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Grow your business with a more sophisticated approach to your leads and customers.

Integrated CRM and activation of the sales department

A CRM system can do wonders for a company's structure.

When properly implemented, this tool ensures anything but your commercial success by giving you access to all kinds of individual or collective performance indicators as well as critical information that facilitates business forecasts and contributes to your continuous improvement process.

CRM is also the key to accessing customer and leads data, making it a valuable asset for companies looking to implement targeted and personalized sales and marketing initiatives. Provided, of course, that the data on standard or custom objects is well organized and that your salespeople are good at using it!

Our services


Migration to HubSpot CRM

Move all your existing customer information to HubSpot CRM without headaches, giving you increased visibility, control and usefulness of your data.


CRM Implementation & Integration

Extract the maximum value from customer data and interactions across technologies with expert integrated CRM.


Custom integrations

Connect your favorite tools and software with custom integrations to HubSpot.


Boost your profit

Once your CRM is configured, we train you and your team in how to track activities and potential interactions. This increases the team's productivity while reducing the sales cycle.


Continuous Development

Once the project has landed safely, we are available as a sparring partner to develop the use of HubSpot CRM to new heights.


Streamlining everyday life

With a senior consultant, we regularly develop processes that streamline and automate everyday tasks with CRM

Integrations to HubSpot

How much internal time do you spend moving data because there is no integration available to you?

How much time, money and data do you lose because your software solutions are not integrated and you have a single source of truth in your data?

For no CRM system becomes successful without having the right data and being able to send this data to relevant external systems.

MCB helps you increase efficiency and eliminate pain, all the while making HubSpot integration and migration simple and painless.

Integrations are breakfast for us, and we are of course ready to hear about your challenge - so together we can ensure that you get the most out of your HubSpot CRM.

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One of the many integrations we have made for our customers is live on the HubSpot App Marketplace and retrieves relevant Business Data from CVR, SKAT etc. to strengthen the foundation for the sellers.
You can see it right here.

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