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Increasing turnover by 41% in one year with Profit Metrics

A year ago, and MCB agreed to set up Profit Metrics for's online advertising to achieve increased transparency in performance. And it was a great decision! Besides a positive development on the bottom line, it's now possible to increase the advertising budget with peace of mind. has been Vestjylland's largest bike shop since 2009 and your online bike dealer.

Customer satisfaction is paramount, whether you visit the physical store, Cykel-Mads, in Lemvig or browse online, a professional team is ready to welcome you and provide the guidance you need.


You'll always find a solid selection of quality bikes at reasonable prices. The service is top-notch, offering swift delivery of bikes, cycling gear, and spare parts.

If you're in search of a new men's bike, women's bike, children's bike, mountain bike, lights, helmet, or anything else for your cycling needs, you'll find it all at From affordable quality bikes to the best racing bikes on the market.


Their affiliated workshop boasts some of the country's finest bike mechanics, specializing in everything from e-bikes to mountain bikes. If your bike needs servicing, offers both pickup and delivery services - free of charge if you're located in Lemvig, Struer, or Holstebro.


This ensures you're in good hands on the cycling path and can get service while you're at work.


Spreading the good word is key, and Google Ads has been a crucial ally for several years. However, a year ago, it was time for something new. Collaborating with MCB's Google Ads expert, Anja, implemented profit tracking on their online ads with Profit Metrics.


It was a wise decision that has resulted in a positive bottom-line development. In an industry where profit margins per product vary significantly, having a comprehensive overview of expenses and revenues is crucial.

Profit Metrics provides an amazing overview! That's why it's invaluable for an online shop that always aims to make well-founded, economical decisions.


Profit Metrics helps clarify areas where there's potential to earn more and where purchases should be made more cost-effectively to increase earnings. Hence, it's an excellent tool not only for strategizing future growth, assisting in price optimization, adjusting both purchase and selling prices, but also for managing the allocation of the online budget.


With Profit Metrics, we can confidently allocate more funds to our online advertising.

Anders Hilligsøe, Owner of

When tracking POAS instead of ROAS, it ensures a comprehensive, financial overview

When we examine the tracking systems that many of us rely on, we'll discover that much of the data we collect is erroneous. For instance, there's a general misunderstanding regarding purchasing the products we click on in Google Shopping—most of us opt to buy entirely different items. What about the expenses associated with fulfilling an order, right from packing to resource usage? Are you accounting for those?

Hence, using ROAS metrics to manage your Google Ads account is misleading.


This is precisely why Profit Metrics is such a relevant tool.


With Profit Metrics, optimization is geared toward profit (POAS) rather than revenue (ROAS). This means you can set more accurate bids while avoiding the constant uncertainty surrounding ROAS adjustments.


Previously, struggled to discern whether it was a successful online business and whether there was real value in the economy used for advertising via Google Ads. Could that money have been more advantageously spent elsewhere in the marketing budget?


However, with Profit Metrics, it's become evident that there's confidence in increasing the advertising budget. has obtained an ideal tool for overseeing advertising and thereby ensuring earnings, preventing overbidding for products where returns aren't expected.


This is because all expenses can be consolidated in Profit Metrics, including everything from the price of a cardboard box and shipping to time spent fulfilling each order. It encompasses a wide array of variables that can suddenly be included in the overall financial overview, resulting in the calculation of actual profit.

Therefore, for, it's simply a matter of ensuring that expenses not automatically retrieved are added manually.

With optimization towards profit rather than revenue, the focus shifts from the top line to the bottom line has just completed 1 year of using Profit Metrics, making it worthwhile to delve into the results derived, which are significantly higher than before, thus contributing to a positive development in the bottom line.


For instance, despite a 45% increase in spending, sales have surged by over 41% compared to the preceding year. Overall, this has led to much higher profits.


It has indeed been a success! and MCB's Google Ads expert, Anja, continue to work closely to maintain a comprehensive overview of the business's profit. Performance is checked monthly, jointly evaluated for potential adjustments. This process also provides insights into areas where changes might be necessary, such as pricing, purchase costs, and offer prices, to maximize profits.


Profit Metrics is, therefore, a business management tool offering a swift and easy overview within a unified system. It provides a valid insight into the business without the need for comparison across multiple systems and manual calculations.


To benchmark against the market, MCB's Google Ads expert ensures's figures are aligned with other partners'. This enables to assess its position relative to competing companies.


Overall, has strengthened its online presence with accurate and comprehensive data, ensuring the most rewarding spending on advertising.

Anja Esbersen
Google Ads Specialist

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