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1 flow, 2 emails, and 3-digit results - Goldentime's success with ActiveCampaign

Goldentime has a massive email setup in the marketing automation system, ActiveCampaign. It's a setup that has, and still requires, a lot of work - but every hour invested pays off. In a relatively short time, Goldentime, in collaboration with MCB, has created an automated flow that generates incredibly impressive results.


Goldentime is the destination for exclusive jewelry, watches, and accessories. The store offers a wide selection of well-known brands and products for every occasion. Therefore, it is the ideal place when you want to pamper either yourself or someone you care about with something meaningful.


Jewelry, watches, and accessories last forever. They are small investments that can bring joy for many years to come. Goldentime doesn't just sell the details that can complete any look; they sell the experiences that come with them. A piece of jewelry can hold so much history and many good memories, and those should be cherished.

That's why Goldentime places a high value on the personal experience.


In addition to an online shop, Goldentime has a physical store in the heart of Holstebro. But no matter where you shop, you will experience top-notch service.

It's the personal service that ensures Goldentime stands out in a market with an increasing number of competitors. It is important that every customer has a great experience. Each order is handled with care, including a handwritten note.


The personal experience extends to email marketing as well. All emails have a personal touch and are directed to subscribers with carefully chosen content and messages that hit the mark where they have the greatest impact. They pamper, just like the products do, and who doesn't love a little extra care?

And it works - both online and offline.

Customers come back and love to shop in both the physical store and the online shop.

We have a strong focus on our email channel because we know that the efforts pay off.

Our Birthday Flow is personal and ensures that we pamper our loyal customers with a gift on their birthday. Particularly, our Birthday Flow has performed well, sparking our interest in working with various forms of automations.

In collaboration with MCB, we've had productive discussions about new automations that make sense for our business. Our goal is to create a personal connection with customers from the beginning and make an effort to ensure that the emails our customers receive are relevant to them.

Rikke Baunbæk, Ecommerce Manager at Goldentime

A good idea, that's all it takes

Goldentime is adept at embarking on new adventures. They are innovative in their approach and are willing to experiment to achieve increased customer loyalty, awareness, and revenue. This courage is precisely what ensures golden solutions and progress.


This approach is also reflected in their email setup in ActiveCampaign. The massive technical setup, which has come into play in collaboration with MCB, includes a wide range of automated flows with a focus on customer care, pampering, and providing excellent experiences. The advanced configurations integrate everything from forms to customer data, and the content is designed to cater to the recipients.


Particularly, the idea of pampering recipients on their birthdays has proven to be a great one - and sometimes, all it takes is a single idea, and Goldentime is ready to take action. This idea has now turned into an automated flow consisting of just 2 emails. One email collects customer data regarding their birthdate, and another email sends a greeting with a small gift on the recipient's birthday.

The flow is triggered at the time when the recipient is most active and willing to interact with the content landing in their inbox.


The prospect of being pampered on one's birthday is something most of us look forward to, regardless of our age, isn't it?

The strategy is, therefore, simple - but it works. After running for 2.5 years (from April 2021 to October 2023), the results are undeniable. The open rates are as high as 75%, while the click-through rates hover around 32%. Both of these numbers are well above the average values in ActiveCampaign. Furthermore, they boast high conversion rates, with one reaching up to 17%. This means that the flow set up two and a half years ago is now a substantial source of revenue.


The average order value is in the thousands of kroner. It can be considered a dream scenario for any online shop.

However, it's important to note that there is a need for regular monitoring of the flow to maintain these excellent results. Therefore, adjustments are made continuously in both technical setup and content. All marketing is a process, and a well-functioning email flow is no exception.

In the future, even more good results are anticipated

The Birthday Flow will continue to yield results as long as it is kept updated and active. The work put into it will, therefore, pay off for a long time into the future, but it can't stand alone. With a platform like ActiveCampaign, there are countless possibilities, and the key is to make the most of them.


That's why Goldentime has already set up a wide range of different automated flows, and through regular dialogue with MCB, new ideas and suggestions for initiatives are discussed. The future will likely bring more value-creating setups that contribute to maintaining high customer loyalty.


Recently, Goldentime has implemented expanded tracking, including custom revenue tracking with integration from their CMS, Cloud, to ActiveCampaign. This means that it's now possible to easily see what each campaign has generated in direct revenue, whether it's a standalone newsletter or a flow consisting of multiple emails.

This initiative also helps highlight the value of the work put into email campaigns and automation.


The insights from the expanded tracking, combined with ActiveCampaign's own analytical tools, enable Goldentime to offer even more targeted messages. With direct insights into what converts in terms of revenue, it has become easier to make informed decisions when testing new automation ideas.


So all that's left is to wait and see. What will the next exciting idea be?

Louise Færk
E-mail Marketing Specialist

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