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Overwhelming results in email marketing in just 1 month

Get Dressed is a bit of a success story if we delve into their new email setup in Klaviyo. In just 1 month, the company that sells women's clothing, shoes, and accessories has experienced high opening rates, click-through rates, and direct orders through emails.

Get Dressed is an online company that sells fashion clothing from sizes 36-52, shoes, and accessories for women. The core target group is women aged 40-50. And everyone can afford the price level. At Get Dressed, it is important to reach the modern woman broadly regardless of age and size.


All clothes at Get Dressed are European-made as express collections. This means that there is a high turnover in the selection, and as a customer, you are always guaranteed new collections.

It is the owner, Nette Blach, who is responsible for all purchases. And with an experienced hand and an eye for what women demand, she manages to handpick the perfect selection.

Nette also designs some of the clothes you can find on - and who knows, perhaps there will be much more of her own design in the future.


Get Dressed has a customer base spread all over Denmark, but also in Sweden and enjoys the ease of, for example, shipping to the Swedish market. The dream is to expand further and get even more Swedish women on board.

I have greatly appreciated the collaboration I have had with Louise from MCB's marketing department. She has given me an intro to Klaviyo so that I have become familiar with the program, and at the same time she has set up the flows that can now continue to give results long into the future.

Nette Blach, Owner of Get Dressed

When technology and dreams go hand in hand

To achieve the dreams of the newly started business, Get Dressed, it is important to focus on various forms of marketing initiatives. For example, email marketing is often the channel that can provide the highest return on investment for the smallest budget.


And it is precisely with email marketing that Get Dressed has managed to achieve great success in a short period of time.


As a webshop built on Shopify, Get Dressed chose Klaviyo as the system for email marketing. Klaviyo has one of the best integrations with Shopify because the two systems have entered into a strategic partnership. Therefore, there is a good data foundation with tracking and feeds, when exciting newsletters are to be sent out.


To get off to a good start, Nette from Get Dressed received a thorough introduction to Klaviyo and its many features from MCB's email marketing specialist, Louise - all of which she can benefit greatly from now and in the future, especially if she wants to expand Get Dressed.

Nette has extensive experience with email marketing from other systems such as ActiveCampaign, and therefore she quickly saw the opportunities with Klaviyo.

The collaboration continued with general sparring on how Get Dressed can get the most out of the system. Quickly, a good foundation was laid for further work in Klaviyo.


In close dialogue, Nette and Louise agreed that a number of strategic automations should be set up, which MCB has previously experienced great and, not least, rapid success with. This includes a Welcome flow and an Abandoned cart flow.


The Welcome flow aims to politely welcome new leads to Get Dressed and thus also start working towards a conversion, while the Abandoned cart flow is an extra effort to get potential customers to complete a purchase they have previously started.


Louise set up all the technical aspects of the agreed flows, while Nette contributed with extensive knowledge of the customer group and the way she wants Get Dressed to appear, so it was possible to design content for the different emails that not only match the strategy but also the brand.

Do the work once and wait for the results

And the cooperation between MCB's email marketing specialist, Louise, and Get Dressed owner, Nette, was and still is a success.
During March 2023, various automations were put in place, and already 1 month later, it has been possible to derive results that far exceed expectations.

This applies to both the opening rate, click-through rate, and the number of completed orders directly via an email.


Today, it is particularly important to measure the conversions that can be attributed to the click-through rate and the number of completed orders, as there may be some uncertainty in the data derived from the opening rate due to measures related to iOS15.


The welcome flow was set up to consist of 2 emails. The first one warmly welcomes new leads to Get Dressed to establish a connection with the target audience, while email 2 collects the recipient's birthday. This data will later be used to celebrate the recipients on their birthday.

In this flow, there are opening rates of up to 75%, click-through rates of up to 11%, and completed orders of up to 3%.


The abandoned cart flow is set up to send different emails depending on the amount left in the cart. One message is aimed at potential customers with a smaller cart value, while another is sent to those with a larger cart size. And to give an extra push, a discount code is also offered.

In this flow, there are opening rates of up to 86%, click-through rates of up to 57%, and completed orders of almost 29%.

Especially the 29% completed orders are valuable to take note of. This is because these are purchases that could have been lost if not for the effort put into a few automatic emails. And this not only means increased sales but also an extra step towards a loyal customer who may soon make another purchase.


Therefore, it is worth setting up strategic automations. It is a task that only needs to be done once (although adjustments need to be made regularly to ensure that the setup and content always meet the recipients' expectations), and then the various flows can work for you and your business.


And it should be mentioned again that the above results were derived just 1 month after the various automations were put in place. It will be exciting to follow the development over the next several months as Get Dressed establishes itself further in the market.

This will happen, among other things, through various marketing measures with lead generation and via social media - especially Facebook.

Louise Færk
E-mail Marketing Specialist

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