Massive lead collection with conversion rate of 58.93% with gamification

It all started in 1993. At that time, there were not many options to get a delicious and healthy alternative to an ice cream that was full of fat, sugar, and calories. And due to the great demand EASIS started in a small backyard in Aarhus. Shortly after the first ice cream was launched.

After that it went fast. Because if it succeeded with an ice cream, why should it not also work with juices, cakes, sweets, and much else sweet? That is why EASIS is today one of Europe's leading companies in products without added sugar, which is why a great effort is made daily to reduce the intake of sugar and fat, which many of us Danes generally get too much of. 


Today EASIS offers a wide range of different products. These are traditional, sugary, and fatty foods in a calorie-reduced version, and therefore there is opportunity for a delicious alternative, so that the consumption of sugar, fat, and calories is reduced, while the intake of dietary fiber is increased.


EASIS is therefore the good alternative.

EASIS is generally an innovative company, and we are always open to new, exciting initiatives. Especially when they are easy and simple to go to and see the effect of. And that has to be said to have been the case with the Spin-the-wheel feature. It's a fun way to engage out customers and they'll get a chance to win a delicious prize. We know from other platforms that competitions are always a success - and this is also the case here. High praise to MCB for quick response and implementation.


Line Krogh Ellesgaard, COO, Marketing & Innovation

How did EASIS collect so many leads?

EASIS chose to look at the many opportunities that come with gamification. The elements from here are gaining more and more traction for one particular reason - they work! 


When Sleeknote in August 2021 made it possible to use the feature 'Spin-to-win' EASIS thus chose to try out the possibilities. Spin-to-win covers the popular wheel of fortune, which most of us love and which is therefore also associated by many great joy and lots of fun! 


In collaboration with MCB, EASIS set up a wheel of fortune in Sleeknote that could work both on the mobile display and on the desktop. The design should match the look of the shop so that the common thread was retained and the prize should be coveted. Here it became possible to win 1 ticket in a competition for a gift basket, as long as you paid with your e-mail and thus subscribed to EASIS's newsletter. A cheap price that many are willing to pay for a potentially good win and a little extra fun in everyday life.


The wheel of fortune was adjusted to EASIS's wishes regarding winning percentage, and an automatic flow was set up in EASIS's email system, ActiveCampaign, which could process the many new leads. 


And the result was insanely good after just 15 days.


After 15 days, the new lead campaigner achieved a conversion rate of 58.93 % on mobile viewing and 10.59 % on desktop. It is far above normal and testifies that we as consumers love the opportunity to play.

Why is gamification a good idea?

Gamification can be the future of your marketing.


This is what integrates various elements of the gaming universe with your marketing strategy to motivate potential customers to take a valuable action. And there are many options for gamification, however the Wheel of Fortune is one of the most used methods - and perhaps alså the one with the largest and fastest effect. We especially love the rewards that are the return from a game.


The idea is that games often motivate and engage users more than is the case with traditional marketing. And therefore it is also a good opportunity for interaction, both because it is fun, it increases engagement, it gives positive associations to a brand, and then it increases awareness of your brand.


Games based on progression, reward, user choice, rules, time, social elements and/or personalization will therefore often have an effective effect. You just have to make a choice regarding the game that is best matched with your target audience.


With that said, companies need to get better at changing their mind-set from thinking in sales to seeing the many opportunities that are in understanding and creating value for their potential customers. And that can often be achieved through a successful gamification campaign.

Louise Færk
E-mail Marketing Specialist

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