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HubSpot CMS is built for Marketing

So you can work quickly and efficiently with your website

How often do you make improvements to your website?

All marketers agree that the website is critical to the growth of the business, but 42% of marketing departments only improve their website once or less every year!
Think about it for a moment.

Your website is your company's is the biggest channel to gather new leads. It is the first place people visit to find information and form a first hand impression of your business. It's also your company's best salesperson, working 24 hours a day, seven days a week (as well as holidays), to nurture potential leads through the sales process.

But why not update a website more often when you know this?

We know that this is not due to a lack of talent on the part of those responsible for working with it! But if it is not easy, flexible and without having to have contact with a developer, the project falls to the ground for the Marketing department. These challenges were faced by HubSpot itself and therefore HubSpot CMS was built in April 2020. It is based on the core of the HubSpot CRM system and with one end user in mind. The marketing department!

So the old days when a landing page had to be created by a programmer are now over. Marketing works with "drag and drop" to tailor the right message to the user with another huge plus. Because as mentioned earlier, the website is built together with the HubSpot crm system and therefore you can now display smart content on all your visitors.

The entire inbound marketing strategy thus gets an extra boost, as the website can display content - which matches the persona you have as a visitor to your website.

All of this is smart and the possibilities are endless. Of course, we are always ready with advice, so you can find the best solution to grow your business and not least give your marketing department a tool they will love!

Our services


Website Migration

Getting started with HubSpot CMS should not be a pain point for you. Let us ensure a secure transfer of data and not least keep your SEO


Growth Driven Design

We have been building websites for more than 20 years and this knowledge combined with Growth driven design ensure you a website that attracts leads



If you need a brand new website or a re-branding, we can help you through the whole process and build your own theme


Custom API

Integrations are a regular part of our everyday lives and our programmers are not afraid to lift your solution



Mapping content to user needs puts you in an empathetic mindset to create a site that your users will love



Whether you need to switch to a new solution or start a new website, it is important to have thought SEO. We continuously ensure that you grow organically

Success from start to finish

With us you buy not only code, but also 20 years of knowledge.

When you start a CMS project with MCB, we sit down with you and gain a deeper understanding of exactly what you want - including functionality, design and the strategy for your growth journey.

After the initial workshop phase, you will be much better equipped for a collaboration with us and our designers, which must be done in order for you to be successful online with HubSpot. Our designers create design files for your website, blog, landing pages, etc. and while your HubSpot consultant continues to work on the Growth Driven strategy.

Once you are satisfied, our developers will start building the theme for your HubSpot portal. We are constantly testing the various functionalities through sprints and after your approval, we will start migrating new and existing content to your new website.

Throughout the process, you have a dedicated project manager who reviews the website to ensure that we capture and resolve any issues.
We also perform on-page and technical SEO enhancements to protect your ranking on Google, Bing, etc.; these are closely monitored through ongoing reporting.

Once we have thoroughly tested the site, we will send you the developed site for your feedback before we go live.

And we might as well be honest from the start! It's inevitable that we will not find a little teaser hidden somewhere. But we have allocated time so that corrections can be made to these errors when the site is live - so that your company can get off the rocket - marketing and sales can start working with inbound marketing and gather new exciting leads.

When everything is done, we train you and your team on the new cms system and ensure a stress-free experience when you need to update it.

Let's start your growth journey

Rasmus Høegh Refstrup
Customer Manager

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