the algorithms in Google Ads perform and whether Facebook ads can reach the right audience.

Do you want to be one of them?


We are up-to-date on the latest knowledge within tracking and data, and you will always find a specialist ready to advise you on what suits your business best.


We are a house with many specialites, and therefore we understand how your tracking affects your entire business. We work across multiple marketing channels and leverage the expertise of our team to provide you with the best possible solution, both in terms of marketing and your platform. 


You have probably heard of intelligent tracking, cookies, Google Consent Mode, Server Side Tracking, and Google Tag Manager - these are areas we are experts in.



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Meet your tracking team


Lars Friis Hansen




Kenny Bak Jensen

Tracking & Data Specialist

The most Effective Marketing Strategy Starts with Tracking

Imagine just throwing a lot of time and money into Google Ads, sociale media, email-marketing, conversion optimization etc. without any idea of how it works. That does not sound very efficient, does it?


With an intelligent tracking setup, you can measure your efforts, see what you get out of your advertising budget, and optimize your marketing accordingly. You will gain insights into your target audience - which channels they come from, which campaigns perform, how visitors behave on your website, and who they are demographically. You will also gain insights into your site or webshop - which products or pages convert best, when do visitors drop off in your checkout, and which messages and CTAs work best? These are just some of the many things that intelligent tracking can help you answer.


Not only can you gain insights into all of the above, but with increased data on your target audience and their interactions with your site and ads, you can target your marketing and even more specifically to them. You can target your audience with messages and content that are relevant to them because you know what they are looking for or understand their challenges. This way, you can influence potential customers to become customers - and, not least, existing customers to become loyal customers.


Tracking is important if you run a business with a digital presence. Without intelligent tracking, you do not know how your website or marketing performs. If you want to scale your business, data is crucial - and data is what you get from tracking set up correctly. Tracking is also essential if you want to comply with all the rules for data processing based on the consent your visitors give.



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That's what our partners say


We had followed that Performance Max was the new thing. I was actually very skeptical before but I have. to admit that it went beyond all expectations. We have sold significantly more. There has been a 125 % increase in revenue in August compared to last year on paid advertising with Performance Max.

Nicolai from MCB has been good at helping us with how to optimize the ads, and he has had a very good handle on all the numbers. And for it is just as much about working together with someone who has the passion. And I feel 100 % that he has the passion. It has meant a lot that we have felt that MCB is also passionate about it.

Simon Haubjerg Jørgensen

Get Dressed
I have greatly appreciated the collaboration I have had with Louise from MCB's marketing department. She has given me an intro to Klaviyo so that I have become familiar with the program, and at the same time she has set up the flows that can now continue to give results long into the future.

Nette Blach

Light Partner
MCB has helped us in many areas within SEO including sparring, creating, new content, and cleaning up redundant content.

As a result we see good progress in both traffic and turnover and look forward to expanding the collaboration with MCB in the future.

Stig Meyer Jensen


MCB was involved from the beginning when we had to build our digital marketing. We started by conducting a competitor analysis and keyword analysis. And there was no doubt that we should get in touch with Flemming, as he has broad experience from both the B2B and B2C worlds.

Together with MCB, we are very data-driven. Every month, we receive an analysis that tells us how we are progressing towards the goals we have set up. It is a good basis for making the right decisions and working on what makes sense for the business.

We have achieved great results! It should be highlighted that we now rank number 1 on Google for several different keywords within our industry - we were previously not to be found.

We do not feel like just a customer among many at MCB. It has always been and still is a collaboration where we collectively strive for the good results that can be measured on the bottom line.

Diana Erlandsen

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Many people use Google Analytics or GA4 as an analysis tool. Here, data is collected about your visitors and customers. Once, you could rely on the data that came into Google Analytics, but with GDPR rules, lower cookie lifetime, ad blockers, etc., not all purchases are tracked. Therefore, you need to invest in tracking if you want to be able to rely on the data you (maybe) make decisions based on in Google Analytics.

