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November First is a digital payment institution with over 500 active customers every month which not only saves companies money but also precious time. The good concept and competencies are thus in place. It just needed the last thing to get to the finish line. 

The digital payment institution unites the traditional bank with innovative technology. And that has two unique benefits for customers.


First, November First provides cheaper and easier transaction options for businesses. Second, the payment platform makes it possible to automate payment processes for companies. In fact, November First's form of payment automates to such an extent that companies can save 75 % of the time the normally spend on bookkeeping and fracturing.


This benefit small and medium-sized businesses in particular where monthly transactions can be a major financial item. November First is therefore the profitable alternative for small and medium-sized companies. 

Many web agencies focus on content. Everyone wants to make videos, pictures, and nice colors. But the craftsman - the technique of getting Google Analytics to run, making the HTML part work, messing around with links and landing pages, not many people are interested in the today. And that was one of the reasons why I chose MCB, namely because MCA could do both - both the craftsman and the graphic designer


Erik Norup, CTO hos November First

Why did November First choose to collaborate with MCB?

November First was actually self-propelled much of the way in the process. There was a sincere interest in learning about and getting to know the engine behind a well-functioning website. Therefore, November First had with own efforts build a CRM system with connected CMS system. So what could MCB help with at all?


November First was already a long way on their online journey but something was missing. The digital payment institution had in fact examined the website's performance. And it turned out that the site lacked one essential function.


On the Danish website version November First had long had an English flag at the bottom of the website which did not really have a function. Still, there were many visitors who tried to approach the flag in the hope of a translation of the site. But without any luck. And that made the company think.


November First decided to live up to the visitors' search for an English version. And it was here that MCB came into the picture. In collaboration with MCB, November First got an English version of the website, Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager up and running. So even though November First was self-driving in many ways it was a collaboration that tied the loop and got November first over the finish line.

Increased website traffic

The decision to listen to the website visitors should prove to be a good decision. And it would not be long before the joint efforts of November First and MCB paid off. More and more people began to use the English version.


Today, a third of the visitors access the website in the English version. And that truly justifies the whole effort and testifies that a multilingual website can make a crucial difference to the traffic. 

In addition, it is an initiative that in itself improves usability by offering the site in another language - and that is important.

A future collaboration

The collaboration between November First and MCB has been close from the start.


November First has been self-propelled on many thing, and every time they have run into frustrations and challenges, they have had the opportunity to call the same employee at MCB. For November First it has streamlined the processes that the contact always has taken place with the same developer. When problems or questions arise, they can be quickly fixed without the need for deep explanation or briefing. 


In the future November First has ambitions to become even better at handling tasks internally so that the can only improve their online existence. But the external advice with MCB on the sidelines will continue. 

Rasmus Høegh Refstrup
Customer Manager

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