Massive birthday sales via creative videos on Facebook

At Profil Art, the biggest wish has always been to create the best store and webshop with nice employees, happy customers and not least the best selection of fashion and interiors. And that wish has now been fulfilled for 36 years.


Profil Art is a family-run business, which houses 2 generations, who are ready to show you around their universe.


Profil Art started by offering the most beautiful products in interior design and furniture from its base in Horsens, but the business has since been expanded to also house the most beautiful items in both shoes, fashion and accessories. And of course also to accommodate a nice webshop.


At Profil Art you will today find some of the biggest brands on the Danish fashion scene, and therefore you can always be sure to find the best items for both wardrobe and home.


Everything is carefully selected according to the trends, and therefore it is ensured that at Profil Art - whether you visit the physical store or the webshop, you can always find something to pamper either yourself or someone you care about.

We like working with the marketing department at MCB, which regularly provides input for e.g. campaigns. And it was also such a suggestion that led to the use of video in our birthday campaign. The campaign was a success, which is why we will use more video in the future, especially on Facebook.


And I can only recommend others to throw themselves into it too - it can seem transgressive to be in front of the camera, but the personal content works!

Gry Hansen, Webshop Manager at Profil Art

A close collaboration led to 95% more orders and 88% more revenue

The marketing department at MCB contacted Profil Art shortly before the store's 36th birthday with a suggestion to use creative content for the celebration. Today, video is very popular and combined with the possibilities on Facebook, a good foundation was created for a technical and strategic setup.


And no more than a week passed before the campaign was ready.


Profil Art immediately startet filming creative content for the birthday. Focus had to be placed on being present and personal, and therefore a larger video setup was not used. It is therefore possible to get far with a good smartphone and a cozy environment. The videos were filmed based on a storyline designed in collaboration with MCB, and there was a clear plan for the raw material, so that it would hit the target audience the right way. It was also important to create urgency, which also proved to have quite a rewarding effect on the results.


In addition, it should of course also be mentioned that Profil Art tempted with extremely good offers during their birthday celebration.


The videos were edited by MCB, who took care of proper lighting and general editing. The goal was videos adapted to different locations on Facebook in particular, Stories and Reels. And, of course, subtitles were added so that the videos would perform well on a mobile display, where sound is only rarely used.


After approval from Profil Art, the videos were posted on Facebook. MCB took care of the technical setup and monitored the performance throughout the celebration, so that the setup continuously got adjusted if it became necessary.


And although time was short, a well-worked result based on good cooperation between Profil Art and MCB was a success. Compared to last year's birthday, this year Profil Art managed to get 95% more orders and 88% more revenue across all channels.





And the success continued after the celebration. 3 months after the campaign was launched, Profil Art still experienced increased activity online. This proves that the videos also acted as a lead engine and thus collected more active customers.


What does the future bring? If you ask Profile Art, it is packed with video content.

Therefore, video was a success

Video proved to be a success for Profil Art - and for good reason. Nothing is gaining more popularity these days than video, and especially on social media, it is a discipline that is hard to avoid. 

Video is perhaps the most engaging method of promoting your company, your products or your services, which is also supported by the largest online search engines such as Google, whose search results often are characterized by a video at the top.


In connection with the birthday celebration, Profil Art also chose to make an extra effort on their Google Ads. This proves that a good and well-thought-out setup on social media, seen in connection with other channels such as Google Ads, is the way to succes. And video is therefore the perfect addition to other marketing disciplines when you really want to experience results and value for the marketing budget - both now, but also long term.

Forget the big video setup and focus on personality

However, 95% more orders and 88% more revenue with a well-worked video setup does not mean professional video equipment and great experience in filming. Profil Art threw themselves into the relatively new discipline, tried it out and had fun along the way. And the videos may not be flawless, but for Profil Art they are absolutely perfect. They are personal, they are present, and they tell how it should be to meet Profil Art - whatever it is in the physical store in Horsens or online on the webshop.


And with the great courage from Profil Art (and a number of other good cases) and the more technical approach and expertise from MCB, we have the proof that making a good video for marketing purposes don’t have to me complicated. Find your smartphone and record your everyday life - then we will be happy to take over the raw material and get it communicated according to your needs and target group. It's something your customers will love!


We are also happy to help recording the videos if you are not quite comfortable with it yourself or do not have the resources/desire for that part.


Contact us if you would like help to get started with video in your marketing, or if you are generally looking for advice on creative content.

Rikke Nielsen
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