GA4 is the latest and updated version of Google Analytics. Have you remembered to set up your tracking so that it is also sent correctly yo GA4?

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager, which in everyday language is also called GTM, is indispensable when we talk about tracking. Google Tag Manager is used to manage all tracking. Instead of inserting your tracking scripts directly on your site, it is set up in Google Tag Manager, so everything is controlled from one place. It is also where rules are set up for how much is tracked depending on the cookie consent given by the visitor.

For server-side tracking, Google Tag Manager is also a necessary tool.

If you are lost in Google Tag Manager, do not worry. We have some of Denmark's best specialists in-house - they are experts in GTM and have developed several templates for it.

Looker Studio

Looker Studio

Looker Studio, formerly known as Data Studio, is Google's tool for creating an overview and visualizing your data. You can build interactive reports so that the data that is important to you is visualized and made more manageable. You can collect data from your various channels and create a dashboard that enables you to make decisions based on the numbers you see in your dashboard.

Facebook Meta Pixel

Facebook Meta Pixel

You are most likely using Facebook advertising, but do you have control over your Facebook tracking? With tracking through Meta Pixel, you can track conversions and other important actions that your visitors make after interacting with your ads. As with everything else, it has become more difficult to measure the impact of your Facebook advertising, but with the right tracking setup, you can track more accurately. With more data, you give Facebook's algorithms better conditions to target the right audience

Server Side Tracking - Track 100% of sales

As the headline suggests, with a thorough Server Side Tracking setup, you can track 100% of sales on your webshop.


In a world where collecting customer data is becoming increasingly difficult due to greater data protection, we cannot avoid Server Side Tracking. Once, you could rely on the data you collected in Google Analytics, but GDPR rules, ad blockers, browsers that do not save cookies, etc., mean that you can no longer rely on that data - and far from all conversions are tracked.



What does Server Side Tracking do?

More and more browsers block cookies after 7 days. This means that with client side tracking, it is impossible to track visitors/customers form more than 7 days after day have visited your website.

If a person clicks on your Google Ads ad, but only converts 8 days later, Google Ads will not receive credit for the conversion.


With Server Side Tracking, it is possible to track after the 7 days, giving you more accurate data about visitors and your campaigns.

Many also use ad blockers, which prevent regular cookies from being tracked on your webshop.

However, with Server Side Tracking, the data is sent to the server instead of being stored in the browser as with client side tracking.


All this is because with Server Side Tracking, a user-ID is stored for each user. This ID can be recognized by the server across all channels and devices, making it easy for you to enrich data on your visitors and send info on them - a great advantage for your marketing.


With Server Side Tracking, there is always the opportunity to optimize your setup so that you can track 100% of sales on your webshop. Server Side Tracking can be set up on all your channels, such as GA4, Facebook, Google Ads, TikTok, Snapchat, Active Campaign, Klaviyo, MailChimp, HubSpot and many more.


Server Side Tracking can also optimize the speed of your website in a way that client side tracking cannot, as with server side tracking, you do not have to load all the tracking scripts you normally use with client side tracking.

This is something that is appreciated by both Google and your users



Does Server Side Tracking contradict GDPR legislation?

If your tracking is set up correctly and the data is handled properly, Server Side Tracking does not contradict GDPR law.


With Server Side Tracking, it is solely your responsibility as the data controller to ensure that the data you collect is processed in accordance with the law.


You must also remember to link your existing cookie banner with your Server Side Tracking. This way, the server will always respect what customers have given their consent to


Does it cost anything to set up Server Side Tracking?

Yes. However, the price for setting up Server Side Tracking depends on several different factors related to how complex your setup of Google Tag Manager is and the amount of data transmitted to your server.


But even though it has a cost, it is still important to consider the many statistical benefits you get back from using Server Side Tracking.


Prices for Server Side Tracking range from $0 and up to $200 per month.


See more about the prices here.


Learn more about Server Side Tracking and Server Side setup by accessing our exclusive video presentation.



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How we Get Control of your Data and Tracking



We are happy to take care of the entire setup of your tracking and test that it works. If you already have a setup, we are also happy to take a look at it.


Specialist Knowledge

We are always updated on the latest knowledge and opportunities within tracking and data, and we have some of the most skilled specialists in Denmark employed.



If you already have a tracking setup, we are happy to analyze and troubleshoot it and provide good advice on how to utilize and optimize it best.



We advise you on getting the perfect tracking setup that fits your business, needs, and strategy.



Your tracking setup can always be expanded and optimized, so you get the best possible data, and from that, you can optimize your marketing efforts.



New opportunities and rules are constantly emerging, and we are happy to help you comply with them.

Google Consent Mode Allows you to Track Users Anonymously

It is not uncommen for all revenue and traffic in Google Analytics and Google Ads to have fallen by up to 25% as a result of GDPR legislation and cookie respect. Therefore, it can be difficult to, for example, measure ROAS on your ad campaigns, which do not account for the full sales.


Fortunately, at MCB you will find some of the country's best Google Ads specialists and tracking specialists who can help you get more accurate numbers with Google Consent Mode and Server Side Tracking.

When you want to be sure that you can rely on all the data you get from Google Analytics and Google Ads, you should use Server Side Tracking.


This is the newest discipline in tracking in the digital world, and therefore the way in which data on events is captured, without being disturbed by, for example, Apple's many updates, adblock users, and cookies.


Google Consent Mode uses a new API from Google, making it easier for websites to measure conversions and traffic in Google Ads and Google Analytics. Therefore, your website can still retrieve data from ad campaigns, monitor conversions, and measure web traffic, even if users reject your use of cookies, of course, without violating users' privacy

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Frequently Asked Questions about Tracking

What is data and tracking, and why is it important?

Data and tracking refer to the process of collecting and analyzing data about user behavior and interactions with digital services and platforms. They are important disciplines because they enable businesses and organizations to understand how users interact with their digital services, so they can be tailored to the needs of their target audiences

What can tracking do?

Tracking is crucial if you want to succeed in your marketing efforts. Proper tracking can make you smarter about your visitors and your website or shop. The more data you have from your tracking, the more targeted and precise you can be with your marketing. Tracking can tell you more about the customer journey and which campaigns are driving conversions. Tracking is also crucial for complying with rules related to cookies and GDPR.

What is server-side tracking?

In short, server-side tracking is the newest way to track and log events. Instead of cookies being stored in the user's browser, the data is sent via an external server. With server-side tracking, cookies are added via an HTTP response that occurs between the browser and the external server. With server-side tracking, the data is more precise because the new type of HTTP cookie is not affected by ad blockers, ITP, or ETP.

What is the difference between Server Side Tracking and client side tracking?

Server-side tracking and client-side tracking both refer to methods for collecting data on user behavior, but their differences lie in where the data is processed.

Client-side tracking occurs on the user's device (e.g., in the browser), while server-side tracking occurs on the server where the digital service is hosted.

Server-side tracking can be more reliable and effective in protecting the user's privacy, but it can also be more complex to implement.

What is Google Consent Mode?

Google Consent Mode is a new API from Google that enables anonymous tracking of a user on your website or webshop if they say "No thanks" to cookies. You will be able to track traffic and conversions, but you will not get personal data about the visitor and thus not violate their privacy. Using Pings instead of cookies, conversions are recorded so you can see them in tools like Google Analytics and Google Ads.

How much does tracking cost?

As such, tracking itself doesn't cost anything since most of the tools used for it are free, but of course, setting it up costs money. The cost of setting it up varies widely and depends on your starting point, as well as the size and complexity of the setup you need. There are almost no limits to how much tracking you can set up, but it only pays off if you actively use it to prioritize your efforts. If you want to start with server-side tracking, it costs a small fee to have access to the server used

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Lars Friis Hansen
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